Covid-19 Shipping Updates

Even during these scary times, we deliver orders to almost every country in the world! There might be some delays on the way but shipping times are mostly resuming back to normal. However, some countries have stopped accepting incoming international mail. No need to worry! Our customers in these countries will receive their orders as soon as the incoming mail resumes.

Here you can find a list of the countries and their current shipping status:

💚 = Shipping as usual
💛 = Will be shipped immediately after services resume

💚 United States
💚 United Kingdom
💛 Canada
💚 Germany
💚 Australia
💚 France
💚 Spain
💚 Italy
💛 Brazil
💚 Mexico
💚 Sweden
💚 Finland
💚 Netherlands
💚 Switzerland
💛 Israel
💚 Norway
💛 Chile
💛 New Zealand
💛 Russia
💛 Puerto Rico
💚 Austria
💚 Belgium
💚 Ireland
💚 Poland
💚 Portugal
💚 Denmark
💛 Colombia

If your country is not listed, please send us a message. We're happy to check the up to date situation for you.

We have also added some new tracking websites to help you track your order.

Stay healthy!