Yaokin Dorachoco Mini Pancakes

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This dorayaki snack will bring you to the sweet heaven! Dorayaki is a pancake sandwich with azuki jam filling, but this dorachoco pancake has chocolate cream instead! It's the perfect snack for all pancake and chocolate lovers! The package includes 2 bite-size pancakes and is super easy to take with you anywhere you go! Why spend time on baking pancakes when you can have these chocolate treats instead? Yum!
  • Yaokin Dorachoco mini pancakes
  • One package includes 2 small pancake sandwiches with chocolate filling
  • Contents: 25 g
  • Made in Japan by Yaokin
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  • Product Code: 13104
  • Manufacturer: Yaokin
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Best Before: 2023-02

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