Privacy Policy

When signing up as a customer or creating an order the user becomes a customer. The given information will be registered for sellers' customer registry. The information will be used for development, production, contacting, and other suitable uses. The information may also be used for sellers' marketing and research purposes. The information will not be passed on for third parties. 

Customer registry

  • Registry keeper:
  • The Registry name: customer registry
  • The purpose of the registry: The customer has registered as a customer or ordered items from the seller.
  • The use of registry: The registry will be used to maintain the online store and store the orders. The information may be used for marketing and research. 
  • The registry includes: First name, family name, company name, address, postal code, city, country, phone number, email address, user name, password, date of registering, last login, IP address, previous orders and tracking numbers.
  • Registry confidentiality: The information cannot be passed on for third parties.
  • Registry protection: Registry is located on sellers' secure servers.