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Making these is so much fun!

The taste is nothing special, but that's what I expected. At least the chocolate sauce tastes pretty much like chocolate.
Overall this kit is a lot of fun to make and you do not have to skimp on 'ice cream'. I could have used more as I still had some left in the end.

Surprise Man!!!!

I remember purchasing these then I was a kid in the early 90’s. The store we used to buy them has closed down and I went years missing the joy of opening the sweet treat and getting the surprise seal. Thanks for helping me relive this fond memory.

It's great!

I've never tried actual Italian Margherita Pizza before but the Italian seasoning is so on point!

The best

Love it!

Not so good not so bad

The ramen was OK, but in terms of flavor that’s where I think it lacked some of it. It tastes like the artificial cheese companies put on every fast food snack, but nothing much. I was hoping they could’ve level up the cheese flavor a bit more but nothing too exciting.
Anyway, I loved the design btw 💛

Not as fun as others but tastes good

this has the best flavor out of all kracie kits, nice sour candy
not as fun or complex as the mini foods but i like it

Sort of strange

The flavors and textures are odd. it makes a decent amount of stuff but it’s all identical texture. not as good as popin cookins


Love them, taste so delicious!!!!

its ok

Its ok, good teksture, but taste its not for me.

I love teksture, but I am not so happy with the taste. But igen its so personal, what we like or do not like


it’s a semi fun kit, not nearly as fun as candy kit or mini foods but it’s alright. However, the flavors are AWFUL. The cake bit is the only part that’s edible, and strong chemical smells


I like all of the Japanese Kit Kat flavors.


Worst tasting candy

The candy is disgusting

The candy wafers are so disgusting. I took them out of the pich and threw them away. Then put better candy inside. The pouch is super cute. Just throw out the disgusting candy that comes in it.

Its cute

Its cute and it tastes just fine. I think the sugar is different flavors. And its a kaledioscope. Its a cute gift for a kid.

Loved it

It tastes a lot like the green apple hi chew candy. It has 3 chewy beads in It. I got 2 packs of this and ate them in a day. Sooo good.

I loved it

I loved it. It tastes like another apple flavored chewy candy I got. You can't go wrong with Hi Chew

Its good tasting gum

It's good tasting ring shaped gum. I didnt try whistle through it though.

This is the worst

Please don't buy this it's disgusting. They look like Smarties. They are small round multicolored but they taste very bad!

Smells strong but tastes just fine

These werent bad. They have a really strong scent but it tastes fine.


Perfect little chocolate treat anytime anywhere!

Flavorful and fun.

Nice flavors and 5 kind of candies make fun variations.


The butter melon flavor tasted so good. The flavors are simply amazing

Sushi candi

10/10 would recommend again and definitely will be purchasing again

Rich flavor

Tasted amazing! Definitely the best instant noodles Ive had from here