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This Starbucks bottle is so cute. And it actually holds my Starbucks drinks very easily. I just love it. Great buy

Cute little snack

Got these for me and a friend since we both love Nintendo, and they were really cute! Tasted nice and we both ended up liking them

Tastes nice but mainly got it for the sticker

The wafer tasted good but also tastes like any wafer you can find at the store. However, the sticker it comes with is adorable! As a splatoon fan it was a nice surprise seeing which character I would get! :)


The stickers are super nice quality and also wicked cute :) ultra shiny !!

Very happy purchase :)

The wafers were very tasty, a good light snack to have on hand, especially whenever I get a sweet tooth. The wrapping is adorable and the cards are even cuter


Weird candy, but I like it. You can kinda peel it but it's pretty messy. Very interesting texture, not sure how to describe it. Not my favorite but it was fun to try


Cute little fish on the end of a rope. Very gummy and chewy, the orange flavor was really good! Smaller than I thought but worth it for just a dollar.


The package arrived perfectly despite it taking long :)

The cutest treat!

This candy is adorable! (And also tastes good!)

Best candy ever!

Tastes like a delicious drink of sweet cream. I’m addicted.

Really good!

I recommend this umaibo snack for those whose new to umaibo. You can really taste the slalmi flavor

Meilleur achat!

La variété, l'emballage soigné, tout était délicieux! C'est comme ouvrir une coffre plein de trésors 😍🫶🏻

Loved it!

A classic and tasty Umaibo snack.

Good and crispy

A nice and light chocolate snack to eat.


I like this. It's a nice snack to have on the go (the photo was taken after 2 mini bags were eaten)

Fun little kit

This kit is very tiny, but it was a fun activity. To harden the candy you should refrigerate it for a bit.


I really enjoyed this snack. It has a spectacular spicy refined taste and my family loves it!

Me ha encantado!!

Me acaba de llegar justo hoy, me esperaba lo que iba a tardar en llegar el producto así que por ese lado todo correcto, ha llegado seguro y protegido, las galletas estaban muy ricas y son super cucas, además de la pegatina me ha tocado justo el personaje que quería, que suerte!!!


Not worth the price AT ALL,but I do wonder if it would dissolve in water and become some sort of drink mix


I got shihoooo and Miku and sakiiiiii


A bit small but I like the collectible cup! Tasted great too!

Making these is so much fun!

The taste is nothing special, but that's what I expected. At least the chocolate sauce tastes pretty much like chocolate.
Overall this kit is a lot of fun to make and you do not have to skimp on 'ice cream'. I could have used more as I still had some left in the end.

Surprise Man!!!!

I remember purchasing these then I was a kid in the early 90’s. The store we used to buy them has closed down and I went years missing the joy of opening the sweet treat and getting the surprise seal. Thanks for helping me relive this fond memory.

It's great!

I've never tried actual Italian Margherita Pizza before but the Italian seasoning is so on point!

Missed the Corn Potage flavor all together

I really enjoy Corn Potage flavor but these snacks just don't make the grade for a great Corn Potage flavor and for the price? Well, just skip these, there are better brands with better Corn Potage flavor out there. Try Umaibo or Yaokin brands. Much tastier.