Taste All The Black Thunder Flavors!

Taste All The Black Thunder Flavors!

Taste All The Black Thunder Flavors!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane….no, it’s the popular Japanese chocolate bar, Black Thunder! Swooping in to save hungry Japanese snack enthusiasts, this hearty chocolate bar promises “deliciousness in a flash of lightning.” Created by Japanese chocolate snack maker Yuraku, this treat is made with filling ingredients - crushed cocoa cookies, Japanese rice puffs, and dark chocolate. 


Black Thunder is known for its signature blend of dark chocolate and hearty tidbits (you can read all about it in Black Thunder blog). But did you know that Yuraku actually has many different Black Thunder varieties and flavors that keep fans wanting more and more? That’s right!  From limited-edition treats like White Black Thunder to collaboration products like Frugra Black Thunder, there are so many different varieties of this Japanese chocolate bar to choose from.


That’s why we’re all gathered here today. We’re heading on a super snack mission together to learn all about the different flavors that Black Thunder has to offer. Don’t forget to pack some Black Thunder chocolate bars with you because you’ll need all the energy you can get on this long, long quest! 



These chocolate bars have the same size and shape as the original Black Thunder. What sets them apart are the ingredients that Yuraku puts into each and every one of them. Sometimes Yuraku changes the chocolate base of the Black Thunder bar, sometimes the company swaps the cocoa cookies and crisps for different ingredients. Let’s take a bite into these different Black Thunder chocolate bars and learn more about them! 


Black Thunder (ブラックサンダー)

This is the classic Black Thunder chocolate bar that Japanese snackers know and love! It has a thick dark chocolate base mixed with cocoa biscuits and rice puffs. Fans enjoy the heftiness of this delicious chocolate snack


Black Thunder Gold (ブラックサンダーゴールド) 

Instead of using dark chocolate, this special choco bar uses chocolate infused with the tropical taste of coconut. It also swaps out the thick cocoa cookies for chocolate chips and desiccated coconut bits! According to Japanese snack enthusiasts, this choco bar has a sweetness that’s more mellow than the regular Black Thunder. 


Black Thunder Hōjicha Latte (ブラックサンダーほうじ茶ラテ)

Hojicha is roasted Japanese green tea made from mature tea stalks and leaves. Using special Kaga Bocha Hojicha powder roasted in the Ishikawa prefecture, Black Thunder Hojicha Latte chocolate bars go perfectly with a cup of tea. This variety of Black Thunder mixes together cocoa cookies, plain biscuits, and Hojicha cake batter. 


Black Thunder Matcha Azuki (ブラックサンダー抹茶あずき) 

This Black Thunder bar is definitely a hefty treat! Adding to its regular mix of crushed cookies and rice crisps, Black Thunder Matcha Azuki uses matcha biscuits freshly baked in Yuraku’s factory! Not only that, but it also has freeze-dried red beans from Hokkaido too. 


Banana no Thunder (バナナのサンダー) 

A popular Black Thunder variant, this choco bar is made with half-coated banana chocolate, banana chips, and crunchy biscuits. It’s an addictive treat that balances the taste of bananas and chocolates! Japanese snackers love that the packaging of the Banana no Thunder bar showcases a hungry gorilla dressed in a banana suit! Cute! 


Matcha no Thunder (抹茶のサンダー)

Released in 2023, this Black Thunder chocolate bar was created after Yuraku saw an increased demand for matcha products. A distinctive Japanese flavor, Matcha no Thunder combines the taste of Uji Matcha together with dark chocolate. It gives a nice traditional Japanese twist to the classic Black Thunder! 


Milk Thunder (ミルクサンダー)

Some chocolate lovers aren’t too fond of dark chocolate. In response, Yuraku created Milk Thunder, a snack bar that combines white chocolate with butter cookies made from Hokkaido Milk. Its packaging showcases a funny picture of a cow!


Black Thunder Blissful Butter (ブラックサンダー 至福のバター) 

The classic Black Thunder may already be filling on its own, but this chocolate bar is on a different level. Using French fermented butter and crushed-up bits of butter cookies, Black Thunder Blissful Butter melts in your mouth when you bite into it. Not only that, but it also has cashew nuts that give it an even richer flavor. 


Black Thunder Graceful Hazelnut (ブラックサンダー優雅なヘーゼルナッツ) 

A luxurious Black Thunder chocolate bar, this treat adds hazelnuts to the usual cookie and crisp combination of the brand. It even has two different kinds of hazelnuts - candy-coated hazelnuts and hazelnut paste. That way Japanese snackers get the most out of the hazelnut experience! 


Almond no Thunder (アーモンドのサンダー) 

Like the name implies, this choco bar has roasted almonds in it. It also uses milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate. That way it compliments the taste of almonds better. Yuraku’s newest recipe for Almond no Thunder has 14% more roasted almonds than before. It also introduces a fun almond-themed character in the packaging! 


Ichigo no Thunder (いちごのサンダー)

Whoever said that Black Thunder has to be limited to regular chocolate? This snack bar mixes together dark chocolate and strawberry chocolate together. Besides the regular rice crisps, Ichigo no Thunder has a mix of strawberry chips that add a sweet and sour accent. 


Corn Potage Thunder (コーンポタージュサンダー)

Soup and chocolate might sound like an odd mix, but Corn Potage Thunder has been considered pretty addictive by Black Thunder fans. The mellow sweet and salty flavor of corn potage translates really well with chocolate! Not only that, but this choco bar has three types of rice puffs that enhance its texture. 


Morning Thunder (モーニングサンダー) 

Introduced in January 2011, the Morning Thunder was marketed as a breakfast bar. Fortified with extra protein, this Black Thunder bar is mixed with cinnamon-flavored cookies, peanuts, and soybean puffs to make it extra filling. 


Morning Only Black Thunder (朝専用ブラックサンダー)

Inspired by a post on Japanese social media by fans with the caption “eating Black Thunder for breakfast,” Yuraku decided to create another chocolate bar meant to be eaten during the morning. Morning Only Black Thunder adds caffeine to the classic choco bar by mixing in coffee powder, bitter chocolate chips, and coconut. It has a rich chocolate taste with mellow sweetness! 


Black Black Thunder (黒のブラックサンダー) 

There’s Black Thunder, and then there’s Black Black Thunder! Made for dark chocolate lovers who enjoy a much more bitter taste, this snack bar uses bitter chocolate that enhances the deep flavor of cacao. Not only that but it’s also mixed with chocolate chips made with a blend of three different types of cacao mass. It’s a bold and bitter chocolate bar! 


Black Thunder Adult Premium (ブラックサンダー 大人のプレミアム)

The only alcoholic Black Thunder chocolate bar, this special treat was made especially for adults. Mixing together chocolate with special cocoa cookies, chocolate cake soaked in Western liquor, and Hokkaido cream, Black Thunder Adult Premium is a treat that adults can enjoy after a long hard day. It contains 0.2% alcohol. 


Honey Butter Thunder (ハニーバターサンダー) 

Created as the perfect spring snack bar, Honey Butter Thunder combines jelly-like honey, bran biscuits, and butter-flavored chocolate chips together. This unique Black Thunder has a crumbly and gentle texture. 


Yaki-Tōmorokoshi Thunder (焼きともろこしサンダー) 

Yaki-Tomorokoshi or roasted corn is a popular treat in Japanese festivals. Hoping to recreate this staple snack, Yuraku created the Yaki-Tomorokoshi Thunder chocolate bar. This snack bar is made with freeze-dried corn and charred soy sauce so that you can enjoy the taste of roasted corn from the very first bite.


Ikemen Thunder (イケマンサンダー)

In 2017, Yuraku decided to create one of the most unique Black Thunder chocolate bars, the Ikemen Thunder. This snack bar mixes together chocolate with “Iketeru noodles.” It might sound odd, but the chicken-flavored snack noodles add texture and saltiness to the chocolate. Ikemen Thunder gets its name from Japanese wordplay. Ikemen can mean handsome men (the server your see on the packaging) and men can also mean noodles! 


Black Thunder Black Sundae (ブラックサンダーならぬ ブラックサンデー) 

Released in 2021, this Black Thunder variant is the first of its kind in which the chocolate coating can only be found at the bottom of the bar. It tries to combine the smooth taste of soft serve ice cream with the crunchiness of classic Black Thunder chocolate. 


Kinako Thunder (きなこサンダー)

Kinako is soybean powder that’s often used in many Japanese desserts. This Black Thunder bar tries to recreate the taste of Kinako by using two different kinds of rice puffs. The first is brown rice puff and the second is soybean puff! Kinako Thunder also has a delicious chocolate base made with kinako powder from tanba black soybeans and Hokkaido soybeans. 


Black Thunder VOLT (ブラックサンダーVOLT)

According to Yuraku, this chocolate bar has an “almond texture that will blow your mind.” Marketed for students and office workers who want to go the extra mile, VOLT mixes together blended almonds and coffee to keep snackers energized. 


Black Thunder Bitter (ブラックサンダー ビター)

This Black Thunder bar was made for chocolate fans. Blending together high cacao chocolate and milk chocolate, it mixes together mellow sweetness with adult bitterness. It has a bright and crisp cacao flavor that chocolate lovers enjoy! 



In 2008, Yuraku decided to create a smaller version of the classic Black Thunder to appeal to cost-conscious families. Sold mostly in grocery stores, mini-bars are about half the size and width of a classic Black Thunder. They’re usually sold in packages so fans can buy them in bulk! 


Black Thunder Gold Mini-bar (ブラックサンダーゴールドミニバー) 

The mini-bar version of Black Thunder Gold, these tasty treats use chocolate infused with coconut. Like its classic-sized brother, Black Thunder Gold Mini-Bar has chocolate chips and desiccated coconut bits. 


Black Thunder Mini-bar Cacao 72% (ブラックサンダーミニバー カカオ72%) 

Cacao 72% is a Black Thunder mini-bar pack meant for dark chocolate lovers. Each piece is made with a generous amount of Ecuadorian cacao mass giving it a gorgeous aroma and bitter aftertaste. It melts in the mouth really well so that you can enjoy the flavor notes of the cacao. 


 Black Thunder Mini-bar Gateau Chocolat (ブラックサンダーミニバー ガトーショコラ)

Made with moist cake batter, this Black Thunder chocolate mini-bar is inspired by the classic gateau chocolate dessert. It has bits of sweet and sour strawberry chips to complete the gateau flavor! This Black Thunder Gateau Chocolat mini bar is the perfect holiday snack. 


Black Thunder Mini-bar Almond & Hazelnut (ブラックサンダーミニバー アーモンド&ヘーゼルナッツ)

This Black Thunder mini-bar lets snackers enjoy the classic combination of chocolate and nuts. Mixing together Black Thunder chocolate with crushed almonds and hazelnuts, this snack bar provides extra crunchiness. It also has a secret ingredient - coffee powder! The coffee brings out the aroma of the nuts. 


Black Thunder Mini-bar Christmas (ブラックサンダーミニバークリスマス)

Featuring cute Christmas-only characters, this family pack of Black Thunder mini-bars is meant for sharing. Each piece comes individually wrapped so you can give on to your brother, sister, aunt, uncle, and everyone in the family. They also have games in the wrapping! 


Black Thunder Mini-bar Halloween (ブラックサンダーミニバーハロウィン) 

This large bag of Black Thunder mini-bars is meant to give away to children during Halloween. Not only does it showcase fun prints of Halloween characters, but it also has 6 different games that families can enjoy. Each mini bar comes individually wrapped! 


Frugra Thunder Mini-bar (フルグラ®サンダーミニバー) 

This is the mini-bar version of the Frugra Thunder Bar. Like its regular-sized cousin, the Frugra Thunder Mini-bar comes from a collaboration between Calbee and Yuraku. It mixes together Black Thunder chocolate with Frugra granola mixed with raisins, pumpkin seeds, and delicious freeze-dried strawberries! 


Melon Black Thunder Mini Size (メロ~ンなブラックサンダー ミニサイズ) 

One of the more unique flavors for the Black Thunder mini-bars, these tasty treats were sold in limited quantities for a short time in Japan. Each piece has a center made of classic Black Thunder all coated in sweet chocolate made from Hokkaido melon and milk! 


Kaki no Tane Thunder Mini-bar (柿の種サンダーミニバー) 

In Japan, Kaki no Tane is a rice cracker shaped like persimmon seeds. This unique pack of Black Thunder mini-bars is made with mellow milk chocolate, crispy kaki no tane rice crackers, and delicious crisp puffs. It’s really crunchy to eat and a bit spicy! 


Toyohashi Black Thunder Mini-bar (豊橋ブラックサンダーミニバー) 

Since Black Thunder was born in Toyohashi City, Yuraku decided to create a special Black Thunder mini-bar package for the place. Found only in Toyohashi, these classic Black Thunder mini-bars showcase prints of the city’s specialties like trains, tourist spots, and mascots. 



Sometimes classic Black Thunder isn’t enough, especially after a grueling day at work or at school. That’s why Yuraku decided to create Big Thunder for extra-hungry Japanese snackers! Each Big Thunder piece is twice the length and width of the original bar (though it’s half the thickness). Big Thunder has the slogan “Deliciousness! Size! Double the Lightning Strike!” 


Big Thunder (ビッグサンダー) 

Big Thunder might not taste that much different from the classic Black Thunder, but it has a special texture. That’s because this chocolate bar is made with 2 different types of cocoa, 3 types of chocolate, and special cacao mass that’s blended in-house by Yuraku. According to the company, Big Thunder has a “crunchy texture that melts in your mouth.” 


Big Thunder Coconut (ビッグサンダーココナッツ) 

A big chocolate bar, this dark chocolate has a subtle sweetness to it. Not only is the chocolate infused with coconut but this snack bar is combined with crushed-up coconut cookies and rice crisps. It’s a little bit hard to find these days though! 



This variant of Black Thunder was probably named Pretty Style since they’re small and easy to eat. Black Thunder Pretty Style also has a lot of special flavors. They usually come in resealable pouches so you can snack as much as you need! 


Black Thunder Pretty Style (ブラックサンダープリティスタイル) 

The very first Pretty Style chocolate bar snack pouch to come out of Yuraku, these bite-sized treats retain the crunch and flavor of the original Black Thunder. It’s much easier to eat since they’re much smaller than the classic chocolate bar! 


Black Thunder Pretty Style Caramel (ブラックサンダープリティスタイル味わいキャラメル) 

Another bite-sized Black Thunder pouch, Black Thunder Pretty Style Caramel is a great snack for sharing. Each piece uses caramel from Italy with a rich complex flavor. You don’t have to worry about the chocolate sticking to your hands as Yuraku improved the mixture so you can eat it perfectly! 


Black Thunder Pretty Style Tiramisu (ブラックサンダープリティスタイルティラミス) 

Bite-sized and easy to eat, this pack of Black Thunder combines bittersweet coffee-flavored sponge and mascarpone cheese powder. Unlike the regular Black Thunder, this variant has a gentle texture and rich flavor. It also is less likely to stick to your hands so you can eat each piece with ease. 


Sweets Thunder Pretty Style Shortcake Flavor (スイーツサンダープリティスタイル ショートケーキ味) 

These bite-sized Black Thunder bars are sweet and slightly sour at the same time. Made to taste like Strawberry Shortcake, each piece is made with a special cake batter with a soft and gentle texture. It’s mixed with cream-flavored white chocolate chips and freeze-dried strawberry flakes! 


Black Thunder Pretty Style Black Bear ( ブラックサンダープリティスタイル黒くま)

Inspired by the popular Japanese shaved ice cream flavor “Polar Bear.” To create the same flavor as this ice cream, Black Thunder Pretty Style Black Bear mixes together strawberries, pineapples, red bean-flavored flakes, and condensed milk-flavored chocolate chips. It’s sweet but not too heavy.


Black Thunder Pretty Style The Vanilla (ブラックサンダーひとくちサイズ THEバニラ) 

One of the newer flavors from Yuraku, this Black Thunder bar combines together the taste of chocolate and vanilla. Using vanilla from Madagascar, it has a delightfully rich aroma. It also has a unique texture thanks to the mix of soft butter cookies and crispy fiantine! 


Black Thunder Pretty Style Mint Choco Chip (ブラックサンダープリティスタイル チョコミント) 

Mint Choco Chip used to be a limited-edition flavor sold by Yuraku in 2018. Because of popular demand, the flavor came back! Combining together mint-flavored chocolate chips and corn flakes, this snack bar is lighter and more refreshing compared to the classic Black Thunder. Snackers also like chilling it in the refrigerator. 



When traveling around the country, Japanese people love bringing home gotochi or souvenirs for their families. This includes tasty snacks and food! Hoping to join in on the gotochi food market, Yuraku developed region-specific Black Thunder. Hop on the wagon because we’re going to learn about all the fun special flavors! 


White Thunder (ホワイトサンダー)

Made in celebration of White Black Thunder’s 10th anniversary, this chocolate bar showcases a condensed version of the “intensity of Hokkaido.” Not only does it use more Hokkaido milk and cashew nuts in comparison to the regular White Black Thunder, but it also has additional mix-ins. This bar uses original butter biscuits made with Hokkaido fermented butter!


Golden Black Thunder (黄金なブラックサンダー)

A sister product of White Black Thunder, this chocolate bar can only be found as a souvenir at the New Chitose Airport souvenir store in Hokkaido. Its ingredients include caramel made with Hokkaido milk, roasted almond, and butter. This special Black Thunder bar is rich and milky - the perfect treat to represent Hokkaido! 


White Black Thunder (白いブラックサンダー)

A Black Thunder bar that can only be found in Hokkaido, this souvenir is pretty popular. It’s a classic Black Thunder bar wrapped around white chocolate made with milk from Hokkaido. This Japanese chocolate snack is advertised with a slogan that says “straight descent into deliciousness,” a phrase related to the slopes of Alpine skiing. 


Pink Black Thunder (ピンクなブラックサンダー) 

Another Hokkaido Gotochi Black Thunder chocolate bar, Pink Black Thunder was released in 2011 as a limited-time Hokkaido souvenir treat. This special treat coats the classic Black Thunder bar around a layer of pink chocolate made from Hokkaido strawberries and Hokkaido milk. Not only that, but it has sweet and sour strawberry chips too. 


Kyoto Black Thunder (京都ブラックサンダー) 

This gotochi or souvenir Black Thunder can only be found at the Kyoto souvenir market. It tries to give snackers an authentic matcha taste by mixing together Uji matcha and Sencha matcha together. The combination creates a more mellow matcha flavor that Black Thunder fans of all ages can enjoy. 


Okinawa Black Thunder (沖縄ブラックサンダー) 

Only found in Okinawa, this special Black Thunder is made with Okinawa brown sugar and Chatan Salt. The packaging is especially unique for the Black Thunder brand - it’s inspired by “bingata,” the traditional dyeing technique from Okinawa. This Black Thunder is the perfect souvenir when traveling in Okinawa! 


Osaka Black Thunder ( 大阪ブラックサンダー)

Sold only in Osaka, this Black Thunder is a rich snack bar made with caramelized almond praline and caramel powder. It has a unique kind of crunchiness to it! This Black Thunder’s packaging showcases the nighttime scenery of Osaka. 


Tokyo Black Thunder (東京ブラックサンダー)

Made by a collaboration between Yuraku and Tokyo confectionery Tokiwado Kaminariokoshi, this special Black Thunder is sold as a Tokyo souvenir. It’s made with cocoa cookies, peanuts, and arare rice crackers flavored with brown sugar. You can find it in the Yuraku chocolate shop in Kodaira City, Tokyo. 



Being a popular chocolate snack in Japan, it should come as no surprise that other companies would want to work together with Black Thunder. These special flavors are the result of fun Black Thunder collaborations! Let’s get to learn more about them!


Black Thunder Namcola (ブラックサンダー ナムコーラ味) 

A product stemming from a collab between Bandai Namco and Yuraku, this special Black Thunder bar gives the brand its very first cola flavor. It’s a limited-edition treat that adds cola-flavored popping candy to Black Thunders mix-ins to recreate the fizzing and crackling feel of soda. The choco bar is named after a mix of the words Namco and Cola. 


Frugra Thunder (フルグラ®サンダー) 

This special chocolate bar comes from a team-up between Yuraku and Calbee. It mixes together Black Thunder with Calbee’s Frugra granola. The chocolate bar has granola, dried strawberries, raisins, brown sugar, and maple paste together with Black Thunder’s dark chocolate base. It makes for a healthy pick-me-up after a rough day at work or at school! 


Granola Thunder (グラノーラサンダー) 

Frugra Thunder wasn’t the only product to come out of the collaboration between Calbee and Yuraku. Thanks to the team-up, Black Thunder fans also got a special treat called Granola Thunder. This breakfast cereal tries its best to recreate the taste and heftiness of Black Thunder by mixing biscuits, cocoa powder, Black Thunder cocoa cookies, strawberries, and raspberries all together.  


Dear Girl Thunder ( Dear Girl サンダ) 

Yuraku collaborated with the radio show “Dear Girl Stories with Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono” in 2009 to create this chocolate bar. This special treat was made to recreate the “salty flavor of first love.” It mixes together cocoa cookies, plain biscuits, salty rice puffs, and chocolate all together. Dear Girl Thunder also has special ingredients like coconut and French Lorraine rock salt. 


Black Thunder Fanta Orange (ブラックサンダー・ファンタオレンジ) 

Made in collaboration with Japan’s biggest softdrink company, Fanta, this Black Thunder bar was made for the summer season. Not only does this chocolate bar have bits of orange peel in it, but it also has crackling fizzy candy to give it the sensation of a carbonated drink. It also has a nice citrusy scent! 



These Black Thunder bars are pretty unique. Some have special textures, some even don’t look like chocolate bars! Some of these variants aren’t snack bars at all but instead bars of ice cream! Let’s learn more about them. 


Raw Black Thunder (生ブラックサンダー) 

A special type of Black Thunder bar, Raw Black Thunder is only made available during Valentine's. It’s made with cocoa cookies, plain biscuits, white chocolate made with French milk, and a special raw chocolate ganache made with fresh Hokkaido cream. This chocolate bar also uses coca from Ghana, Trinidad, and Tobago to give it a unique, raw, taste. 


Black Thunder Dark Matter (ブラックサンダーダークマター)

Released in 2016, Black Thunder Dark Matter runs a bit longer than the classic Black Thunder. Weighing 56g, this chocolate bar is 12 centimeters in length. It has big chocolate chunks inspired by “dark matter.” These chunks are made with cacao from Madagascar, giving the Black Thunder bar sweet and sour flavor notes. 


Black Thunder Next Gear (ブラックサンダーネクストギア) 

Like Dark Matter, this Black Thunder bar is longer than normal so fans can get more out of their snack session! It’s an extra nutty bar with roasted almonds, sugar-coated almonds, and almond biscuits. That way snackers get more protein when they eat it. 


Black Thunder Pink Gray Zone (ブラックサンダーのピンクなグレーゾーン)

Black Thunder fans find this flavor a bit confusing. Some wonder whether its strawberry or whether it’s plum. This chocolate bar however, is pink grapefruit flavored. It has a citrusy scent, sour flavor notes, and a faint grapefruit peel bitterness as an aftertaste. Orange-loving snackers do enjoy this flavor! 


Black Thunder Gold Cafe (ブラックサンダー・ゴールドカフェ)

This is the first ever adult coffee flavor in the Black Thunder brand. Retaining the unique crunchy texture of the classic Black Thunder, this snack bar tries to balance the rich taste of chocolate and coffee. 


Mochi-Mochi Black Thunder Azuki (もちもちブラックサンダーあずき)

Mochi is a special Japanese dessert made from glutinous rice powder. Hoping to recreate the chewy texture of mochi, Yuraku decided to create Mochi-Mochi Black Thunder. It has a gummy-like texture that’s very different from the classic Black Thunder. This flavor of Mochi-Mochi Black Thunder has bits of azuki or Japanese red beans. 


Mochi-Mochi Black Thunder Kinako (もちもちブラックサンダー きなこ) 

Like the first Mochi-Mochi Black Thunder, this chocolate bar has a chewy and gummy texture that makes it super interesting to eat! Besides the regular rice crisps found in classic Black Thudner bars, this treat has bits of kinako or dried soybean powder. 


Mochi-Mochi Black Thunder Matcha (もちもちブラックサンダー )

This matcha-flavored chocolate bar has a chewy texture similar to mochi, round Japanese rice treats. It has crushed up matcha biscuits and chewy gummies in it. Snackers say they love the scent of matcha tea when they open up the bar! 


Black Thunder Ice Cream ( ブラックサンダーアイスクリーム) 

Just like the name implies, this is the ice cream version of Black Thunder. Fans say that it really stays true to the classic chocolate bar. Not only does it have the same amount of lumpy cacao cookies, but it's heavy and filling. This treat is perfect when you want to binge on a hearty ice cream treat on a hot day. 


Black Thunder Choco Mint Ice (ブラックサンダーチョコミントアイス)

Chocolate and mint always go really well together. This Black Thunder ice cream bar combines milky mint ice cream  with Black Thunder cocoa cookies. It’s refreshing and crunchy at the same time! We wonder why Yuraku hasn’t created a Chocolate Mint flavor for the actual Black Thunder series yet. 


Filling, tasty, and full of fun surprises, the Black Thunder brand certainly has a lot to offer Japanese snackers. While most people are familiar with the classic Black Thunder, it’s interesting to see that this chocolate snack from Yuraku has a whole lot of different flavors and varieties to offer. 


Which Black Thunder variety would you like to try the most? What’s your favorite Black Thunder flavor? Have you ever tried munching on a Black Thunder bar before? Don’t be shy and let us know what you think of this filling Japanese chocolate snack down below! If you'd like to read more about this iconic treat, head on over to our blog, the ultimate guide to Black Thunder. 

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