Japanese Kit Kat Flavors: The Complete List

Japanese Kit Kat Flavors: The Complete List

Japanese Kit Kat Flavors: The Complete List

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Japanese Kit Kats, where the classic wafer and chocolate combo from Nestle is transformed into a whimsical array of flavors. Known for its love of novelty and regional diversity, Japan has given this beloved treat so many different unique, and quirky twists. From traditional tastes like matcha green tea to avant-garde creations like soy sauce and wasabi, these Kit Kats definitely defy the ordinary! 

Let's jump right in!

  1. Regular Japanese Flavors
  2. Otona no Omasa for Adults
  3. Seasonal & Limited Edition Flavors
  4. Holiday Kit Kats
  5. Collaboration Kit Kats
  6. Bakeable Kit Kats
  7. Big Little Kit Kats
  8. Everyday Nuts & Berries
  9. Gotochi Kit Kats
  10. Gotochi Kit Kat Renewal
  11. Alcoholic Kit Kats
  12. Chocolatory Sublime Kit Kats
  13. Chocolatory Specials
  14. Chocolatory I Heart Tea
  15. Special Kit Kats


Kit Kat Message

Though it isn’t really a Japanese product, Kit Kat struck gold in Japan when it arrived in 1973 because of its lucky-sounding name. You see, in Japanese, Kit Kat or Kitto Katto sounds a lot like Kitto Katsu, the Japanese phrase for “you’ll certainly win.” Ever since then, these chocolate-coated wafers have become a huge hit in Japan. (If you’d like to learn everything about these delightful treats, then check out our article, Japanese Kit Kats: the Ultimate Guide.) 


Kit Kats have become so popular in Japan that there are more than 300 different flavors or iterations of these chocolatey goodies. It’s a smorgasbord of chocolate madness! To help you explore the wild, wild world of Japanese Kit Kats, we’ve decided to compile all the different flavors and variations in this comprehensive list! Let’s get started, shall we? 



Regular Flavors

These are the Japanese flavors that are available all year round in Japan. They’re also pretty common and not that hard to find. These classic or regular flavors include original chocolate, matcha (green tea), hojicha (roasted green tea) and whole wheat. 

 Classic Japanese Kit Kat

Original Chocolate 

These Kit Kats offer the classic wafer and milk chocolate combo. It’s a timeless treat! 


Kit Kat Matcha

Matcha (Green Tea) 

White chocolate is infused with flavorful matcha or Japanese green tea. It has the perfect level of sweetness that does not overpower the richness of the matcha. 



Hojicha or roasted green tea is a traditional Japanese flavor that’s smoky and earthy.



Whole Wheat 

These Whole Wheat Kit Kats are made for the health-conscious chocolate lover. Each wafer is made with whole wheat flour! 



Otona no Amasa

Otona no Amasa means “sweetness for adults” in English. Just like the name implies, these Kit Kats are less sweet than the regular flavors and have more nuance to them too. These Kit Kats include dark chocolate, deep matcha, strawberry, white chocolate, raspberry, and caramel. 


Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate 

A smooth combination of sugar and pure cacao. Not too bitter and not too sweet, this Kit Kat is for chocolate lovers! 


Deep Matcha

Deep Matcha

The matcha flavor is more prominent here. The white chocolate of these Kit Kats is combined with luxurious Uji Matcha! 




Refreshingly sweet and sour, these Kit Kat treats are made with white chocolate infused with Japanese strawberries. 


white chocolate

White Chocolate

The chocolate of these Kit Kats is made with milk from Hokkaido. It’s also mixed with crushed black biscuits for that special adult texture. 




Fruity and delicious, these Kit Kats are coated with raspberry-infused white chocolate. It also has flecks of dried raspberry! 



Melty Caramel

While most people are used to overly sweet caramel, these Japanese Kit Kats are just right! 



Seasonal Kit Kat

The Japanese people love using “shun” or seasonal ingredients in their food. It comes to reason that Japanese Nestle incorporates “shun” in their Kit Kats. Available only during specific seasons, these Japanese Kit Kats are harder to get a hold of compared to regular flavors. 


Party Ice Cream 

Winter: Party Ice Cream 

Winter white ice cream is a big deal in Japan! These chocolate treats are made with white ice cream chocolate flaked with feulletine, a baked confection made of thin crispy crepes. 


Strawberry Milk

Winter: Strawberry Milk 

Strawberry milk is popular all year round in Japan. This Kit Kat gives fans a taste of the delicious drink in the form of a yummy strawberry chocolate wafer. 


Winter: Strawberry Daifuku 

These Kit Kats are made to taste like strawberry daifuku, a soft and chewy mochi dessert with strawberry inside. They’re only available in winter! 



Winter: Strawberry Gateau Chocolat

Nothing says Christmas more than cake! Inspired by luxurious strawberry gateau, these Kit Kats are made with melted chocolate, cocoa powder, and strawberry jam. 


Orange Chocolate

Winter: Orange Chocolate 

In Japan, winter is the season for eating mandarin oranges while relaxing at home. Each Kit Kat wafer is layered in orange cream and then coated in milk chocolate. 


Winter: Pistachio 

Pistachio is a nutty, winter flavor. Pistachio cream is sandwiched between wafer layers all coated in yummy milk chocolate. Yum! 



Spring: Sakura 

Spring is the season when sakura trees come into full bloom. You might think these Japanese Kit Kats taste like sakura or cherries, but instead, they have a lovely subtle floral sakura blossom flavor. 


Sakura mochi

Spring: Sakura Mochi 

Sakura mochi is a springtime dessert made with glutinous rice, red bean paste, and sakura leaves. Gently floral in flavor, this Japanese Kit Kat has layers of red bean powder between the wafers. 


Sakura Sake

Spring: Sakura Sake 

These slightly alcoholic chocolates have a floral sakura taste to them. Eating Sakura Sake Kit Kats is a great way to celebrate the coming of spring! 


Sakura Kinako

Spring: Sakura Kinako 

A blend of sakura flowers and kinako (roasted soybean powder), these Kit Kats are a novel treat. 


Sakura Matcha

Spring: Sakura Matcha 

Matcha mixed with sakura make for the perfect spring drink! This Kit Kat blends together the taste of earthy matcha and floral sakura. 



Spring: Peach 

Peaches are abundant during the spring season! These Kit Kats are peachy and refreshing to eat. 

 peach parfait

Spring: Peach Parfait 

Creamy and delicious, these Kit Kats are made to taste just like Peach Parfait. They combine the taste of peach and vanilla ice cream. 


Japanese Plum

Spring: Japanese Plum

These special Kit Kats are sweet and tangy at the same time! They're only available during the spring. 


Ocean Salt

Summer: Ocean Salt 

A subtle reminder of the warm summer sea, this Japanese Kit Kat flavor is a combination of white chocolate and flecks of sea salt from Setouchi, Japan.



Summer: Salt Lychee 

Nothing sounds more refreshing than having some lychee-flavored Kit Kats during the summer season! The addition of salt complements its sweet flavor. 


Salt Lemon

Summer: Salt & Lemon 

These Japanese Kit Kats are sweet, salty, and sour. It’s a great treat to have during hot, sunny days! 



Summer: Premium Mint 

Summer can’t go by without a nice minty treat. These delicious Kit Kats have mint cream layered in between the wafers. 


citrus mint

Summer: Premium Citrus Mint

A nice glass of lemony mojito on a hot summer’s day sounds like the perfect treat. This Kit Kat tastes just like that, the perfect combination of citrus and mint! 


Peach Mint

Summer: Premium Peach Mint 

It seems like the Japanese really like having mint during summer. This Kit Kat is a combination of cool mint and sweet peach. 


Summer ice cream

Summer: Summer Ice Cream 

If there’s a white winter ice cream flavor, then there’s also a summer ice cream flavor of Kit Kat! The packaging of these treats offers topics for independent research projects which is a common summer vacation project for Japanese children. 


Cookies & Cream

Summer: Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

One ice cream flavor isn’t enough for the summer! These Kit Kats are made with vanilla ice cream chocolate speckled with crushed cookies. 


Sweet Potato

Fall: Sweet Potato 

Sweet potatoes are everywhere in Japan during the autumn months. Buttery, rich, and sweet, Sweet Potato Kit Kats are an essential fall treat! 



Fall: Chestnuts 

Like sweet potatoes, chestnut is one of the primary flavors of fall in Japan. These Kit Kats have a lovely aroma that adds to the subtle and unique flavor. 


apple pie

Fall: Apple Pie

Released as a special Halloween flavor, the Apple Pie Kit Kat comes in a nice violet color. It combines the taste of apple and cinnamon to replicate the loveliness of warm apple pie. 


Apple Cinnamon

Fall: Apple Cinnamon

This Kit Kat is obviously made for the Halloween break. It combines the taste of apple and cinnamon with delicious chocolate. 


Cafe Au Lait

Fall: Cafe Au’ Lait 

It’s like you’re having a warm cup of coffee when you indulge in these tasty Kit Kats! Coated in coffee milk chocolate, these creamy wafer treats are perfect for Autumn.  


Mont Blanc

Fall: Mont Blanc 

If you have coffee, then you should have dessert too. These Kit Kats taste just like Mont Blanc with its chestnut chocolate and rum cream wafer. 


Milk Tea

Fall: Milk Tea

Warm and welcoming, these goodies are coated in milk tea chocolate. Perfect for afternoons in the fall! 



Holiday Kit Kat

Like the name implies, these Kit Kats are released during holidays and special occasions. Though these Japanese Kit Kats usually showcase classic flavors like milk chocolate and white chocolate, they come with special packaging and gimmicks. 


Christmas Santa

Christmas Santa 

These classic milk chocolate Kit Kats feature a festive holiday twist - they’re shaped just like Santa Claus! 


New Year

New Year’s Chocolate 

Red and white are the colors of the New Year in the land of the rising sun. These New Year-limited Japanese Kit Kats are packaged in red and white. 




In Japan children often receive otoshidama (gift money in red envelopes) from their older relatives during New Year’s. Otoshidama Kit Kats come in packaging made to look just like those red envelopes! 


Easter Banana

Easter Banana

Released in spring, this special banana-flavored Kit Kat is made for the Easter season. It comes in super cute Easter-themed packaging! 


Heartful Bear

Heartful Bear 

Launched in 2023, these Japan-exclusive milk chocolate Valentine Kit Kats are shaped like sweet, caring bears. They’re perfect to give to loved ones during Hearts Day! 



Classic Halloween 

These yummy Kit Kats come in special Halloween-themed packaging. They’re meant to be given to children during Hallow’s Eve. 



Kit Kat Baskins

From time to time, Nestle collaborates with big names to create unique, limited-edition Kit Kats. These Kit Kats are a bit challenging to find, but they’re worth the try! 


Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana  

The legendary Tokyo Banana dessert is turned into a Kit Kat. Each piece has that hallmark banana flavor mixed with milk chocolate.


Choco Mint

Choco Mint Ice Cream 

Choco Mint is a super popular flavor of ice cream in Japan. Now, thanks to a special collab with Baskin Robbins, there’s Choco Mint Ice Cream-flavored Kit Kat! 


Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Juice 

The result of a collaboration between Nestle and Ito En, this Kit Kat is made to taste like Ito En’s Veggie beverage. It doesn’t taste bad with apple and carrot standing out the most. 


Rilakkuma Hotcakes

Rilakkuma Hotcakes 

Nestle teamed up with Rilakkuma to create a unique pancake-flavored Kit Kat. Rilakkuma himself would approve of the taste! 


Sanrio Characters Strawberry Milk 

This limited-edition Kit Kat comes from a kawaii team up between Nestle and Sanrio! Each individually-wrapped wafer treat showcases a cutie from Sanrio. They taste like a mix of strawberry and milk! You can also scan the packaging to get a 3D Sanrio character with a message field that you can send to friends! 



Bakeable Kit Kats

These Japanese Kit Kats are actually meant to be baked in a toaster oven. The heat gives these tasty treats a nice roasted flavor that enhances the experience. The most common baked Kit Kat flavor is custard pudding, but it seems like there are even more flavors for fans to try out! 


Custard Pudding 

This was the very first flavor offered for Kit Kats you can bake. It’s a really good match! 

Caramel Pudding

Caramel Pudding

A variant of custard pudding, these Kit Kats were also meant to be baked. Each piece has a nice caramel flavor! 




Cheesecake is meant to be baked! This Kit Kat is creamy and cheesy and chocolatey. After putting it in the toaster oven it has a nice roasted flavor! 


Sweet Potato Baked

Sweet Potato 

The Japanese love their sweet potatoes, so it comes as no surprise they’d come up with bakeable Sweet Potato Kit Kats! 



Big Little Kit Kats

As much as they love Kit Kats, Japanese people are still concerned about proper calorie intake. That’s why Big Little Kit Kats were made! These bite-sized sweets come in resealable pouches so you can take as little as you need and then close the pouch for next time! 

 Big Little

Big Little Classic

This is the classic Kit Kat in a cube-like form. It’s perfect for casual snacking. 


Big Little Dark

Big Little Cacao

Made with 72% cacao, these bite-sized chocolate treats have a nice grainy texture. 


Big Little Strawberry

Big Little Strawberry 

Strawberry powder is kneaded in between the wafer layers of this milk chocolate-coated Kit Kat. Like the regular strawberry Kit Kat, this goody tastes sweet and sour. 


Big Little White

Bit Little White 

This Kit Kat is the bite-sized version of Otona no Amasa White Chocolate Kit Kats. 


Big Little Kumamon

Big Little Kumamon Green Tea

Unlike other Matcha Kit Kats, this matcha-flavored wafer is covered in milk chocolate. It features Kumamon as it was made to help earthquake victims in Kumamoto. 


Choco Banana

Big Little Choco Banana 

Banana cream is decked between layers of wafers for this limited-edition Kit Kat.



Everyday Nuts

Moleson was the very first Kit Kat made in Japan to have toppings. Hoping to produce a similar Kit Kat for mass production, Nestle decided to create a brand new series of Kit Kats called Nuts & Berries. 



Nuts & Cranberries 

Peanuts are not that popular in Japan, so Nestle decided to make special nutty Kit Kats by mixing in some cranberries! 


ruby nuts

Ruby Nuts & Cranberries

Ruby chocolate is made from pink ruby cacao. This pink ruby chocolate Kit Kat is decked with lots of crushed almond nuts and cranberries. 



Soymilk Nuts & Cranberries 

This Kit Kat uses soymilk chocolate mixed with crushed cranberries and nuts! It’s perfect for those looking for a healthy treat. 



Yogurt Nuts & Cranberries

Instead of soy milk, this Kit Kat is made with yogurt chocolate as its base with crushed cranberries and nuts. Don’t worry, it’s equally as delicious as its soy milk variant! 




In Japan, it is customary to bring back souvenirs from trips. One of the most popular souvenirs are Gotochi Kit Kats. These Kit Kats showcase the delicacies and produce of the different prefectures in Japan!  


Safari Maple

Gunma: Safari Maple 

Japan has very few safari parks, and one of them (out of two) is in the prefecture of Gunma. To celebrate this Nestle gave Gunma its very own Safari Maple Gotochi Kit Kat. 


Momiji Manju

Hiroshima: Momiji Manju 

Momiji Manju is a maple-leaf-shaped bun filled with red bean paste. The Momiji Manju Kit Kat comes from a collab between Nestle and Hiroshimi sweet maker Takatsudo. 


Gotochi Yubari Melon

Hokkaido: Yubari Melon

Hokkaido located way up North in Japan is known for many different fruits including the Yubari melon. Like the melons, these Kit Kats are super sumptuous and sweet! 


melon cheese

Hokkaido: Melon & Mascarpone Cheese

It seems like Hokkaido has another Gotochi Kit Kat up its sleeve, and this time it’s a combination of melon and cheese. Surprisingly, it makes for a pretty great Kit Kat. 


Gotochi Apple

Aomori: Apple

Big juice apples are Aomori’s specialty product. Partnering with a famous pastry chef, Nestle created this juicy and refreshing apple-flavored Japanese Kit Kat.


Apple Pie

Aomori: Apple Pie 

Well, if apple already exists, then why not add an apple pie flavor to the list? This unique kit kat is still made with Aomori apples. 


Iyokan Orange

Ehime: Iyokan

Iyokan Oranges can only be found in Japan and are super abundant in Ehime! These Iyokan orange-flavored Kit Kats have a nice sweetness!  


Amaou Strawberry

Fukuoka: Amaou Strawberry

Located on the top of Kyushu is Fukaoka which is known for its ramen. While there is no ramen Kit Kat, Nestle does have Amaou strawberries which are also a popular produce of Kyushu.  


Hyogo Pudding

Hyogo: Kobe Pudding 

Kobe, the capital of Hyog Prefecture, is known for its delightfully creamy pudding. These Japanese Kit Kats are just as creamy and rich. 


Onsen Manju

Ibaraki: Onsen Manju

While Ibaraki is mostly known for its wine, it also has a lot of hot springs.  Eating these Kit Kats feels like eating onsen manju (red bean beans) sold at the hot spring bathhouses! 



Iwate: Iwaizumi Yoghurt

Iwate is known for its delicious and creamy Iwaizumi Yogurt. This special flavor of Kit Kat was created for the region to help raise funds for victims of the Iwate earthquake in 2016. 


Strawberry Cheesecake

Kanagawa: Strawberry Cheesecake 

Strawberry cheesecake is a specialty of the Kanagawa prefecture. Japanese Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kats are a popular souvenir for tourists visiting the area! 



Kumamoto: Black Sugar Donuts

These Kit Kats were made in 2022 in conjunction with Kumamoto Castle. Each wafer tastes like black sugar donuts coated with white chocolate. 



Kumamoto: Ikinari Dango

The Kumamoto prefecture is known for its churches and its dango (Japanese dumplings). On the packaging of these dango-flavored Kit Kats you’ll also find Kumamon, Kumamoto’s mascot! 



Kyoto: Kyoto Roasted Green Tea

Roasted Green Tea or hojicha is one of Kyoto’s specialties. These Hojicha or Roasted Green Tea Kit Kats can only be found in the Kyoto prefecture! 



Miyagi: Zunda

Zunda is a type of soybean dessert in Miyagi. Nestle decided to replicate the taste with their own edamame soybean Kit Kat. 


zunda shake

Miyagi: Zunda Shake

Zunda became so popular in Miyagi that people started turning it into a shake which is the flavor of this particular Japanese Kit Kat. 


summer mango

Miyazaki: Summer Mango

Located in the southeastern coast of Kyushu, Miyazaki is a prefecture that produces amazing sun egg mangoes! Each piece of these tropical-flavored Kit Kats tastes like summer mangoes from Miyazaki. 



Nagano: Kyoho Grape

Kyoho grape is a deep purple grape that can be found in the mountainous region of Nagano.Just like Kyoho Grape, these Kit Kats are juicy and sweet. 



Niigata: Le Lectier

Pears are a specialty of Niigata. The Le Lectier Pear Kit Kat flavor was made especially for this Japanese prefecture. 


Tochiotome Strawberry

Tochigi: Tochiotome Strawberry

The Amaou strawberry isn’t the only strawberry from Japan. While they are the most popular, many Japanese people will say the Tochiotome strawberries from Tochigi are the finest. 



Tokushima: Peach 

In Tokushima, the popular Awa-dori dance that attracts people during the obon holidays coincides directly with peach season. That’s why Tokushima Kit Kats are peach flavored. 



Yamagata: Cherry

A lot of people say the best cherries in Japan can be found in the Yamagata prefecture. Nestle produced this cherry version especially for Yamagata! 


Harbor Maron

Yokohama: Harbor Marron 

Yokohama is a busy port city. Somehow Nestle managed to capture its essence with an Ariake Yokohama Harbor Double Marron Kit Kat that has a sweet, mellow chestnut flavor. 



Gotochi Renewal

Nestle just recently decided to give some Gotochi Kit Kats updated designs and fresh new flavors for chocolate lovers to enjoy. That includes the Local Kit Kats for places like Tokyo, Shizuoka, and Yokohama. 


Island Lemon

Tokyo: Island Lemon 

This tangy but sweet chocolate-covered Kit Kat wafer is made with delightful Ogasawarajima lemons.


Red Bean Strawberry

Hokkaido: Red Bean & Strawberry 

Hokkaido is known for a lot of things, not just Yubari Melons. Nestle decided to update  the prefecture’s flavor to strawberry and red bean. 


Strawberry Cheesecake

Yokohama: Strawberry Cheesecake

Made with natural cheese, this Gotochi Kit Kat actually really tastes like strawberry cheesecake. 


Wasabi Kit Kat

Shizuoka: Wasabi 

Now this is definitely one of the stranger Kit Kats that you should try. Shizuoka is known for the production of wasabi, so Nestle decided to go for it and make a spicy wasabi Kit Kat! 


Shinsu apples

Shinshu: Shinshu Apples

This prefecture is known for its specialty apples. These Gotochi Kit Kats are made of milk chocolate infused with sweet delightful Shinshu apples. 


Azuki sando

Tokai: Azuki Sando

Tokai is known for its azuki sando or red bean paste sandwich. These Japanese Kit Kats have tasty red bean filling in between the wafers to replicate the azuki sando! 


uji matcha

Kyoto: Ito Kyuemon Uji Matcha

While Kit Kat does have its regular matcha flavor, the matcha here is made from tea leaves carefully selected by Itohkyuemon.



Kyoto: Ito Kyuemon Hojicha

You can also find Ito Kyuemon Hojicha Kit Kats in the Kyoto area as well! These roasted green tea Kit Kats are sweet and smoky! 



Hiroshima: Kotsudo Original Momiji Manju 

The Momiji Manju Kit Kat got a fresh new look and a fresh new taste from Nestle! 



Kyushu: Amaou Strawberry 

Like the Momiji Manju, the Amaou Strawberry Kit Kats of the Kyushu area got a brand new look. It has a mellow sweetness and uses Amaou strawberry white chocolate. 



Okinawa: Beniimo 

Purple sweet potato is a big produce in Okinawa. These violet-colored Kit Kats taste just like rich sweet potatoes from the area! 



Alcoholic Kit Kat

These Japanese Kit Kats are great for adult get-togethers and parties! They’re also perfect for Friday nights on your own when you want to relax with something sweet and a bit buzzy. 



Premium Japan Sake 

Sake or rice wine is an alcoholic beverage from Japan that’s made of fermented rice wine. These Kit Kats are infused with sake and have a 0.4% alcohol content. 


umeshi sake

Umeshi Sake 

This Kit Kat blends the sour and sweet flavor of ume (plums) together with sake. It’s less alcoholic than the Premium Japan Sake Kit Kats with only 0.2% alcohol content. 


Yuzu  Sake

Bijofu Yuzu Sake 

Sake and Yuzu (a sour Japanese citrus) make for a good combination. This Kit Kat uses the special Bijofu Yuzu Sake recipe of the Hamakata Shoten brewery in Koichi, Japan. 


Yogurt Sake

Yogurt Sake 

Inspired by the yogurt sake from a special brewery in the Miyagi prefecture, this unique Kat Kat balances the sweet and sour flavor of yogurt with the sharp taste of alcoholic sake. 


Sakura Sake

Sakura Sake   

This flavor was mentioned earlier, but it would be remiss not to give it a spot in the alcoholic Kit Kat section. Combining sake with delicate sakura blossoms, this Kit Kat is the perfect spring treat! 


Rum Raisin

Rum Raisin

A limited-edition Kit Kat, this white chocolate treat is infused with actual rum raisin! It only contains  0.056% alcohol though, which is a lot less compared to the Sake Kit Kats.  


Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine

This Kit Kat flavor combines together white chocolate, wine, and strawberries. It's an interesting treat for the holidays! 




These are super premium Kit Kats available in specialty stores around Japan called Kit Kat Chocolatory. Unlike regular Japanese Kit Kats, these chocolate-covered wafers only have a single elegant stick. 


Volcanic Papa New Guinea

Sublime Volcanic Papua New Guinea

Fresh and fruity, this premium chocolate Kit Kat is made with cacao powder from the Karkar island in Papua New Guinea. 


Volcanic Vanateau

Sublime Volcanic Vanuatu 

The Kit Kats made from the cacao from Vanuatu (Malakula Island) are sour and bitter. They are described to be reminiscent of the earth. 


Volcanic Philippines

Sublime Volcanic Philippines 

Spicy, bitter, and sour, this premium Kit Kat is made with cacao from the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. 



Sublime Ruby

Ruby is called the fourth chocolate. A pink cacao, Ruby makes for a fruity-tasting chocolate that tastes like berries. 



Sublime Milk 

Using couverture milk chocolate, this is the elevated version of regular Kit Kats. 



Sublime Raw 

Made with chocolate from cacao that’s roasted in lower temperatures, this premium Kit Kat has a more natural cacao flavor. 


Raw Bitter

Sublime Raw Bitter 

Featuring a blend of three varieties of cacao, this 66% Cacao KitKat is made for the chocolate connoisseur. 


Raw White

Sublime Raw White 

This Kit Kat is smooth and melt-in-your-mouth good. It’s made with couverture white chocolate for a deep, rich flavor. 


Raw Matcha

Sublime Raw Matcha

Made with matcha paste from premium Gyokoru tea leaves, this Kit Kat combines the sweetness of milk chocolate with the subtle bitterness of matcha. 


Cacao Fruit

Sublime Cacao Fruit 

Like the name implies this luxurious Kit Kat is made from the fruit of cacao. 



Sublime Cassis 

This delectable white chocolate Kit Kat is infused with cassis or black currant. 



Sublime Passionfruit 

Passionfruit is one of the very first Chocolatory flavors created. This Sublime Kit Kat is a favorite! 



Sublime Yuzu 

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus described as a mix of lime, lemon, and grapefruit. This premium Kit Kat has the tart and refreshing flavor of yuzu. 



Sublime Raspberry 

Raspberry KitKat is already hard to find, but this luxury version is even harder to procure. 



Sublime Strawberry

Made from premium Japanese strawberries, this Kit Kat is the elevated version of regular Strawberry Kit Kats from Japan. 


Frozen Passionfruit

Sublime Tasty in Frozen Passion Fruit

One of the very first Kit Kats made to be frozen, this sweet passion fruit-flavored chocolate wafer is made for the summer. 


Frozen Raspberry

Sublime Tasty in Frozen Raspberry 

Like its sibling the Sublime Tasty in Frozen Passion Fruit, this Kit Kat is made to be frozen before eaten. 



Sublime Moleson

This is the very first Kit Kat with toppings! Using the Sublime Milk bar as its base, this premium treat is topped with dried cranberries and crushed almonds. 



Chocolatory Specials

Creative and delicious, this series of luxury Kit Kats offers fans unique flavor combinations.  That includes strawberry maple, matcha kinako, and butter. These are meant for people with a more sophisticated palette. 



Special Strawberry Maple 

Featuring a strong strawberry aroma, this Kit Kat combines the sweetness of maple and the sweet-tart flavor of strawberries. 


Matcha Kinako

Special Matcha Kinako 

This Kit Kat combines the elegance of matcha with the earthy flavor of kinako or roasted soybean powder. 


orange cocktail

Special Orange Cocktail 

Featuring a refreshing orange flavor, this Kit Kat is super hard to find! 



Special Ginger

Made with ginger powder cream, these Kit Kats have a unique sharp flavor. 


Cream Cheese

Special Cream Cheese

This white chocolate-coated Kit Kat has cream cheese powder kneaded in between the wafers. It’s an elegant treat! 



Special Plum 

The tartness of plum balances out the sweetness of the chocolate in this Kit Kat. 



Special Butter 

With buttery powder mixed in between layers of wafer, this Kit Kat offers one of the stranger flavors people are a bit hesitant to try. Those that do actually really enjoy the creamy butter taste! 



I love tea

I Heart Tea is a new premium Kit Kat from the Chocolatory factory that showcases different tea flavors. Created by Yasumasa Takagi, these luxury Kit Kats incorporate the refined flavor profiles of tea like Gyokuro, Kocha, Oolong, Hojicha, and Genmaicha. 



When translated to English, Gyokuro literally means “Jewel Dew.” This green tea is considered to be one of the finest as the tea leaves are grown underneath shade instead of the harsh sun. It has a rich, mellow flavor. 



Featuring a fruity aroma and balanced flavor, this Kit Kat is a mix of premium Kocha tea and milk chocolate. 



Oolong Kit Kat

This Kit Kat is made with Oolong tea and dark chocolate. The chocolate base provides a subtle bitterness tha balances out the tea’s astringent flavor. 




Using a blend of roasted tea leaves and white chocolate, this Kit Kat has a light tea aroma and flavor. 




Genmaicha tea itself is made from a  mix of green tea leaves and rice grains that pop during the roasting process. This Kit Kat has a bright and nutty flavor from the sugar and starches from the tea and rice.



Kit Kat Other Flavors

These are the Japanese Kit Kats that can’t really fit into the categories set in this blog. Some have special packaging, others have extraordinary flavors. There are a lot of them, and each one is as special as the other! 


Kit Kat Exam

Examination Kit Kat

These Kit Kats have special messages written on them made especially for students taking exams! Kitto Katsu - you’ll definitely win! 


Kit Kat Mail

Kit Kat Mail 

Nestle collaborated with the Japanese postal office for these special Kit Kats. These milk chocolate Kit Kats are meant to be sent to loved ones through mail. 


Whole Cacao

Whole Cacao

These Kit Kats were made for the true chocolate lovers. Each piece is coated with 72% cacao chocolate! 


Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte 

These Kit Kats are for coffee lovers! They come in a cute package featuring all the scenes and feelings you have while drinking coffee at a cafe. 



Premium Sachertorte

Embodying the sweet taste of Sachertorte or Austrian chocolate cake, these premium Kit Kats make for a delicious treat! 


Yokubari Double 

Yokubari means greed in English. Launched in 2023, this is the very first Kit Kat to offer two flavors in one - whole wheat biscuit on top and original milk chocolate at the bottom.



Yokubari Double Matcha

This special Kit Kat came after the first Yokubari Double Kit Kat. The top part is deep matcha while the bottom is original chocolate. Yum! 


Yuzu Matcha

Yuzu Matcha

Yuzu citrus and matcha might seem like two very different flavors, but it seems like Kit Kat somehow makes it work. 


Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte

Another Kit Kat matcha variant, these wafer treats combine mellow Uji matcha tea and sweet milk. You can have them with tea! 


Matcha Tiramisu

Matcha Tiramisu 

Matcha Tiramisu Kit Kat is another special matcha variant. It lets you experience the mildly sweet taste of mascarpone cheese and the subtle bitterness of matcha  with each bite! 


Mt. Fuji

Mount Fuji Kit Kat

This Kit Kat is actually Strawberry Cheesecake flavored but it comes in a special box designed to look like Mt. Fuji. It’s a great souvenir for tourists! 


Cough Drop

Cough Drop Kit Kats 

Named Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji, this special chocolate treat has a dose of 2.1 percent throat lozenge powder in every serving. Strange and unique. 


Strawberry Tiramisu

Strawberry & Tiramisu 

Strawberry and Tiramisu might seem like a strange combination, but it works for this Kit Kat made by Noritake Kinashi.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Made in collaboration with Nescafe, this pack of chocolate Kit Kats is made to be paired with Gold Blend coffee. 




Meant for busy moms, these pudding-flavored Kit Kats all have a dedicated space where mothers can write messages to their children. 


Banana Caramel

Banana Caramel

Banana and caramel make for a great combination! This pack of Kit Kats has a design based on "oshapic" which means "fashionable picnic, a trend popular on social networking sites in Japan. 



Daruma Chocolate

In Japan, a daruma helps bring in good luck. This pack of milk chocolate and dark chocolate Kit Kats showcases prints of daruma dolls. You can give them to friends as a gesture of good luck! 

Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce

Some Kit Kat fans weren’t too pleased when they discovered that this Kit Kat didn’t really taste like soy sauce but instead more like maple syrup. 



Hot Shinsu Chili 

Made from a medium-hot shichimi chili from the Shinsu region, this Kit Kat will test your spice. 


Apple Cider

Apple Vinegar

No one really images cider as a chocolate flavor, but the Japanese have decided it should be one. This Kit Kat taste like a potato chip chocolate wafer. 


Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale 

A tasty drink has been turned into a Kit Kat! It has a subtle carbonated tickle when you eat it. 



Royal Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea 

Milk tea-flavored chocolate combined with layers of tea powder and wafers make for the perfect afternoon treat! 




This is one of the stranger flavors and there isn’t that much information on it except for the fact it exists.  


Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Kit Kat has a nice tropical sweetness to it. These wafers are layered with passion fruit cream and coated in passion fruit-flavored white chocolate.


Kinako Ohagi

Kinako Ohagi 

Ohagi is a traditional Japanese treat made with glutinous rice, white rice, and red beans. This Kit Kat is made to taste like ohagi covered in kinako (roasted soybean powder). 

Origami Kit Kat

Origami Kit Kat 

This isn’t exactly a new flavor, but Nestle decided to do a change on the packaging of classic regular Japanese Kit Kats, switching from plastic to origami paper. You can make paper cranes out of the paper after eating! 



Strawberry Shortcake

Japan loves its strawberry shortcake! That's why Nestle decided to create its own strawberry shortcake-flavored Kit Kats. Each wafer is coated in creamy white-chocolate flecked with bits of strawberry. They taste just like shortcake! 


Kit Kat Anniversary Box

Phew, that was a pretty long list. With more than 300 flavors in Japan, we’re sure that this list could be longer. What are your favorite Japanese Kit Kat flavors? Which of the strange ones do you want to try? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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If you’d like to taste some of these Kit Kat flavors for yourself, you can find them here in our Japanese Kit Kat collection! You can also head over to our Japanese Kit Kat blog to learn everything about these special treats. 

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