Discover All The Flavors of Milky!

Discover All The Flavors of Milky!

Discover All The Flavors of Milky!

Rich, smooth, and creamy, Milky is one of the most iconic candies in Japan. This milk candy was created by Fujiya during the fringes of World War II, offering Japanese children a taste of luxury and happiness during hard times. Together with its charming mascot the cheerful Peko-chan, Milky candy has made a delicious mark in Japanese culture. 


For the most part, Milky is known for the taste of decadent Hokkaido milk that it offers. However, this iconic treat didn’t get to the pedestal that it sits on today by playing safe and staying the same! No sir-ee. Over the years, Milky has offered a ton of exciting different milk-based flavors. From mouth drooling flavors like Royal Milk Tea to odd milk combinations like Ogura toast and Salt Milky with Lactic Acid Bacteria. 


Just as promised in our blog deep diving into the wonderful world of Milky, we’re going to list down all the milky-licious flavors that this beloved Japanese candy has to offer. Make sure you bring along lots of water because it’s going to be a pretty long and sugary adventure! 



The classic Milky is a delicious concoction that’s had the same recipe since this candy was created by Fujiya in the 1950s. Using starch syrup, sweetened condensed milk from Hokkaido, sugar, water, and other necessary ingredients, this candy promises a creamy experience that lets you enjoy the true taste of milk. Over the years there have been multiple classic Milky variants, from boxes of Milky to tin cans to pouches. Let’s check them out! 


Milky Box 

The very first Milky candies were sold in boxes. Though the design has changed (the original ones showcased Peko-chan with fun googly eyes), this classic Milky variant is nostalgic to Japanese candy enthusiasts. It’s a small box containing six pieces of the classic Milky candy


Milky Bag

The most popular variant of the classic Milky, this pack contains 100 grams of Japan’s favorite milky candy. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can find the Large Milky Ball inside the pack. This special Milky ball is 1.7 times larger than a regular one and it showcases a print of Peko-chan and Dog. There’s also another version of this Large Milky Ball showcasing a four-leaf clover design. It’s considered a lucky item. 


Milky Pouch 

A smaller version of the Milky bag, this pack contains 50 grams of the classic Milky. It’s the perfect variant for people who want to indulge in some creamy Milky candies but limit their sugar intake at the same time. 



Ever since 2001, Fujiya has been producing special Milky flavors from year to year. Available for limited periods of time in the Japanese market, these flavors are pretty tasty and unique. The selection ranges from sensible milk flavors like Matcha to strange milk combos like Pineapple and Setouchi lemon. Fujiya also has fancy Milky flavors like Royal Milk Tea and Japanese Chestnut Montblanc. Get ready because this list is going to be a little bit long. 



Strawberry is a classic flavor that almost everyone enjoys. That’s why it makes perfect sense for Fujiya to create a strawberry version of Milky! It combines the Hokkaido condensed milk with the sweet and sour taste of Tochiotome strawberries from Japan. This limited-edition Milky flavor has been a fan favorite, appearing for multiple years from 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, to 2006. 


Benihoppe Strawberry 

A limited-edition flavor released in 2020, the Benihoppe Strawberry Milky is a half-and-half treat. Each candy is made of half strawberry milky and half classic milky. The strawberry part is made with Benihoppe strawberries from the Shizuoka Prefecture which has a good balance of sweet and sour flavor notes. 


Amaou Strawberry 

Called the king of Japanese strawberries, the Amaou strawberry is known for being big, round, and most of all, deliciously sweet. This special strawberry Milky is made with rich Amaou strawberry juice from the Fukuoka Prefecture mixed with milk from Hokkaido. 


Amaou Strawberry Parfait 

Released in 2023, this limited-edition Milky is quite the treat. Inside each piece of Amaou Strawberry Parfait Milky is a special strawberry sauce made with 30% fruit juice from Amaou strawberries. The jelly sauce adds a special touch to the delicious strawberry-flavored Milky! 


Strawberry & Condensed Milk 

This flavor seems a bit redundant since the classic strawberry Milky is already made with strawberries and condensed milk from Hokkaido. Fujiya probably wanted to give the classic flavor a better ring to it. Strawberry & Condensed Milk Milky was available in Japanese markets during January 2007 and 2008. 


Examination Support With Lactic Acid Bacteria

Hoping to encourage students during their examinations, Fujiya released this auspicious pack of Milky in 2018. One half classic Milky and one half sakura-flavored Milky, each piece contains healthy lactic acid bacteria equivalent to 20 yogurts. The packaging of this Milky also showcases Peko-chan as a student fired up to take the exams!  


Sato Nishiki 

Another fruit-flavored type of Milky, these seasonal candies are made with special Sato Nishiki cherries from the Yamagata prefecture. According to fans, these treats are especially fruity and refreshing! 


Kumamoto Salty Watermelon 

An extra rare limited-edition Milky variant, this candy was made in collaboration between Fujiya and Kumamoto Prefecture where the best  Japanese watermelons come from. It combines together the taste of sweet watermelon, mellow milky, and salt. The packaging showcases Kumamon, Kumamoto’s mascot, hanging out with Peko-chan. 


Salt & Plum 

Plums are popular treats in Japan. Released in the summer of 2019, this Milky flavor is made of plum extract from Nanko plums from the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan. It also has a dash of Hakata salt from Hakata Salt. Co. in the Ehime Prefecture. People tend to lose a lot of salt while sweating in summer, that’s why Fujiya thought it would be a good idea to combine sweet Milky candy with plums and salt.



Otherwise known as peach in English, Momo is a popular spring flavor in Japan. These tasty Milky candies are made with Hokkaido milk and Japanese peach juice. According to Fujiya, this treat is softer than regular Milky. The more you chew, the more you get to taste the peach in this candy. A rare flavor, Momo Milky was only available in April 2005.


Mellow Momo 

Released in the spring of 2011, this candy is a half-and-half variant of Momo Milky. One half is peach-flavored Milky while the other half of the candy is regular Milky. Compared to the original Momo Milky, this variant has a mellow peach taste. 


Tsubasa Momo-Colored Milky 

A spring Milky, this special treat was released in 2021. Dotted with blue and pink sugar bits, this Milky candy has a light pink peach flavor. It’s made with mellow peach juice from Japan. 


Sakura Blooming 

Made for the sakura season, this limited-edition Milky has two flavors in one bag - classic Milky and Sakura Milky. Meant to encourage students to do their best during their exams (sakura season is also exam season), this Milky has two different packaging designs. One showcases Peko as a Japanese student while the other showcases her as a cheerleader. This Milky also comes with a free sticker! 


Very Berry Berry 

A seasonal treat, this Milky combines the sweet and sour taste of four different kinds of berries together with Hokkaido Milk. The berries that this flavor mixes together are strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and cassis berry. Imagine a berry shake turned into Milky Candy. 



Everyone knows that butter and milk go pretty well together. This flavor of Milky has a delicate texture and a rich buttery taste. It’s made with rich milk, butter, and cream all from Hokkaido! 


Soft Butter

Fujiya decided to up its butter game with this version of Butter Milky. Softer and squisher than normal Milky candies, these treats have a luxurious Hokkaido butter flavor. 



In terms of Milky combinations, banana and milk go really well together. Another half-and-half candy, this limited-edition flavor was half banana-flavored Milky and half classic Milky. It was available in the spring season of 2003, 2004, and 2009. Some of the variations showcased Peko's boyfriend, Poco.  


Banana Au Lait 

Released in March 2007, Banana Au Lait Milky was supposed to be a drink-like version of the original Banana Milky. Fans didn’t quite like this version though because the taste of banana was stronger and a bit more sour than normal. 



Who doesn’t love chocolate milk? This limited-edition Milky is another half-and-half variant. It’s half regular Milky and half cocoa-flavored Milky. A popular flavor, Cocoa Milky was available during the October months of 2003, 2004, and 2007. 


Brown Sugar

An Autumn flavor Brown Sugar Milky was released in September 2009. It’s made with brown sugar, allowing Milky lovers to enjoy the richness of milk mixed together with mellow brown sugar. This Milky also featured a special wrapper with a cute pattern. 


Premium Chocolate

A special Milky that can only be found in 711 stores in Japan, the Premium Chocolate Milky has a special shiny packaging design. Each chocolate-flavored Milky piece has a center made of chocolate sauce. Milky fans say that it’s an addicting combination! 


Cafe Au Lait 

Released in October 2005, this Milky was an autumn-limited treat. Mixing together the mellow sweetness of the classic Milky candy with the bittersweet taste of coffee, Cafe Au Lait Milky was perfect for the cool fall season. 


Japanese Chesnut Mont Blanc

In Japan, people eat with the seasons. During fall, chestnuts are a favorite treat. This Milky tries to imitate the flavor of Chestnut Montblanc. Like most of the other limited-edition Milky flavors, this treat is half-and-half candy. The first half is good ol’ classic Milky while the other half is Chestnut Mont Blanc Milky with a bit of rum in it! 


Kumamoto Chestnut Mont Blanc 

Soft and luxurious, this Milky has chestnut-flavored Mont Blanc cream in its center. The cream is made with chestnuts from the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan! That’s why the packaging showcases both Peko-chan and Kumamon, Kumamoto’s cute mascot bear. 


Rum Raisin

Limited to the Japanese sweets shop Okashi Makioka, this treat is another half-and-half Milky. Each piece is half classic Milky and half rum-raisin-flavored Milky.  The rum raisin half is pure flavoring, so you don’t have to worry about getting drunk while eating it. The taste is a bit strong though, unlike most Milky candies which are mellow. 



If you think about it, matcha is a perfect flavor to combine with milk. This candy is a half-and-half Milky variant. Half of each piece is classic Milky. The other half is milk mixed with Uji gyokuro matcha from the Kyoto Prefecture in Japan. Matcha Milky was released in 2006. 


Matcha Cappuccino 

This limited-edition Milky tries to give Japanese candy lovers the cafe frappe experience by mixing two caffeinated flavors - matcha and cafe au lait. Made with Uji Matcha from the Kyoto Prefecture like the original Matcha Milky, this treat has a soft texture and a mellow aroma. 


Kitagawa Matcha

A reprisal of the 2006 Matcha Milky, this treat is made with special green tea from long-established matcha company Kitagawa Hanbei Shoten. It’s a luxurious treat that brings out the best of Hokkaido milk and Uji matcha. 



A special nutty flavor, the sale of Pistachio Milky was limited to convenience stores like 711 and Lason in Japan. According to Milky fans, these candies had a strong pistachio flavor that overwhelmed the original taste of Hokkaido milk. 


Shine Muscat

This limited-edition Milky offers candy lovers another fruity flavor. Made with Shine Muscat Juice from the Nagano Prefecture, these candies feature the mellow sweetness of muscat grapes. 



When it comes to fruits, melon seems like a pretty good flavor to mix in together with milk. Released in June 2009, this Milky features half of the classic flavor and half melon. Milky lovers enjoyed the refreshing combination! 


Yubari Melon

Known for its mellow sweetness and robust fragrance, the Yubari Melon is a popular Japanese fruit that’s a special product of Hokkaido. Celebrating Milky’s 70th anniversary in 2021, Fujiya decided to create a special Yubari Melon-flavored Milky for the brand. Not only was the flavor delightful, but the company also added hidden designs on the individual wrapping paper of the candies for fans to find!



Another tropical-flavored Milky, this treat was made available during the summer of 2008. This candy was half classic Milky and half rich yellow mango Milky. The design of the inner wrappers showcased mangoes and tropical countries! 



The idea of mixing pineapple and milk together might sound a bit strange, but somehow Fujiya made it work. Released in June 2007, this limited-edition flavor was surprisingly welcomed by Milky fans. According to Japanese candy lovers, the flavor was addictive. 


Setouchi Lemon 

Made available back in June 2017, this limited-edition Milky offers another citrus fruit flavor. Each candy is made with pureed whole lemons from Setouchi. They’re sweet, sour, and a little bit bitter - a refreshing combination for summer! Interestingly enough, the packaging doesn’t feature Milky’s mascot, Peko-chan.


Pear Juice 

This Milky was made in collaboration with Funassyi, the unofficial mascot of Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture. Showcasing both Funassyi and Peko-chan, these yummy candies combined milk with lots and lots of pear juice. In fact, Milky lovers couldn’t help but gush at how juicy the candies were. 


Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Besides Milky candy, Fujiya’s been selling a soft-serve version of Milky in its shops over the years. In 2010, the company decided to bring that flavor to Milky candy. Fans loved the flavor though they noted that it tasted more like vanilla shake than soft serve ice cream, really. 


Royal Milk Tea

Milk Tea and milk naturally go together. This limited-edition treat tries to mimic the rich flavor of Royal Milk tea by mixing together condensed Hokkaido milk with fragrant Assam black tea. Like most of the other special Milky flavors, Royal Milk Tea is half Milk Tea and half classic Milky.  It was available in 2006 and 2010. 



Sold in aquarium specialty shops in Japan, this special Milky is made with deep seawater salt. It might sound like an odd flavor, however, the flaky sea salt seems to bring out the sweetness of the candy. Being an aquarium-only release, Shiomilky packaging showcases sea creatures like garden eels, whale sharks, and giant isopods. 


Salty Milky With Lactic Acid Bacteria

Released in May 2017, this strange limited-edition flavor is speckled with “snow salt” from Miyako island. This Milky was made so that Japanese candy lovers can get their salt intake during the hot summer months! Each bag also has 1 billion lactic acid bacteria to help improve gut health. 


Soda Milky 

Featuring the soda alien Peko-chan, this Milky candy is definitely one of the brand’s stranger flavors. Whoever thought that soda and milk would go well together? According to Milky fans, the flavor isn’t as refreshing as one would expect.


Salty Lemon

A year after releasing the Setouchi Lemon flavor for Milky in 2017, Fujiya decided to make a slight tweak to the recipe by adding a bit of salt. This special Milky uses salts and minerals like calcium from the Seto Inland sea together with Onaga Lemons. It’s another half and half Milky. Half of each piece of candy is Salty Milky while the other half is Salty Lemon Milk. 


Short Cake 

This Milky flavor was made in celebration of Fujiya Shortcake’s 100th anniversary. A half-and-half candy, it combines the taste of strawberry juice together with fresh cream. 


Magic Milky

Released in 2021 in convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan, this Milky came as a major surprise to fans. Not only does each piece have a dark color opposite to normal Milky, but the packaging also features a new character. Instead of Peko-chan, we get a “little devilish” girl from a magical land called Pekora-chan. This cutie sees Peko as her rival. The candies themselves have a special surprise inside them - berry sauce that combines four types of berries. That includes strawberry, cassis, raspberry, and cranberry. 


Magical Chewing Mixed Berry Milky 

An addition to the Magic Milky line, this chewy treat uses freeze-dried Tochiotome strawberry granules. It has a juicy berry flavor mixed together with milk. Like Magic Milky, this candy has a darker color compared to classic Milky. 


Yogurt Magic Milky 

Another addition to the Magic Milky, this pack of special milk candies features both Peko-chan and Pekora-chan dressed up in ball dresses. These jet black Milky candies have a refreshing yogurt flavor. Inside each piece is a red cassis sauce that adds to its addictive sweet and sour combination. 


Parfait Magic Milky 

This Magic Milky is inspired by fruit sorbet. While the outer layer is made to taste like ice cream, these candies have a fruity sauce center that tastes like strawberries and peach. Like the rest of the treats in the Magic Milky series, this pack of candies features Pekora-chan instead of Peko. 


Sanrio Characters Mixed Berry

This limited-edition Milky was made in collaboration with Sanrio. Not only does its packaging feature kawaii Peko-chan, but Sanrio cuties like Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, and My Melody too! Each piece is half classic Milky and half mixed-berry Milky. 



In Japan, it’s a custom to bring “gotochi” or local souvenir items and treats back home when traveling to different places in the country. These gotochi Milky are made with special ingredients that can only be found in specific regions in Japan. They’re also regional-exclusive, so they’re a bit hard to get! 


Babahera Ice Cream (Akita) 

Akita Prefecture in Japan has a special treat called Babehara Ice Cream. Mixing together strawberry and banana together, this ice cream is scooped in a way that resembles a rose. This Milky flavor is inspired by this treat. You can only find it in shops in Akita. 


Amaou Strawberry (Kyushu)

A half-and-half kind of Milky, this box of candies can only be found in shops in Kyushu. Each piece is half the classic Milky and half Amaou strawberries. They’re subtly sour and sweet. Unlike the regular Amaou Strawberry Milky packs which were released for a limited time, these treats can be found on a regular basis in Kyushu. 


Tochiotome Strawberry (Tochigi)

A Tochigi-exclusive Milky, these candies are made with Tochiotome strawberry juice. Unlike most Milky candies which are half-and-half, this treat has a single flavor and color to give it a strong resemblance to Tochiotome strawberries.  


Ice Cream (Tokyo)

This Milky can only be found in specialty shops in Tokyo. It’s supposed to have a rich Hokkaido milk ice cream flavor. Unfortunately, Milky lovers weren’t particularly impressed by this treat saying there isn’t any difference with the classic Milky. 


Kyoto Matcha Pudding (Kansai) 

A Kansai-limited Milky, this special treat tries to combine together Uji matcha with creamy and delicious pudding. According to Milky enthusiasts, the Kyoto Matcha Pudding has a much more complex flavor compared to regular Matcha Milky that can be bought everywhere else in Japan. The packaging also showcases Peko-chan dressed as a Maiko temple maiden. 


Citrus Mix (Chugoku-Shikoku) 

This box of gotochi Milky features Peko-chan together with the local characters from the Chugoku-Shikoku region. Each candy uses Japanese citrus fruits famous in the region including iyokan, unshu mikan, and sudachi. They have a sweet and tart taste! 


Ogura Toast (Nagoya) 

A specialty breakfast item from Nagoya, Ogura toast pairs together fluffy Japanese milk bread with sweet red bean toast, salted butter, and fresh whipped cream. It’s so good that Fujiya decided to base off its Nagoya-limited gotochi Milky on this treat. These Milky candies are half bean-flavored and half butter-flavored to imitate the combination of Ogura Toast. You can only find them in specialty shops in Nagoya. 


Okinawa Kuromitsu (Okinawa)

In Japan, Okinawa is known for its beaches and for its rich kuromitsu or black honey. Milk candy and honey go really well together, that’s why Japanese candy enthusiasts like this Milky flavor a lot. In the packaging of the Okinawa Kuromitsu candy you can see Peko-chan wearing a kimono while strolling around the seashore. 



Unlike the classic Milky which is soft and chewy, these candies have a hard texture. They give a unique experience to Milky fans! Instead of chewing, you have to suck at these candies and lick them till they’re all gone. 


Lactic Acid Milky Throat Lozenge

Meant to help people suffering from colds, these Milky lozenges mix together mellow milk, mint, and nine types of herbs. Like the classic Milky soft candy, each one is made with fresh cream and condensed Milk from Hokkaido. They also have the same amount of healthy lactic acid bacteria as 30 yogurts. 


Moisturizing Throat Lozenge

These hard candies are made up of ingredients that you’d usually find in a Milky candy with its sweetened condensed milk and fresh cream. What makes it special is that Fujiya added herbal extracts to turn these candies into lozenges. That includes collagen peptides, quince extract, and chamomile. They’re pretty soothing to the throat! 



In Japanese kachikochi means rigid or tense! These Milky candies are named Kachikochi because of their hard texture. Made with fresh Hokkaido condensed Milk and cream, they have the same flavor as the classic Milky. These candies’ packaging features a stiff, cubed version of Peko-chan


Delicious Milk 

Released for a limited time in 2017, this Milky hard candy was made with carefully selected Hokkaido fresh cream and Hokkaido condensed milk. It had a deeply rich milk flavor since it was made with 15.1% milk fat. 


Compare the Two Flavors 

As the name implies, this bag of hard Milky has two different flavors you can enjoy. One is the classic Milky hard candy. The other is butter Milky. Japanese candy enthusiasts say they like these candies since they don’t stick to the teeth as much. 


Lychee Milky 

This limited-edition hard candy Milky was released in 2023 during a special campaign with Japanese singer Mone Kamishiraishi. It combines together the creamy goodness of classic Milky with the tart and sweet flavor of lychee! The packaging features both Peko-chan and a cartoon version of Kamishiraishi called Mone-chan. 



Otherwise known as raw Milky, these candies take inspiration from the decadent ganache of Nama chocolate. Since they’re made out of ganache-like ingredients, Nama Milky candies have tight expiration dates and must be refrigerated after purchase. They’re also a little bit hard to find - you can only buy these candies in specific Fujiya shops and convenience stores in Japan. 


Nama Milky Classic 

Though it can mainly be found in Fujiya’s Western Confectionary Store, the Nama Milky can be found in some select konbinis (convenience stores) around Japan. Each piece melts in the mouth! Like the classic Milky, these candies are made with mellow milk and cream from Hokkaido. 

Nama Fukuoka Amaou Strawberry 

This light pink-colored Nama Milky can only be found in Lawson konbinis (convenience stores) in Japan. Though the taste of Fukuoka strawberry is a bit weak, reviewers love how it melts in your mouth almost instantly. 


Nama Pineapple 

Only available in select Fujiya shops in Japan, this Nama Mikly has a strong pineapple flavor. It has a light yellow color that goes along with its tropical pineapple flavor. Like its other Nama siblings, this treat melts in your mouth. 


Nama Chestnut

This special Milky candy is made with fresh cream from Hokkaido and chestnut paste from the Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture which is the number one producer of chestnuts in Japan. It’s extra soft and it has a deliciously mellow sweetness to it! Like the Nama Strawberry, this special treat can only be found in Lawson convenience stores. 


Nama Kyoto Uji Matcha

Made with Uji matcha from Kyoto, this Nama Milky has a strong scent of matcha on it. Like all of the other Milky candies in the Nama series, the Nama Kyoto Uji Matcha melts in your mouth when you eat it. 


Nama Shine Muscat

A Nama Milky that can be found both in Fujiya stores and Lawson konbinis, this treat combines the mellow sweetness of milk with the acidity of Shine Muscat. Milky lovers say that the sweetness and tartness of Muscat really shine through in this candy. Unlike other flavors though, the Nama Shine Muscat is a bit pricier. 


Nama Red-Fleshed Melon 

Available only in Lawson convenience stores, this Nama Milky offers the taste of delicious red-fleshed melons from Hokkaido. According to Japanese candy enthusiasts, it really tastes a lot like Hokkaido melons. That’s probably why it’s a pricy Nama Milky. 


Nama Aomori Apple 

Like the Nama Red-Fleshed Melon Milky, this special treat can only be found in Lawson konbinis. Though these Nama Milky candies melt in your mouth, reviewers aren’t sure whether the taste is really apple. It is a bit sweet and sour like an apple, but it seems like Nama Aomori Apple just isn’t fruity enough. 


Nama Sato Nishiki 

Another Lawson limited-release, this Nama Milky is a special treat. It has a faint cherry scent. This melt-in-your-mouth Milky tries to incorporate the taste of Sato Nishiki Cherries from the Yamagata Prefecture. Reviewers say that the taste of cherries is a bit subtle though. 


Plain Raw Milky 

Sold in all of Fujiya’s specialty shops, this kind of Milky has a texture that melts in your mouth just like the Nama Milky. It tastes a lot like the classic Milky. The only difference between this and the classic Nama Milky is the packaging. 


Fruit Tea Raw Milky 

Like all the other nama Milky flavors, this tasty treat is soft and melts in your mouth like a “drop of bliss.” It incorporates the taste of fruit tea with milk and fresh cream from Hokkaido. This Nama or Raw Milky was made available only in select areas including Kansai, Chubu, Hokkaido, and Kyushu. 


Nectar Raw Milky 

This Nama or Raw Milky was made in collaboration with Fujiya’s Peach Nectar Juice. It combines the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness of Nama Milky and the juicy sweetness of Peach Nectar. This treat was released in Fujiya stores in April 2024. 


Nama Lychee 

This is the Nama version of the Lychee Milky Hard Candy. It’s made by kneading a fruit puree made from lychees from the Miyazaki Prefecture into a sweet milk dough. Milky fans love the Nama Lychee Milky a lot saying that it tastes more like lychee than the hard candy version. 



It should come as no surprise that Fujiya decided to create chocolate versions of Milky products. After all, milk and chocolate make for the perfect combination. Here are all of the different Milky chocolates in Japan. 


Classic Milky Chocolate

The chocolate version of Milky, each piece has a creamy center made from Hokkaido condensed milk. They also feature different patterns of Peko’s face! A box usually has 12 chocolate pieces for Milky lovers to enjoy. 


Sakura Pink Milky Chocolate 

A spring-limited treat, the Sakura Pink Milky Chocolate was released in 2021 together with the Tsubasa Momo-Colored Milky Candy. This chocolate mixes together the gentle sweetness of Hokkaido milk with the fragrant flavor of sakura blossoms. Each piece combines together pink sakura sauce and sakura milky cream with milk chocolate. 


Parfait Magic Milky Chocolate

This chocolate is another addition to Fujiya’s Magical Milky series. At the center of each chocolate piece is an ice cream-flavored cream mixed with a sauce inspired by strawberry and peach sorbet. According to Fujiya, these chocolates are best served chilled. 


Magic Milky Marble Chocolate 

A special Halloween release, this Magic Milky chocolate flavor is supposed to be a secret. Though this black and pink marbled chocolate might seem like it’s some sort of berry flavor, Fujiya says that it’s supposed to have a surprising taste that you can’t really imagine. The packaging includes a QR code which leads fans to Pekora-chan’s house to find out the real flavor of this special Milky chocolate. 


White Milky Chocolate 

A winter-only treat, this chocolate tries to imitate the delicate cream taste of Milky candy. These special milk chocolate treats have a saucy center made of Hokkaido cream. 


White Milky Chocolate With Strawberry Sauce 

After creating the White Milky Chocolate, Fujiya decided to add a special little tweak to the treat to give Milky fans a bit of variety. Instead of using Hokkaido cream, these milk chocolate treats have rich Amaou strawberry sauce inside them. 


Winter Milky Chocolate 

As the name implies, this special Milky chocolate is only available during the winter season in Japan. A luxurious treat, each chocolate piece has a milky sauce center made with cream from Hokkaido. It melts in your mouth when you bite it! Fujiya recommends that these chocolates be stored at  24℃ or below. 


Soda Milky Chocolate 

This rare Milky chocolate is hard to find! In the center of each chocolate piece is soda-flavored milky cream that’s made extra special with crackling candy. They’re supposed to be the chocolate version of Soda Milky candy! 


Mitarashi Parfait Milky Chocolate

In Japan, Mitarashii Dango are dessert dumplings made out of glutinous rice dipped in a sweet soy glaze. These treats are so popular that some cafes turn them into parfaits! Experimenting with the idea of these sweet and chewy dumplings, Fujiy decided to create a chocolate treat based on Mitarashii Dango. According to fans, the company was able to properly replicate the taste with milk chocolate and a center made of Mitarashi-flavored cream. The taste of soy sauce, sugar, and starchy syrup was really palpable. 


That’s a wrap! These are all the different flavors that Milky has to offer. One of the most prominent candies to come out of Japan, Milky has dominated the market with its iconic taste. Not only that, but Fujiya always makes sure to keep things fresh and creamy with new Milky flavors and variants! From soft candy to chewy candies to hard candies to chocolate. Milky is everywhere! 


Which limited-edition Milky would you like to try? Have you ever seen a Nama Milky before? You can learn more about Milky and its place in Japanese candy culture in our comprehensive blog about Milky and Peko-chan. Until the next Japanese snack or candy blog, we hope you stay fresh and oishi! 

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