The Ultimate List of Pretz Flavors!

The Ultimate List of Pretz Flavors!

The Ultimate List of Pretz Flavors!

Get ready for a crunchy cruise through the extraordinary world of Pretz, the iconic Japanese breadstick from Glico. Unlike its sweet sibling Pocky, Pretz is known for mostly sticking to the savory. This Japanese stick snack pushes the boundaries of umami goodness with delightful flavors like Tomato, exotic Butter Shrimp, delicious Basil Chicken, and so much more. 


Pretz Flavors

Honestly,  we mean it when we say so much more. There are a whole lot of Pretz flavors out there. There are classic flavors that everyone’s familiar with, flavors that are only available in certain regions in Japan,  limited-edition flavors, seasonal flavors, and even flavors that can only be found in certain countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Let's Jump Right In!

  1. Regular Japanese Flavors
  2. Seasonal Japanese Flavors
  3. Japanese Regional Flavors
  4. Alcoholic Pretz
  5. Global Pretz Flavors
  6. Collaboration Pretz
  7. Limited Edition Flavors


Pretz Sweet

That’s not all! Though most Pretz are savory, some flavors are actually sweet like the rare blueberry cheesecake, honey pancake, and strawberry cheesecake! It’s a sweet surprise for Pretz fans. Are you ready to deep dive into all the flavors that Pretz has to offer? Buckle up because this article is going to be a long one!  

Pretz Upside down



Regular Flavors

These are the flavors that you can find almost everywhere! This includes umamilicious flavors like Salad (which is also known as regular), Tomato, and Roast Salted Butter Pretz. Almost all die-hard Japanese snack enthusiasts have come across these classic Pretz flavors. 




These yummy biscuit sticks are popular for a reason. Dusted in savory salad-flavored seasoning, these Pretz sticks are addictive! 




Infused with delicious tomato pesto, these Pretz sticks sure are tasty. Each piece has a lovely buttery aroma that makes you just want to eat more and more. 


Roast Salt Butter

Roast Salted Butter 

Sweet and salty and oh so yummy! Roast Salted Butter Pretz are made with special fermented butter from Hokkaido. It has a distinct buttery flavor. 


Umami Salad

Umami Salad

This is a bit of an upgrade to the classic Salad Pretz flavor. Not only does it have an addictive umami taste, but these Pretz are also easier to eat since their seasoning coatings are much finer than usual.


Herb Chicken

Super Crisp Pretz Herb Fragrant Chicken

These Pretz sticks are super crispy! Not only that but the savory herby chicken flavor compliment the crunchy texture of the biscuit sticks. These biscuit sticks make for a great appetizer on a charcuterie board. 


Scallop Soy Sauce

Super Crisp Pretz Japanese-style Fragrant Scallop Soy Sauce 

Wow, that’s a handful to say! The Pretz flavor is worth it though. Each piece is mixed with special and fragrant scallop-flavored soy sauce from Japan. Yum! 


Butter Soy Sauce

Super Crisp Butter Soy Sauce

Who knew that butter and soy sauce would go together? These buttery biscuit sticks are super crispy with a nice and umamilicious soy sauce flavor. 


Basil Olive oil

Super Crisp Basil Olive Oil

Basil and olive oil mixed together gives a nice kind of pesto mix. Enjoy these super crispy biscuit sticks with your favorite drink. 


Mild Roast

Monster Mild Roast 

Slightly roasted with a kicky of honey, these Pretz sticks are great for kids. Not only do these snacks have no added flavors or colorings, but they’re also enhanced with calcium! 


mild salad

Monster Mild Salad

Monster Mild Salad is a Pretz flavor made for younger snackers. These biscuit sticks have a gentle taste with no additional flavors or colorings. They’re enhanced with calcium too which is great for the bones!  


Lightly Salted

16-Grain Pretz Lightly Salted

Sixteen different kinds of carefully selected grains were used in making these biscuit sticks. High in dietary fiber, each Pretz piece has a lightly salted flavor that helps bring out the deliciousness of each grain. 


Yaki Nori

16-Grain Pretz Yaki Nori 

Intended for the health-conscious snacker, these biscuit sticks are made with sixteen kinds of carefully selected grains. Each one has a delicious yaki nori or roasted seaweed flavor! 



Seasonal Flavors

Unlike Pocky which has flavors for every season, it seems like Pretz isn’t too keen on releasing new flavors during spring. While there aren’t any new Pretz flavors during the season of blossoms and flowers, there are still a lot of pretty great flavors for winter, summer, and fall. Let’s learn all about them! 


Summer Salt

Summer - Salt Lemon 

Refreshing! Salt Lemon Pretz is a delightful summer flavor that spreads in your mouth and gives you a nice cool feeling. Each piece also has a lot of dietary fiber to help supplement your nutritional needs. 



Summer - Coriander 

Nothing says summer more than an herby snack. These Pretz sticks have that distinct herby, peppery flavor of delicious coriander. 



Summer - Gyoza

Summer is festival season in Japan and festivals mean delicious goodies like gyoza! Accented with the taste of spicy chili oil served together with gyoza, these treats are perfect for adventurous snackers. 


Schimi Chilli

Summer - Schimi Chilli 

This flavor tries to add a bit more heat to the season! It isn’t too spicy though - that way even spice-averse food lovers can enjoy these Pretz sticks. 



Summer - Wasabi

Described as an adult flavor, Wasabi Pretz often comes out during the summer. They go well with a nice, cold can of beer after a long sunny day. 


Summer Pizza

Summer - Pizza 

Pizza by the poolside is the perfect image of fun under the sun! These biscuit sticks have shredded cheddar cheese inside them, just like pizza. They’re also dusted with spicy seasoning to replicate the hot sauce that you put on top of pizza! 


halloween salad

Fall - Halloween Salad

While these Pretz sticks have the classic salad flavor or regular Pretz, they come in a big special bag designed for Halloween. Inside are nine small packs meant to share with friends and Halloween trick-or-treaters. 


Roast Tomato

Fall - Halloween Roasted Tomato

These biscuit sticks have the classic roasted tomato flavor! They come in a big Halloween-themed bag with nine small packs inside that you can give to friends during your Hallow’s Eve party! 


Magical Milk

Fall - Magical Change Milk

What a better way to celebrate Halloween than with a magical pack of Pretz? Each of these milk-flavored biscuit sticks gradually changes flavor the more you eat them! 


Magical Milk

Fall - Magical Milk 

A little bit close to Magical Change Milk, this milk-flavored Pretz changes taste when you pair it with another flavor of Pretz!  Munch it together with a different Pretz pack to create an entirely new taste. 


Teriyaki Burger

Winter - Teriyaki Burger

We’re not entirely sure why Teriyaki Burger is a winter flavor, but it definitely warms the stomach when you eat it. Each bit lets you taste sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce mixed with the umami of beef patty. 


Ham and Cheese

Winter - Ham and Cheese

Christmas charcuteries aren’t complete without a little ham and cheese. Thanks to Pretz, you can get both in one single box of Japanese biscuit sticks! Featuring a strong aroma and flavor, Ham and Cheese Pretz is great for winter. 



Pretz Gotochi

Japanese people have a lovely little tradition of giving gifts from the places that they vacation or stay in. Incorporating this tradition, Glico decided to create Japanese region-specific Pretz flavors! Not only does it produce unique Pretz flavors, but it also teaches everyone about the diversity of Japan. 


Giant Beef Tongue

Tohoku - Giant Pretz Beef Tongue  

Beef tongue is a popular dish in the Tohoku region. These yummy giant-sized Pretz sticks are flavored just like beef tongue and then dusted in ground pepper. It’s sweet and salty at the same time! 


Hokkaido Butter

Hokkaido - Giant Pretz Hokkaido Butter

The region of Hokkaido is known for its luxurious wagyu beef, it’s rich milk, and its delicious butter. Now, Japanese snack enthusiasts can enjoy the sweet richness of Hokkaido with every bite of these giant-sized Pretz biscuit sticks!



Tokyo - Giant Pretz Monjayaki 

These oversized treats taste just like monjayaki from Tokyo. Monjayaki is a pan-fried batter dish that’s a bit similar to okonomiyaki. Each bite lets you enjoy fragrant monjayaki sauce mixed with dashi and cabbage! 


Shinsu Apple

Shinshu - Giant Pretz Shinshu Apple 

Limited to the Shinsu area, these Pretz sticks are made with delicious Shinsu apple juice kneaded into the dough. They have a delightfully fruity flavor! 


Sweet Potato

Okinawa - Giant Pretz Okinawa Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes from Okinawa have a rich and mellow sweetness to them. Now Japanese snack enthusiasts can have a taste of Okinawa sweet potatoes with the help of these giant Pretz sticks! 



Kinki - Giant Pretz Takoyaki

Takoyaki is a delicious Japanese snack made with octopus and dough batter. These giant Pretz sticks emulate takoyaki balls by having octopus-flavored dough baked and then dusted with green laver and red pickled ginger seasoning. They’re only available in the Kinki region! 


Setouchi Lemon

Setouchi -  Giant Setouchi Lemon 

Tart and refreshing, these Pretz sticks are lightly seasoned with salt to help bring out the delicious lemon goodness. They can only be found in the Setouchi area. 


Hakata Mentaiko

Kyushu - Giant Pretz Hakata Mentaiko 

For the Kyushu region, Glico decided to go with the delicious Hakata mentaiko flavor. This luxurious spicy code roe is kneaded into the Pretz’ dough to give its signature umami!


Chicken Wing

Chubu - Giant Pretz Chicken Wing

A souvenir snack that you can only find in the Chubu region, the Chicken Wing Pretz is accented with sweet and spicy sauce. It’s also dusted in a spicy pepper seasoning. 



Tohoku - Wagokoro Pretz Zunda

The Wagokoru Pretz is a special kind of Pretz made with rice flour instead of regular flour. These yummy snacks from the Tohoku region are made to taste like zunda, a sweet dessert made from edamame or young soybeans.



Shinshu - Wagokoro Pretz Nozawana 

Limited to the Shinshu area, these Wagokuro Pretz (rice flour biscuit sticks) taste just like Nozawana, a rich leafy vegetable that can only be found in the region. Nozawana is a Japanese variety of mustard leaf. 



Kinki - Wagokoro Pretz Negiyaki

Popular in the Kinki region, negiyaki is a roasted green onion dish seasoned with delicious soy sauce. Using green onion powder, soy sauce, and dashi stock, these Pretz sticks made with rice flour try to recreate that local flavor. 


Sweet Corn

Hokkaido - Wagokoro Pretz Hokkaido Sweet Corn

It’s easy to taste the natural sweetness of Hokkaido corn since these biscuit sticks are made from rice flour. You can only find this kind of Pretz in Hokkaido. 


Mentaiko Mayo

Kyushu - Wagokoro Pretz Hakata Mentaiko Mayonnaise 

Made with rice flour, these delicious biscuit sticks are made to taste like mayonnaise seasoned with Hakata mentaiko or spicy cod roe. These Pretz sticks are limited to the Kyushu region only! 



Kanto - Strawberry 

Pretz sticks are usually savory, that’s why sweet flavors like strawberry are rare. These treats can only be found in the Kanto area! 


Nishio Matcha

Aichi - Nishio Matcha 

These Pretz sticks are made with matcha powder from Aichi. It’s one of the rare sweet and slightly bitter flavors. 


Hacho Miso

Aichi - Hacho Miso 

One of the older Pretz flavors, this box of treats tastes like hacho miso, a strong and rich soybean paste. 



Shizuoka - Eel Kabayaki

Slightly sweet thanks to the Kabayaki, this Pretz has the subtle taste of eel. It’s another older Pretz flavor that may no longer be available. 



Tohoku - Uni / Sea Urchin 

Some snackers say that it tastes more like salted sea urchin than raw ones. This flavor is limited edition. 


Grilled Salmon

Hokkaido - Grilled Salmon 

Another old Pretz Flavor, these biscuit sticks taste like salted salmon. It’s not fishy though, so you don’t have to worry about it smelling bad! 



Tokyo - Edomurasaki

Edomurasaki is a Japanese seaweed paste used for cooking. These Pretz sticks are seasoned with delicious edomurasaki paste. 


Okinawa Brown Sugar

Okinawa - Okinawa Brown Sugar

Rare and super limited-edition, these tasty treats are flavored with delicious brown sugar from Okinawa. 



Alcoholic Pretz

These Pretz sticks were always meant to be paired with alcohol. They’re the perfect treat to have with friends at parties. You can also have them by yourself after a long day at work! 


Smoked Bacon

Otsumami Smoked Bacon 

Relax and have a  drink while snacking on these super-savory Pretz sticks! These treats are made with bacon smoked with cherry chips. You can savor the aroma of smoked meat with every bite. 



Otsumami Smoked Cheese

These biscuit sticks were made to go with your favorite alcoholic beverage of choice. Each piece of this Pretz tastes like delicious smoked cheese! 


Fried Onion

Beer Pretz Fried Onion 

Made to be eaten with a can of beer, these tasty treats have the subtle sweetness and savory goodness of fried onion. 



Beer Pretz Grilled Morokoshi

In Japan, grilled morokoshi or sweet corn makes for a great appetizer while having beer. Snack on these Pretz while knocking back a cold one! 


Bacon Potato

Beer Pretz Cheese On Bacon Potato 

An addition to Pretz’ Beer series, these yummy bacon potato-flavored treats go really well with your favorite brand of beer. They’re called ‘Cheese On’ since you have to place a bit of cheese on every stick. 


Basil Chicken

Beer Pretz Cheese On Basil Chicken 

These biscuit sticks have the delicious savory flavor of herbed chicken. Slather a bit of cheese on top and you have the perfect snack to go with your next drinking session with friends. 


Mustard and Sausage

Beer Mustard & Sausage 

A rare Pretz, this snack can only be found at the Kirin Brewery. It has a delicious mustard and sausage flavor that goes really well with Kirin Beer! 


Kirin Beer

Kirin Beer Pretz

Slightly alcoholic, these Pretz sticks are made by kneading Kirin Beer into the dough before baking. 



Global Flavors

Pretz isn’t just popular in Japan! No, these breadsticks have a special place around the globe. Some countries even have their own special flavors like in Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, and the US. 



Thailand - Larb 

Larb is a Thai salad made with ground meat and lots of herbs. This whole wheat Pretz tries to capture the essence of larb with its meaty flavor mixed with lime and herbs. 


Tom Yum Kung

Thailand - Tom Yum Kung 

Only available in Thailand, this Pretz is made to taste like the special soup, Tom Yum Kung. Spicy and sour at the same time, these whole wheat biscuit sticks are a great treat! 


Sweet Corn

Thailand - Sweet Corn

While Sweet Corn is a flavor that’s also available in Japan, these Pretz sticks are made with delicious whole wheat that helps bring out that corn flavor. 



Thailand - Pizza 

It might be a bit strange to have Thailand-limited pizza Pretz, but it seems like it’s the case. This tasty box of biscuit sticks tastes just like Thai pizza! 


Harvest Apple

Thailand - Harvest Apple 

Infused with specially selected apple juice, these crispy biscuit sticks can only be found in Thailand. 


Sweet Potato

Thailand - Harvest Sweet Potato 

These Thailand-only Pretz sticks are made with carefully-selected sweet potatoes. They have a nice, mellow sweetness to them!



Singapore - Original

In Japan, regular Pretz is salad flavored. Meanwhile, in Singapore, original Pretz are potato biscuit sticks just lightly seasoned with salt.  


BBQ Onion

Singapore - BBQ Chicken 

Seasoned with special BBQ sauce from Singapore, these tasty treats are smoky, savory, and intense. 


Sour Cream Onion

Singapore - Sour Cream & Onion 

Tangy sour cream and savory onion make for a great combination. These Pretz sticks can only be found in Singapore! 


Chilli Crab

Singapore - Jumbo Chili Crab

Glico collaborated with Singaporean restaurant Jumbo Seafood for this delicious flavor. It has a zesty kind of spice and umami that only the flavor of crabs can give. 


Hainanese Chicken

Singapore - Hainanese Chicken Rice 

Working together with Singaporean restaurant Wee Nam Kee, Glico created this special Hainanese Chicken Rice flavor for Pretz. It’s savory chicken with hints of lemongrass and garlic.



Hong Kong - Abalone Oyster Sauce 

One of the rarer international Pretz, these tasty treats taste like the sea with the flavor of delicious Hong Kong Abalone drowned in oyster sauce!


Hong Kong Seafood

Hong Kong - Seafood Dish

Made to taste like Hong Kong-style seafood stirfry, this box of biscuit sticks is filled with umami! 


Sharks Fin

Hong Kong - Shark’s Fin

Shark’s Fin is one of the most exotic dishes in Hong Kong. Each piece tries to replicate that unique flavor! 



Canada - Maple 

One of the rare sweet flavors of Pretz. These limited-edition tasty treats were only around for a while in 2015. Talk about rare! 


Mapo Tofu

China - Mapo Tofu 

Another rare international flavor, Mapo Tofu Pretz is savory and spicy at the same time. 


Hawaiin Pineapple

Hawaii - Hawaiin Pineapple 

Like Maple, Hawaiin Pineapple is another rare sweet-tasting Pretz. It’s not too sweet though and it has a lovely pineapple aroma. 


Kona Coffee

Hawaii - Kona Coffee 

Exotic, slightly bitter, and delicious, these biscuit sticks replicate the taste of the famous Kona Coffee from Hawaii. 



Guam & Saipan - Coconut 

This flavor is limited to two different places, Guam and Saipan. It’s refreshingly sweet with thin coating of desicated coconut. 


Hairy Crab

Shanghai - Hairy Crab

Hairy Crab is an exotic and delicious dish that’s served in Shanghai. These Pretz sticks have the savory and umami-licious goodness of hairy crab. People say it’s tasty despite the strong smell. 


Peking Duck

Shanghai - Peking Duck 

Nothing says China more than Peking Duck. Each piece of these biscuit sticks has the distinctive flavor of fatty, roast duck. 


Shichuan Mala

Shanghai - Shichuan Mala

Another Shanghai-limited flavor, Shichuan Mala Pretz is spicy and savory at the same time. It’s cute that the box also features a panda. 



Pretz Collab

From time to time, Glico partners up with big names like the Sumikko Gurashi. Though these collobrations don’t necessarily create new flavors, they showcase fun new packaging and gimmicks like free coloring pages and what have you. 



Sumikko Gurashi 

While, this collaboration between Glico and the Sumikko Gurashi didn’t really produce new flavors, it resulted in limited-edition packages with games and coloring pages! 


One Piece

One Piece 

Like the Sumikko Gurashi collab, this team up with One Piece didn’t result in new flavors. Instead, fans got collectible character coloring pages at the back of each Pretz box. 



Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

There aren’t any new flavors for this team up. Instead, what anime fans get is special packaging featuring characters from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. 


Abe Chan


This time Glico decided to work together with illustrators ABEchan and NAKAKI PANTZ to create limited-edition boxes of Pretz. Inside each box were pouches with special illustrations from ABEchan and NAKAKI PANTZ. 




While the other collaborations focused on collectible boxes, this team-up between Glico and the illustrator Walnut produced unique inner pouches with cute illustrations. 



Funassyi Pear Juice Boucher

Finally, a team-up with a brand new flavor! Working together with the unofficial mascot of Funabashi City in Japan, Glico created a rare sweet Pretz that tastes like Pear Juice Boucher, a dessert made of pear and custard. 


Hawks Yuzu

Hawks Yuzu Pepper

Baseball is big in Japan. Working with the Fukouka Softbanks Hawks basketball team, Glico created the special Hawks Yuzu Pepper flavor. The company chose the flavor since yuzu is one of th biggest products of Kyushu, the hometown of the Hawks. 


Passionate Chicken

Passionate Chicken 

This passion-filled flavor was released in collaboration with the professional baseball team Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Slightly spicy, these Pretz sticks were made to taste like Hiroshima chicken wings! 


Local Character Collab

Local Character Collab

In 2014, Glico decided to team up with various cities and showcase their mascots. Sano City got Ramen Pretz with the mascot Sanomaru. Amagasaki City got Takoyaki Pretz with Chichai Ossan. Hokkaido got Scallop Pretz with Kyun-chan. Hamamatsu City got Matcha Pretz with Ieyasu-kun. Meanwhile, Imabari City got Mikan Pretz with Barry-san. 



Smoky Pretz

These are rare flavors that take a bit of time to find. Some may have even been discontinued, but it’s still nice to know that at some point in time Pretz fans were able to try these limited-edition goodies! 



Egg Pudding Pretz

This is one of the sweeter Pretz. Crispy and delicious, these tasty Japanese snacks have a faint creme brulee flavor. 


Melon Pan

Bakery Flat Style Melon Pan 

Capturing the mellow sweetness of Melon pan, this box of buttery biscuit sticks go really well with green tea or matcha. It’s called Bakery Flat Style since the Pretz sticks are made a little flat instead of round like usual. 


Bacon and Cheese

Bakery Flat Style Bacon and Cheese

Capturing the essence of bacon and cheese sandwich, these flat Pretz sticks make for a great afternoon snack. 



Aquarium Butter 

Well, aquarium might not really be a flavor, but Glico decided to give this rare Pretz a fun aquarium-themed design.It’s perfect to take during seaworld field trips. Each piece has a nice buttery flavor to it. 



Smoky Pretz Bacon 

These yummy Pretz sticks are unique in that they’re made to taste like bacon smoked with sakura wood chips. It’s great for parties with friends! 



Smoky Pretz Cheese 

Like the Smoky Pretz Bacon, these biscuit sticks are flavored like cheese smoked with sakura wood chips. 


Smoky Potato

Smoky Potato Butter

These buttery Pretz biscuit sticks were made by smoking them using sakura wood chips. It has a distinctly smoky flavor that enhances the taste of butter and potatoes! 


Spicy Shrimp

Spicy Shrimp Pretz

Made with whole wheat, these tasty Pretz sticks have the savory goodness of spicy shrimp. They're perfect for sharing with friends! 



Black Pepper Chicken

Chicken seasoned with black pepper sounds like a pretty good dish! Each of these Pretz sticks has the meatiness of chicken dusted with sharp black pepper. 


Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

If there's Black Pepper Chicken Pretz, then there ought to be Fried Chicken Pretz. These tasty biscuit sticks have the savory goodness of chicken friend in oil! 




A limited-edition box of Pretz, these tasty treats feature Glico’s running man. Each piece has a deliciously sweet caramel flavor


Matcha Vanilla

Double Layer Dessert Matcha Vanilla

This rare, sweet Pretz has matcha flavor on one side and vanilla flavor on the other. It’s great for kids! 



Double Layer Dessert Blueberry Cheesecake 

Pretz is known for its savory flavors, so having a dessert Pretz is very rare. This one has a delicious blueberry cheesecake flavor with one side being blueberry and the other side being cheese. 


Strawberry Cheesecake

Double Layer Dessert Strawberry Cheesecake

Each piece of Pretz stick has two different sides! One is strawberry and the other one is cheese. Together they make strawberry cheesecake! 


Strawberry Custard

Double Layer Pretz Strawberry and Custard

Like the other biscuit sticks in the Double Layer series, these treats have two different flavors joined together. One side is strawberry and the other side is custard— a perfect pair. 


Tsubu Veggie

Tsubu Veggie Pretz 

Made from a variety of vegetables, these Pretz sticks are made for health-conscious snackers. 


Pretz Flavors

So there you have it! The ultimate list of Pretz flavors in Japan and around the world. Which was your favorite? Have you tried all the different flavors? Which one do you want to taste the most? Let us know in the comment section below.


Pretz Dude

Also! If you’d like to learn even more about Pretz, you can read all about these  savory snacks’ history and fun facts in our blog post, Learn the Savory Story of Pretz. It's fun and it's filled with everything you need to know about Japan's favorite savory bread stick! 

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