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Colorful Konpeito Candy Set - 5 pcs

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These tiny star-shaped sugar candies called Konpeito are pleasantly sweet and bursting with color. Each color blend symbolizes a different gorgeous flower - cosmos (orange), wisteria (pink & purple), hydrangea (blue & green), dandelion (green) & Sakura (pink & green). Sample a beautiful flower garden with this 5 pack set.
  • 5 packets of Konpeito sugar rock candies with colors signifying different types of flowers
  • Made in Japan by Maruta
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  • Product Code: 15742
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  • Contents (g): 20 g
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  • Best Before: 2025-03

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing <3

These were so good!! Each flavor pack was super unique and the shapes were really cute too. Konpeito has instantly grown to be one of my favorite candies. Absolutely love and recommend.

Diamonds of Sugar

I ordered these bc I once saw them in an episode of Hamtaro (dubbed "Diamonds of Sugar" in the Englishbc they thought the viewers would find it hard to pronounce konpeito) when I was a kid. I saw them on the store and wanted to try them. They're good and cute. They're like rock candy, but smaller and easier to eat :)

Very good!

Arrived very quickly, was well packaged, and of high quality! :D
I look forward to buying more candy in the future.