Coris Chocolate Kinako Mochi DIY Candy Kit

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This do-it-yourself kit is a fun and easy way to make your own mochi with kinako and chocolate toppings! Mochi is a traditional rice cake made from mochigome. Just add water to soften the mochi and after that, dip them into delicious toppings! This set is great fun for children and adults alike. The package includes all the necessary ingredients, tools and instructions. There are no artificial color additives or preservatives so it is 100% safe for children.
  • Package includes: 9 x mochi candies, 2 bags of toppings, 1 x fork & 1 x mold
  • Check out this video tutorial on how to make this DIY candy
  • Contents: 26g / 0.9oz
  • Made in Japan by Coris

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  • Product Code: 07803
  • Manufacturer: Coris
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  • Best Before: 2024-10

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I loved it

fun twist on classic

Very tasty little kit- all you need is a few drops of water. Little dehydrated mochi disks- comes with a rich chocolate sauce and powdered toasted sesame (tastes like peanut butter). Adding too much water can make the mochi slimy

Slimy mochi

The instructions on all of these DIY candies can be a little difficult just due to translation (tip for those that can't read Japanese, the Google translate app has a camera function. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done!) so I MAY have added too much water to my little mochi pellets.

Once you move beyond the slimy mochi, it's super good! Because of the sliminess, I had to dip it in the cracker crumbs before the chocolate, but I think the ratio worked out well. It was sweet, it had a unique texture, and while it didn't cure my s'mores craving, it was definitely fun!