Coris Splatoon 2 Paste Candy

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Get your sweet fix with these brightly colored jelly candies that come in both neon pink cola and neon green soda flavors! The packaging and the colors of these treats are inspired by Splatoon 2, Nintendo Switch’s most popular ink-splatting game. Each pouch comes with a free game sticker of a random design.
  • A pack of Splatoon 2 neon-colored paste treats in cola and soda flavors
  • Comes with a free game sticker
  • Contents: 4 pieces
  • Made in Japan by Coris
More Details
  • Product Code: 17584
  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Manufacturer: Coris
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Best Before: 2024-04

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Weirdly tasty

I decided to buy this after seeing some pictures of it online. The flavors are nice, but the texture made it fun to eat. My sister especially liked the pink ones. The bonus sticker was also a nice surprise!

Will not clean your teeth

It was more of a gel than actual paste, but that didn't bother me.

What bothered me was that it tasted like toothpaste.


The two tastes are Cola (pink) and Ramune (Green) and the texture is more like edible slime than it is paste! It's so slimy that you can make shapes in your mouth and remove it and boom It's the same shape!

I personally loved it, esp the texture, but the rest of the family was off put by it lmao!