Kabaya Ju C Color Ball Soda Ramune Candy

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Have a blast trying out these colorful ramune candies that come in a unique tube container! These ball-shaped sweets have five refreshing flavors like cola, clear soda, lemon soda, melon soda, and orange soda.
  • A tube of drink-flavored colorful ramune candies
  • Comes in 5 flavors: orange soda (orange), melon soda (apple green), lemon soda (yellow), clear soda (white), and cola (red)
  • Made in Japan by Kabaya
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  • Product Code: 27008
  • Manufacturer: Kabaya
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Contents (g): 35 g
  • Contents (oz):
  • Best Before: 2023-07

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