Kit Kat Amaou Strawberry Chocolates - Kyushu Souvenir

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Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture are known to be sweet, round, big, and tasty! Savor the succulent berries as you bite into these mini choco wafer bars. Each individually wrapped piece is coated with strawberry-flavored white chocolate and filled with a cream of the same flavor! The treats are packaged in a souvenir box for Kyushu Island in Fukuoka.
  • A box of white chocolate bars with Amaou strawberry flavor
  • Contains 12 individually wrapped mini bars
  • Meant as a souvenir from Kyushu Island
  • Made in Japan by Nestlé
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  • Product Code: 22473
  • Brand: Kit Kat
  • Manufacturer: Nestle
  • Dimensions (cm):
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  • Best Before: 2021-09