Marukawa Unique Taste Gyo Gyo Gum

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This pack decorated with funny-looking fishes contains four gum sticks that come in green apple, grape, yogurt, and peach flavors! Have fun chewing two or three gum at a time so you can try out different flavor mixes like cherry or muscat! You can look at the back of the packing for the taste combination chart.
  • A pack of bubblegum sticks that can create different flavor combinations
  • Features 4 base flavors: green apple, purple grape, yellow yogurt, and pink peach
  • Total of 4 sticks
  • Comes with a packaging with funny-looking fishes and a flavor combination guide at the back
  • Made in Japan by Marukawa
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    • Product Code: 24713
    • Manufacturer: Marukawa
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