Maruta Nericcho Soft-Serve DIY Candy Kit - Strawberry

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Create your own desserts that look like mini soft-serve cones with this DIY candy kit! Simply dissolve the strawberry-flavored powder with two teaspoons of water and mix. It’ll form a foamy ice-cream-like consistency that you can now scoop into the provided tiny wafer cones!
  • A DIY strawberry ice cream-making candy kit
  • Check out this video tutorial on how to make this DIY candy
  • Includes: 1 x strawberry candy powder sachet, 1 x spoon, and 3 x mini wafer cones
  • Made in Japan by Maruta

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  • Product Code: 24755
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  • Contents (g): 8.2 g
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  • Best Before: 2024-05

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
DIY fun, texture bad

The texture of this was like if someone crushed up poprocks into a fine powder and put water in it to make it this milky texture from hell. Albeit, the flavor was good, and the DIY part was fun!

Not a fan of the flavor

Great experience, not a fan of the flavor

Awakened the child in me

I have bought this kit twice now and I can say it was just as fun the second time, the foam simply awakened the child in me. It was also very good, not being too sweet since it did have a bit of a sour taste as well. Plus points for the cones being in one piece even after traveling all the way to Sweden. It was a really fun kit, even for being so simple.