Minions e-ma Throat Candy - Sweet & Sour Apple

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Packed with vitamin C, E-ma throat candies have a hard outer xylitol layer and a gummy center. Each piece has a Minions face and has a sweet apple flavor that gradually becomes sour. The case is bright yellow just like the Minions and will fit conveniently in your bag!
  • Apple flavored E-ma throat candies with Minions faces
  • Contents: 33 g
  • Made in Japan by UHA Mikakuto
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  • Product Code: 15563
  • Brand: e-ma
  • Manufacturer: UHA Mikakuto
  • Charcter/series: Minions
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Contents (g): 33 g
  • Contents (oz):
  • Best Before: 2020-04, 2020-05