Puccho Demon Slayer Chewy Candy - Grape

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Enjoy the refreshing taste of this pack of grape-flavored chewy candy! Its packaging features characters from the animated series Demon Slayer. Each pack also comes with a random sticker from a set of 16 different designs!
  • A pack of grape-flavored chewy candy illustrated with Demon Slayer characters
  • Comes with one Demon Slayer sticker taken from a set of 16 different designs
  • Made in Japan by UHA Mikakuto
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  • Product Code: 24441
  • Brand: Puccho
  • Manufacturer: UHA Mikakuto
  • Charcter/series: Demon Slayer
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Best Before: 2022-02

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