Shin-Chan Namaiki DIY Kit - Okonomiyaki & Beer

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Create your own cup of beer and okonomiyaki and be like the namaiki Crayon Shin-chan! "Namaiki" is a Japanese term for youngsters who foolishly adopt adult mannerisms and act cheek.! Make yourself a yummy caramel & vanilla chocolate okonomiyaki and a cola-flavored fake beer with this fun set!
  • Caramel-flavored okonomiyaki & cola-flavored drink DIY kit
  • One set includes a collectible Crayon Shin-chan character plate
  • Kit contents: Powder flavoring for drinks & candy, chopsticks, & chopstick holder
  • Made in Japan by Heart
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  • Product Code: 15749
  • Manufacturer: Heart
  • Charcter/series: Shin-Chan
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Contents (g): 22 g
  • Contents (oz):
  • Best Before: 2019-11