UHA Mikakuto Throat Candy - Citrus Mix

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Soothe your sore throat with this resealable pack of lozenges! It has different citrus flavors including sudachi, ao mikan, and bellows citrus from the Wakayama prefecture in Japan. These candies have 50% less sugar so you don't have to worry about your calory consumption.
  • A resealable pack of throat candies with mixed citrus flavors
  • Flavors include sudachi, ao mikan, and bellows citrus
  • Uses 50% less sugar
  • Made in Japan by UHA Mikatuto
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  • Product Code: 27318
  • Manufacturer: UHA Mikakuto
  • Dimensions (cm):
  • Dimensions (inch):
  • Contents (g): 72 g
  • Contents (oz):
  • Best Before: 2022-12