Ultraman Decker Ultra Dimension Card Vol. 1 With Wafer

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Ultraman Decker is the thirty-second and the latest Ultraman live-action TV series! Enjoy collecting the first volume of Ultra Dimension Cards that its protagonist Kanata Asumi uses to transform as Ultraman — as well as monster cards from the show! The set comes with a random card with a holographic finish and a free vanilla cream wafer. Surprise yourself as you’ll get a random holo character card out of eighteen possible designs when you order!
  • A pack with an Ultraman Decker Ultra Dimension Vol. 1 collectible card and wafer
  • Card features a holographic finish
  • Comes with a free vanilla cream-flavored wafer
  • Made in Japan by Bandai
  • By ordering, you will receive a random holo character card out of 18 possible designs
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  • Product Code: 34051
  • Manufacturer: Bandai
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  • Best Before: 2023-05