Discover All the Pocky Flavors!

Discover All the Pocky Flavors!

Discover All the Pocky Flavors!

Japanese Pocky, renowned for its slim biscuit stick partially coated in sweetness, isn't just your everyday treat. It's an iconic Japanese snack from Glico that promises to tease your taste buds and take you on a unique gastronomic journey across Japan with its many, many different flavors! Boasting an impressive lineup of flavors from the classics like chocolate and strawberry to the more exotic, like matcha, charred butter, and Kuchidoke, Pocky never ceases to surprise. 


Pocky Sakura

But, it doesn't end there. The beauty of Pocky lies in its ability to keep fans on their toes with an ever-evolving roster of limited-edition and seasonal flavors. Have you tried the tantalizing taste of sakura during the cherry blossom season? Or what about the winter-exclusive almond crush, offering a satisfying crunch amidst the creamy coating?

Let's Jump Right In! 

  1. Regular Flavors
  2. Midi Pocky
  3. Giant Pocky
  4. Ultra Slim Pocky
  5. Mousse Pocky
  6. Crunchy Pocky
  7. Seasonal Pocky
  8. Gotochi Pocky
  9. Collaboration Pocky
  10. Liquor Pocky
  11. Limited Edition Pocky


Pocky Girls

Are you ready to unwrap the full rainbow of flavors that Japanese Pocky has to offer? Buckle up, grab your favorite box of Pocky, and get ready because this is going to be a really, really long roller coaster ride!

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Pocky Regular

These Pocky flavors are classics! They’re not that hard to find - usually, you can spot them in groceries, convenience stores, and Asian marts. That doesn’t mean these flavors are any less delicious though. They’re so well loved, that’s why you can find them almost everywhere! 


Pocky Classic


This was the very first Pocky flavor. Nothing beats the timelessness of good old biscuit sticks dipped in delicious milk chocolate! 


Pocky Strawberry


Strawberry is another classic flavor that we all enjoy. Pocky fans often describe it as “strawberry ice cream on a stick.” It also has bits of pulp to give texture. Yum! 


Pocky Cookies and Cream

Cookies & Cream 

Each biscuit stick is covered in a delicious cream with bits of crushed-up cookies! This flavor perfectly balances the sweetness of cream and the crunchiness of biscuits. 


Choco Banana

Choco Banana

Pairing together cocoa biscuits with banana-flavored cream, this Pocky flavor is also a classic. It’s a great combination that Pocky fans love. 



Green Tea 

It’s hard not to think of Japan when you think of green tea! Light and refreshing, this classic Pocky flavor isn’t as hard to find as other more Japanese-esque flavors. 


Dark Matcha

Rich Matcha

Sometimes regular green tea just doesn't cut it. These Pocky sticks have a deep and rich matcha flavor! 



Midi Pocky

Shorter and stubbier than the regular versions, Midi Pocky has thicker biscuit sticks and thicker coatings. They kind of look like chubby little baseball bats! Japanese snack fans say eating Midi Pocky is just like eating three regular Pocky sticks at once. 


Pocky Midi Chocolate

Midi Chocolate 

Unlike regular Pocky, these biscuit sticks are thicker. They also have two different coatings - a coating of whipped chocolate and another coating of milk chocolate on top of that. 


Midi Strawberry

Midi Strawberry 

Thick, thick, thick! This Pocky combines thick biscuit sticks and thick double coatings of strawberry fromage and strawberry chocolate. 


Strawberry Latte

Midi Rich Strawberry Latte 

This Pocky features delicious Cacao biscuit sticks. Each piece has a double coating made of strawberry whipped cream and strawberry latte chocolate. 


Midi Matcha

Midi Matcha 

These short and stout Pocky sticks have two different coatings of matcha. The first coating is matcha whipped cream and the second is matcha chocolate. It has a subtle sweetness to it. 


Caramel Latte

Midi Caramel Latte

Like the rest of the Pocky sticks in the Midi series, these biscuit sticks are stumpy and thick. Each piece is coated in a layer of caramel whipped cream and caramel latte chocolate. 


Squeeze Peach

Midi Squeeze Peach 

The Midi Pocky series called Squeeze features Pocky sticks made with natural fruit juice. Midi Squeeze Peach Pocky sticks are double-coated with a delicious cream made from 70% peach juice! 


Squeeze Grapes

Midi Squeeze Rich Grapes

Midi Pocky might be shorter than regular Pocky, but they sure pack a punch in flavor. These stumpy Pocky sticks are double-coated with cream made from 70% blueberry juice. 


Midi Mango

Midi Squeeze Mango

One can never have too many mangoes! Thick and stout, Midi Squeeze Mango pocky is double-coated in cream made with 70% mango juice. 


Midi Premium Almond

Midi Premium Almond Milk

A rare midi-sized Pocky, this tasty treat has a generous double coating of almond milk chocolate. It makes a great gift! 


Midi Milk Chocolate

Midi Premium Zeitaku Milk Chocolate

More premium than the regular milk chocolate Pocky, Midi Premium Zeitaku Milk Chocolate has buttery biscuit sticks. Not only that, but it also has creamier milk chocolate! 


Midi Luxury Strawberry

Midi Luxury Strawberry 

This midi-sized Pocky is a combination of cocoa pretzel and super smooth strawberry cream! It’s a great mix. 



Giant Pocky

Sometimes, regular or Midi Pocky just isn’t enough for snack time. That’s why Glico decided to come up with Giant Pocky, a taller and thicker pocky that can fill up your tummy. There aren’t that many Giant Pocky flavors, just three, so you can easily grab them all if you wanted to. 


Giant Pocky

Giant Pocky Chocolate 

This Pocky is 2 inches longer, three times the diameter, and triple the chocolatey goodness of regular Pocky. It’s meant for the Pocky fans that just can’t get enough of Pocky! 


Giant Strawberry

Giant Pocky Strawberry 

Giant Pocky Strawberry is much like the regular Strawberry Pocky except that it’s longer, thicker, and has more strawberry cream. 


Giant Dream

Giant Dream Pocky 

With a giant size and an assortment of flavors, Giant Dream Pocky seems like it just came out of a fantasy! This box of oversized pocky has matcha, grape, melon, strawberry, and chocolate flavors for you to enjoy. 



Ultra Slim

About half the diameter of traditional Japanese Pocky and coated in thick chocolate, these biscuit sticks are said to be crispier and more intense. Since they’re thinner than regular Pocky, Glico decided to put more of these goodies in one box so people have more to enjoy! 


Ultra Slim Chocolate

Ultra Slim Chocolate

Like the regular Pocky, this one is coated in rich milk chocolate. The only difference is that the biscuit sticks are slimmer, and there’s more in the box for you to snack on. 


Ultra Slim Milk

Ultra Slim Milk Cream 

These elegant and slim Pocky are coated in pure white milky cream. There’s a lot in the box which makes these goodies perfect for sharing. 


Strawberry Cream

Ultra Slim Strawberry Cream

Coated in delicious strawberry cream, these slim, elegant biscuit sticks are great for when you’re on a diet.


Less Sugar Strawberry

Slim Less Sugar Strawberry 

Not only is this Pocky thinner than regular ones, it uses 50% less sugar. That way you can enjoy the deliciousness of strawberry without the guilt. 


Less Sugar Milk

Slim Less Sugar Milk Cream

These milk-coated Pocky sticks can be enjoyed even on a diet. Thinner than regular Pocky treats, these goodies use less sugar than normal. 


Less Sugar Matcha

Slim Less Sugar Matcha 

Made for the health-conscious Pocky fan, these matcha-coated goodies are slimmer than normal. Not only that but they’re made with 50% less sugar.



Mousse Pocky

A little bit hard to find, these Pocky sticks have coatings that are thicker than normal Pocky. This gives them a nice mousse texture that fans can enjoy! At the moment, Glico has three different Mousse flavors - chocolate, matcha, and mango. 


Mousse Chocolate

Mousse Chocolate 

This Pocky is dipped in milk chocolate like regular Pocky. The difference is that the coating is thicker and more mousse-like in texture. It’s a must-try for Pocky lovers! 


Mousse Matcha

Mousse Matcha 

Unlike regular matcha, this Pocky has a thicker cream with a more intense taste. Think of the matcha that you drink at the bottom of the Pot. 


Mousse Mango

Mousse Mango 

Coated in nice and thick mango cream, this Pocky is fruity and delicious. Some people say it tastes closer to lychee with hints of mango. 


Mouse Milk

Mousse Milk 

Chocolate-flavored biscuit sticks are coated in thick, milky cream. This Pocky is for the milk fanatics! 


Mousse Sakura

Mousse Sakura

Sakura-loving Pocky fans won’t be left out! Mousse Sakura Pocky is dipped in thick, mousse-like sakura chocolate that is subtly sweet and fragrant. 


Mousse Taro

Mousse Taro 

Dipped in thick Taro cream, this Pocky is luxurious and delicious. It’s very rare and not easy to find! 



Crunchy Pocky

Unlike Mousse Pocky which has a nice smooth and thick texture, Crunchy Pocky is a little bit rough-hewn with bits of nuts mixed into its chocolate or cream coating. These goodies were made for those who want more texture in their Pocky sticks. 


Almond Crush

Almond Crush

This is the original Almond Crush Pocky. Each piece is coated in chocolate mixed with curhsed up almonds. It's the perfect Pocky treat! 


Almond Chocolate

Almond Crush Chocolate 

These Pocky biscuit sticks are coated in delicious cream chocolate mixed with crushed bits of flakey almonds. The almonds really heighten the chocolate experience. 


Almond Vanilla

Almond Crush Vanilla 

Instead of chocolate, these Pocky sticks use vanilla cream and flakey almonds. It’s a nice alternative treat to Almond Crunch Chocolate. 


Pocky Almond Crush Chocolate Quinoa

Almond Crush Chocolate Quinoa 

These Almond Crush Pocky sticks add bits of quinoa to the crunchy mix. It's a really good and healthy combination! 


Almond Crush Milk Quinoa

Almond Crush Milk Quinoa

Mixing together quinoa and crunchy almonds, these milk-coated Pocky sticks are are delight! Quinoa and almonds give these biscuit sticks a nice crunchy texture. 



Hazelnut Crush

Making use of hazelnuts instead of almonds, these yummy chocolate cream-coated Pocky have a distinct flavor to them. The biscuit sticks are also made with cocoa to add to the chocolate flavor. 


Sakura Almond

Sakura Almond Pocky

This Pocky are for fans who want seasonal Pocky with a bit of crunch! Each biscuit piece is dipped in delicious floral sakura chocolate mixed with crushed almonds. 


Strawberry Crunch

Crunchy Strawberry 

Coated in strawberry cream with flecks of dried strawberries, these cocoa Pocky biscuit sticks are great for berry fans! 



Matcha Green Tea Crush 

One of the more unique crunchy Pocky sticks, these tasty stick treats are made with red bean dough. Each piece is coated with chocolate cream mixed together with bits of matcha cookies. 


Azuki Red Beans

Azuki Red Beans Crush 

Like Matcha Green Tea crush, these biscuit sticks are made with red bean dough. The chocolate used to coat each Pocky stick is also specked with azuki red bean flakes for an even more intense taste! 


Berry Chocolat

Berry Chocolat

Unlike its nutty counterparts, this chocolate Pocky is specked with bits of dried cranberries and strawberries. They give the chocolate texture and sweet, fruity accented flavor. 



Seasonal Pocky

Japan has this tradition of eating with the seasons. They love eating and incorporating shun (seasonal ingredients) into their meals. Like Kit Kat, Pocky also makes use of shun with seasonal flavors that only come out during certain times of the year. 


Kuchidoke Pocky

Winter: Kuchidoke Chocolate 

A little bit thicker than regular Pocky sticks, these tasty treats are covered in melted chocolate dusted with a fine coating of cocoa powder. Kuchidoke is only available during the winter season! 


Butter Pocky

Winter: Glitter Golden Butter 

Each biscuit stick has a distinct buttery flavor. Coated in salted caramel, Glitter Golden Butter Pocky sticks make for the perfect Christmas-time snack. 


Sakura Pocky

Spring: Sakura 

Sakura is the flavor of spring in Japan. With these yummy Pocky, you can enjoy the delicate fragrance and taste of sakura blossoms with every bite! 


Sakura Matcha Pocky

Spring: Sakura Matcha

These matcha-coated biscuit sticks have a flowery little secret - each stick is made with sakura extract carefully kneaded into the dough. The combination of slightly bitter match and sweet sakura is perfect for spring. 


Summer Paradise Pocky

Summer: Summer Paradise

Coated with peach, lychee, and elderflower-flavoured cream this special Pocky tastes just like the tropical islands of the Philippines and Thailand!


Pocky Chocolate Mint

Summer: Chocolate Mint

Choco Mint is the quintessential flavor of the sunny season. Coated in green mint chocolate, these Pocky sticks are great for cooling down your mouth in the summer heat. 


Pocky Summer Vanilla

Summer: Salty Vanilla

Dipped in delicious vanilla chocolate, these Pocky sticks can only be bought during the summer. The vanilla chocolate also has specks of salt that help bring out the natural sweetness of vanilla. 


Pocky Coconut

Summer: Coconut

This summer-limited goody is delicious and crunchy. Each chocolate-dipped biscuit stick is topped with crushed coconuts to give it a natural taste and scent.


Pocky Summer Watermelon

Summer: Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit that is best enjoyed on hot sunny days. These yummy Pocky sticks are covered in watermelon cream that has a nice cooling effect to help beat the heat of the season. 


Trinity Almond

Autumn: Trinity Almond 

This almond-flavored Pocky is great for fans of all things nutty and crunchy! Each stick is coated in almond chocolate with bits of crushed almond. It’s perfect for fall! 


Pocky Orange Peel

Autumn: Trinity Orange Peel

Nothing is more warming than some delightful orange peel. These chocolate-coated biscuit sticks have bits of candied almond peel that give a nice sense of the autumn season. 



Gotochi Pocky

Giving souvenirs from the local areas is also a popular tradition in Japan. Glico decided to incorporate this by creating Gotochi (local) Pocky which makes use of the popular flavors of different regions in Japan! These Japanese Pocky can only be found in specific regions making them rare finds. 


Tokyo Amazake

Shutoken: Tokyo Amazake 

Hailing from the Shutoken region of Japan, these Pocky sticks make use of sake lees with local Tokyo Amazake (sweet sack) made from rice malt. It has a rich and clean flavor. 


Pocky Iyokan

Chushikoku: Ehime Iyokan

The juice of Ehime Iyokan oranges is refreshing and succulent. This box of Pocky has a sweet and slightly sour orange flavor native to Iyokan oranges from Chushikoku! 


Pocky Amaou Strawberry

Kyushu: Amaou Strawberries

Amaou strawberries from Kyushu have a rich sweetness with a hint of tart notes. Enjoy the luxurious strawberry flavor of these Pocky sticks! 


Pocky Sweet Potato

Hokoriku: Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato

Produced on the sand dunes facing the Japanese sea, this box of Pocky is made with Gorojima Kintoki sweet potatoes that have a nice fluffy, flaky texture. Each Pocky stick has a delicate sweetness to it! 

Pocky Sato Cherry

Tohoku: Sato-Nishiki Cherry

Sato-Nishiki cherries are considered the jewel of the orchard in Japan! Enjoy the combination of sweetness and tartness with every single bite of these Pocky sticks! 


Pocky Melon

Hokkaido: Yubari Melon

These Pocky sticks are made with deliciously sweet Yubari melons of Hokkaido. They have a mellow aroma and a rich, full-bodied sweetness. 


Grapes Pocky

Shinshu: Kyoho Grapes

Featuring a luxurious sweetness and a tart note, this box of Pocky is made with grape juice from Kyoho Grapes in Shinshu. 


Pocky Gotochi Matcha

Kinki: Uji Matcha

This box of Pocky is made with rich Uji Matcha from the area of Kinki. It has a rich aroma and a rich Uji Matcha flavor. 



Collaboration Pocky

Often Glico works with many characters, food companies, and restaurants to produce special Pocky. Sometimes these team-ups produce special flavors, sometimes special packaging and tie-in games. These Pocky sticks are usually limited-edition and hard to find! 


Pocky Snoopy Peanuts

Snoopy Peanuts Pocky 

This limited-edition box of Pocky features prints of the popular doggie Snoopy from the comic Peanuts! Taking on the comic book name a little bit figuratively, each Pocky stick is covered in peanut-flavored cream. 


Hello Kitty Pocky

Hello Kitty Pocky

Though it’s pretty much the same as regular strawberry Pocky as it’s only covered with strawberry cream, this special Pocky is collected for its box. The packaging features the star of the kawaii world, Hello Kitty


Hapidanbui Pocky

Hapidanbui Pocky

Hello Kitty isn’t the only kawaii character that worked together with Pocky. The flavors aren’t new, but the boxes showcase limited-edition packaging designs with the Hapidanbui cuties. These boxes also feature minigames. 


Kanahei Pocky

Kanahei Midi Pocky 

Like the Hello Kitty and Hapidanbui Pocky, this team-up didn’t really produce any new flavors. However, you do get special packaging showcasing Kanahei characters. If you place both boxes together, Usagi and Piske from Kanahei seem to be hugging! 


Pocky Teagurt

Kirin Teagurt 

Glico worked together with Kirin to create this wonderful Pocky flavor. Each biscuit stick is covered in Scillian lemon-flavored chocolate. The packaging showcases a man / woman kissing the very edge of the box which you can put side-by-side with Kirin tea to showcase a couple smooching. 


Pocky Banana Bran

Kirin Banana Bran

In another collab with Kirin, Glico created a special Pocky for an Aloha campaign! These healthy wheat bran biscuits are coated with banana chocolate. Like the Teagurt Pocky, these treats have packaging showcasing a man or woman in the tropics kissing the edge of the box. It’s meant to be placed side by side with a Kirin acai drink. 


Pocky Kirin Coffee

Kirin Coffee and Cocoa 

Collaborating again with Kirin, Glico created a special Pocky coated in coffee and cacao chocolate. Like previous Kirin collab flavors, the box showcases a girl or boy in a sunset scene at school. You have to place a Kirin milk tea drink next to it to complete the scene. 


Kumamon Pocky


Kumamon Milky Cocoa Pocky

Made in collaboration with the Kumamoto prefecture, this special Pocky is packed in a Kumamon box which showcase’s the cute bear's ears when you open from the top! Each cocoa biscuit stick is coated in delicious cocoa cream to give it a nice dark color like Kumamon. 


Minions Pocky

Minions Pocky

Although there aren’t any new flavors for this collaboration, this team-up between Glico and Minions produced fun Minions-themed Pocky boxes. Some boxes have stickers inside them, some showcase an Osanpu bingo game (a real-life bingo game where you have to find objects outdoors), and some have coloring masks. 


Pocky Kaya Toast

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Going beyond Japan, Glico decided to work together with the restaurant Ya Kun to make Kaya Toast-flavored Pocky. Kaya Toast is one of Singapore’s national desserts. These biscuit sticks are covered in Kaya-flavored chocolate with hints of coconut and pandan. 


Pocky Kopi O

Ya Kun Kopi O

The collab with Singaporean store Ya Kun produced another special Pocky flavor, this time Kopi O. Coated in coffee-flavored chocolate, these biscuit sticks have a strong coffee scent to them that reminds everyone of Kopiko candy. 



Liquor Pocky

Pocky isn’t just for children! In Japan, young adults love using Pocky as a stirrer for alcoholic drinks. Hoping to get more adults to enjoy Pocky, Glico developed a series of Pocky meant to be enjoyed with liquor. 


Whiskey Pocky

Adult Amber (Otona No Kohaku)

Made with malt extract (the key ingredient for whiskey), this Pocky is meant to be paired together with whiskey and other spirits. 


Ruby Pocky

Goddess Ruby (Megami no Ruby) 

Featuring a rich and complex flavor, this adult Pocky is made with a blend of cheddar and parmesan cheese powder, black pepper, and clove. It’s meant to be paired together with a nice cup of wine. 


Jiangxiaobai Pocky

Jiangxiaobai Pocky 

This Pocky was made in collaboration with the Chinese white spirit brand, Jianxiaobai. The creamy coating has a fruity flavor with 0.1% alcohol content! 



Limited Edition Pocky

These Pocky flavors don’t really fit the categories that we’ve already made. They are, however, all limited-edition and hard to find! Some are made with special ingredients, others have super rare flavors. 


Pocky Relax Cheesecake

Relax Pocky Cheesecake

This treat is called Relax Pocky because it’s made with GABA, an amino acid that can be found in cacao fruit. Made with two times the coating of a regular Pocky, this tasty treat uses New Zealand milk to create a rich cheesecake flavor. 


Pocky Matcha Cheesecake

Relax Pocky Matcha Ice Cream 

To relieve anxiety and stress, Glico decided to incorporate the amino acid GABA in this yummy pocky. It has a twice the coating of regular Pocky with a rich matcha ice cream taste. 


Pocky Honey Kinako

Black Honey Kinako

Super rare outside of Japan, these special biscuit sticks are made with luxurious black honey! Each piece is coated in chocolate made to taste like kinako or roasted soybean powder! 


Pocky Peach Strawberry

White Peach and Strawberry 

This is a special Pocky with each biscuit stick made to taste like luscious strawberry. These treats are then coated in white peach chocolate that add to its fruity taste! 


Love With Pocky

Love with Pocky! 

There aren’t any new flavors that come with these special Pocky boxes. Instead, Pocky fans get different anime-esque boyfriends on the packaging, complete with links to AR audio.  


Yuzu Pocky

Yuzu Pocky 

Yuzu is a delightful Japanese citrus. Refreshing and luxurious, these limited-edition Pocky sticks are covered in Yuzu cream. 


Pocky Raspberry Pistachio

Couple De Fruits Raspberry & Pistachio 

Part of the Couple De Fruits series, these Pocky sticks are made with Pistachios. Each piece is then dipped in raspberry sauce-flavored cream to make the ultimate fruit combination! 


Pocky Lemon and Peach

Couple De Fruits Lemon & Peach

This Pocky fruit combination is made of peach biscuit sticks dipped in lemon cream. It’s sweet and sour with a hint of vanilla! 


Bitter Pocky With 60% Cacao

Like the name implies, these Pocky sticks are coated in slightly bitter dark chocolate made with 60% Ecuadorian cacao! Each pretzel stick is also made with whole wheat from Japan so you get lots of dietary fiber. 


Pocky Tasty

Pocky Tasty 

This is a unique Pocky in that each biscuit stick is made with whole wheat and fermented butter to give it rich flavor notes! Each piece is coated in delicious milk chocolate made from roasted milk that adds to its luxurious taste. 


Pocky Wholesome Almond

Wholesome Chocolate Almond

Made from whole wheat,  these Pocky sticks are the snack of choice for health-conscious Pocky fanatics. These biscuit sticks are coated in chocolate with crushed almonds! 


Pocky Wholesome Blueberry Yogurt

Wholesome Blueberry Yogurt

Like the Chocolate Almond Pocky, these treats are made from whole wheat. Each piece is coated in delicious blueberry yogurt cream! 


Pocky Heartful Blueberry

Heartful Blueberry 

These Pocky sticks are shaped just like tiny little hearts! Each piece is dipped in delicious blueberry-flavored chocolate 


Pocky Heartful Strawberry

Heartful Strawberry 

Shaped just like tiny little hearts, these Pocky sticks are partially coated in yummy strawberry cream. They make for the perfect afternoon snack. You can also give a box of these cute Pocky sticks as a Valentine’s gift! 


Pocky Heartful Cherry

Heartful Cherry

Like Heartful Blueberry and Heartful Strawberry, this variant of Pocky takes on the shape of a heart. Each piece is coated in sweet cherry-flavored chocolate. 


Pocky Colorful

Pocky Colorful

These limited-edition Pocky sticks are the stuff of dreams! Coated in rich lemon cream, these tasty treats are speckled with colorful sprinkles. They’d be the perfect snack to serve at parties! 


Pocky Anime Girls

So there you have it! Those are all the Pocky flavors that we could list down. What’s your favorite? Have you tried all of these different flavors? If there are some that you haven’t ever tried, you find them in our Pocky collection


Pocky Awkwafina

With so many different variations and flavors, Pocky is certainly an iconic snack. This tasty treat has been popular ever since it was launched in the 1960s by Glico. If you want to read more about Pocky and its chocolatey history, you can check out our blog post, Everything You Need to Know About Pocky. You can also read up about the special snack holiday, Pocky Day

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