Pocky Day

Have A Happy Pocky Day!

Have A Happy Pocky Day!

Hey there Japanese Pocky fans! It’s time to get ready to indulge in a stick-shaped snack extravaganza that’s headed your way. That’s right, we’re talking about the legendary Pocky Day! 🌟 


Pocky Heart

Pocky Day exists because everybody loves snacking on tasty Japanese Pocky. Made by Glico, these delicious chocolate-covered biscuit sticks with a plethora of flavors are named after “pokkiri.” That's Japanese onomatopoeic word when you crack Pocky sticks in between your teeth. It’s one of the most iconic Japanese snacks that’s super easy to eat!


Pocky Anime

How iconic is Pocky? Well, for starters, it always makes appearances in anime, manga, and Japanese TV series. Pocky plays a big part in Japanese pop culture! Boasting a smorgasbord of flavors, Japanese Pocky holds the title in the Guinness World Records for being the “world’s largest chocolate-coated biscuit brand.”


Pocky Day

Celebrating Pocky’s popularity, Pocky Day is a special snack holiday held every November 11. It’s a fun annual tradition where Japanese pop culture fans share Pocky sticks with friends and loved ones to spread joy and connection. Are you ready to connect and learn more about Pocky Day? Well, let’s get right to it then! 

Pocky Girls


What Is Pocky Day? 

Pocky Day Picnic

Pocky Day is a quirky snack celebration where everyone has fun eating Pocky together. There’s also a lot of fun Pocky challenges from Glico for fans to participate in. Pocky Day has become such a big tradition that it’s become an official memorial day recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association. 


When Is Pocky Day? 

When Is Pocky Day

Like we mentioned earlier, Pocky Day is held on November 11 together with Pretz Day (another special snack day made to celebrate Pocky’s savory biscuit-stick sibling, Pretz). It happens every year! We’re letting you know ahead of time so you can prep your own stash of Pocky sticks for Pocky Day and Pretz Day. Go wild and try out all the rare Pocky flavors with your family and friends. Find the ones you'll like the most in our Complete List of Pocky Flavors


Why Is 11.11 Pocky Day And Pretz Day? 

Pocky and Pretz Day

The answer is pretty simple and clever!  Ever noticed how Pocky sticks resemble the number 1? Well, 11.11 looks just like a couple of Pocky and Pretz sticks lined up together. It’s a clever marketing tactic by Glico to get people to have more fun eating Pocky and Pretz together. 


Pock History

Fun fact - Pocky Day and Pretz Day started in 1999 which was a landmark year for the biscuit sticks. That’s because 1999 was the 11th year of the Heisei era in Japan. November 11 back in 1999 was 11.11.11, an auspicious date for both Pretz and Pocky. Ever since then, Pocky Day and Pretz Day have been celebrated year after year on November 11 in Japan.  You can read everything else about these iconic stick snacks in our Pretz blog and our Pocky blog


Which Came First Pocky or Pepero? 

Pocky Vs Pepero

Japanese snack fanatics ask this question a lot since Pepero has also been trying to hold Pepero Day on Nov. 11 just like Pocky. Well, here’s a little snack history for you. Pocky, the brainchild of Japan’s Glico company, came first in 1966. Its Korean counterpart, Pepero, introduced by Lotte, entered the scene later in 1983. While they share a striking resemblance (they’re both handy biscuit sticks half-covered in chocolate), each has its unique flavors and fan base.


What is The Tradition of Pocky Day? 

Pocky Day isn’t just about gobbling down these chocolate-coated treats (though that's a big part of it). It’s actually about spreading happiness and sharing good food with loved ones. Pocky fans in Japan and all around the world know that Pocky boxes are meant to be shared with family and friends. Think of it as a sweet gesture (pun intended) that goes a long way in showing your affection and appreciation.


What Do You Do On Pocky Day? 

Pocky Day People

While there aren’t any set traditions during Pocky Day, Glico hosts a lot of fun challenges for Pocky fans to do (aside from eating a buttload of Pocky). One of these challenges was the one Glico hosted in 2015 where the Japanese snack company asked fans to share photos of themselves having Pocky. They tried to collect the pictures so they could win the “Largest online Photo Montage of Cookies/Biscuits on Guinness.” 


Pocky Day Heart

In 2022, Glico hosted the Pocky Heart-to-Heart TikTok challenge. All fans had to do to take part in the challenge was to make a heart out of Pocky boxes, give it to a loved one, and share that love on TikTok. The winner of the challenge didn’t just get a cash prize, they also got a special limited-edition gift pack with the rare Pocky Happiness Flavour.


The 2023 Pocky Day also had a TikTok Challenge called the Pocky Baton Challenge! It had fans uploading their own videos where they dance the official Pocky Dance. Fans posted their videos on TikTok with the hashtag #ポッキーバトンチャレンジ. A lot of major influencers and content creators joined in on the fun. Pocky always makes sure to connect with young and hip fans! 


What Does Giving Pocky to Someone Mean? 

Pocky Giving

According to Glico, giving someone Pocky is about sharing love and happiness. All you have to do is open up a box and pass it around! It’s easy to share Pocky sticks with your family, friends, and besties. Japanese Pocky is the perfect snack that brings people close together. If you'd like to learn more about Pocky as a snack, you can read all about it in our blog about Pocky! 


Where Can I Buy Pocky for Pocky Day? 

Pocky Grandma

In Japan, Pocky can be found almost everywhere. Not only are they in local supermarkets but Pocky boxes are stacked on the shelves of Japanese konbini or convenience stores. In America, these iconic Japanese biscuit sticks can be found in Asian marketplaces. 


Pocky Sakura

However, in the West special Pocky flavors like charred milk, golden butter, and sakura almond can be quite hard to find. If you want to have some special Pocky for Pocky Day, you can check out our Pocky collection in Japan Candy Store to find all the special and rare flavors! You can also read all about them in our blog, the Complete List of Pocky Flavors.


Pocky Day School

There you have it! Everything you need to know about Pocky Day! Are you ready for Pocky Day this year? Do you have your favorite Pocky flavors ready for snacking? 


Pocky Day Heart

If you’d like to learn more about Pocky in preparation for Pocky Day, you can read all about Pocky’s history, partnerships, variations, and more in our blog, Everything You Need to Know About Pocky. Till next time, happy snacking! 



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