Fizzy Facts About Ramune

Fizzy Facts About Ramune

Fizzy Facts About Ramune

Are you ready to dive into the fizzy, fun world of ramune? This drink isn't just any ordinary soda; it's an iconic Japanese drink that’s a part of history, culture, and summer fun! For over a century, this drink has become a staple in the world of Japanese soda. How was it able to overcome the test of time? Let’s pop the cap off the ramune drink and find out!

  • Japanese name: ラムネ (pronounced “rah-moo-nay”)
  • Beverage type: Soda
  • Ramune Day: May 4
  • Fun fact: Japanese people initially thought ramune was invented to cure cholera!



What is ramune

Ramune is a fizzy and tasty drink that's very popular in Japan, especially during summer festivals. To be clear, ramune isn’t a brand, but a type of drink. Some may call it a soda and others may consider it a lemonade, but it’s more of a combination of both. It’s a bubbly soda that tastes like lemonade!


What is ramune

But what really makes ramune unique is its bottle. The drink can’t be called ramune soda if you put it in a regular bottle. A ramune bottle has a special shape with the neck squeezing in. Inside is a marble that seals the bottle. When you open it, the marble pops down and makes bubbles in the soda, which makes it extra fun to drink!



One of the unique things about ramune soda is the marble or ball inside the bottle. What is it for? When the bottle is sealed, the ball presses against the rubber ring, keeping the bubbles inside. This way, when you open the bottle, you get that satisfying fizz!


Why is there a ball in ramune?

Now, don’t worry about choking! There’s no risk of choking on the marble as it stays in the bottle once it has been opened. In fact, the marble is hard to remove from the bottle! So how do you get the marble out of ramune? Some would break the bottle or cut off the cap, but the best tip we found online is to unscrew the cap in the opposite direction! 



Ramune history

Ramune has an interesting history! There are different stories of how ramune came to be, but the most popular one is about a Scottish man named Alexander Cameron Sim. He lived in Japan in the 1880s and created ramune based on lemonade.


Ramune had a unique look due to its Codd-neck bottle which was also invented around this time. Ramune quickly gained popularity in Japan, especially after it was advertised in newspapers. People even thought it could help prevent diseases like cholera! Since then, it has become a beloved part of Japanese culture.



Why is it called ramune?

Ever wondered where ramune got its name? The original drink was named “mabu soda” or marble soda because of the marble seal in the bottle. Over time, the name evolved into “ramune,” based on the “remonedo (レモネード),” the direct Japanese translation for the word “lemonade.”



How to pronounce ramune

Ramune is simply pronounced as “rah-moo-nay.” Why does it sound different from “remonedo” or lemonade? People might have misheard when it first arrived in Japan or it may have changed over time. Either way, the change in the name made ramune a bit like Japanese lemonade but also different in its own way.



Ramune is a fizzy drink that's kind of like lemon-lime soda! It has a sweet and sour taste, and it smells like citrus fruits. The liquid inside is bubbly, made by mixing water with sugars and flavors like lime and lemon.


is ramune juice or soda

It's not exactly like American lemonade, which is made from lemon juice, water, and sugar. Instead, it's more like lemon-lime sodas you might find in Western countries such as Sprite or 7 Up. In short, Ramune is a fizzy soda with a lemon-lime taste!



is ramune alcohol

There are some ramune-flavored alcoholic drinks like sake with ramune candy, but don’t get them confused with the original ramune drink. Ramune is a non-alcoholic! It’s a sweet and citrusy carbonated drink that you can enjoy just like soda. That’s why it’s a great beverage choice for all ages!



what's special about ramune

What makes ramune special is that it's more than just a drink – it's a Japanese icon that connects different generations of people. Both kids and grown-ups love it because it reminds them of happy memories from their childhood. Some people even call it Japan's national drink!


Ramune comes in lots of flavors, and its cute bottle design and colorful artwork match Japan’s kawaii aesthetic. Its bottle even has a signature color, ramune iro, which is a particular shade of light blue. This refreshing look makes it perfect for summer festivals!



ramune taste

Some people find it hard to describe exactly how ramune’s original flavor tastes, so they just say “ramune tastes like ramune.” But, to give you an idea, ramune tastes similar to lemon-lime. It’s not too sweet or too sour, just right. Overall, it’s a refreshing and citrusy flavor that many people enjoy.


ramune flavor

The original ramune flavor is still popular, but now, there are lots of ramune flavors to choose from! Ramune is commonly recognized as a fruit-flavored drink, so you can enjoy not only citrus flavors but also exotic ones like dragon fruit and lychee ramune. You can even try unusual flavors such as wasabi, takoyaki or curry ramune!



Ramune is perfect for staying cool on a hot day or while at a summer festival. It’s usually kept in fridges or in ice water to keep it chilled. Now, drinking ramune is not as easy and requires more force than you think!


how to open ramune

Here’s how to open a ramune bottle. First, remove the outer plastic wrapper and get the small plastic piece called “plunger.” Next, place it on top of the marble and press down firmly until you hear a pop. Then, tilt the bottle and enjoy your refreshing ramune straight from the bottle!




Ramune can last for nine months or longer if it's stored properly. You can drink it before the expiration date printed on the bottle. When you open a bottle of ramune, it's best to finish it within a day to enjoy it while it's still fizzy and fresh. Once the ramune is opened, the leftover drink will go flat, even if you keep it in the fridge.



ramune day

Since ramune is a part of Japanese culture, it’s no question that it has its own day of celebration. Ramune Day is celebrated on May 4th of every year. People in Japan celebrate this day as the beginning of ramune history. On Ramune Day, people might drink ramune soda, share it with friends, or even have special events!



ramune pop culture

Ramune isn’t just for summer festivals, it’s also famous in Japanese pop culture. The drink has shown up in lots of anime, manga, and TV shows, making it a big deal! In the anime "Sailor Moon," the main character, Usagi Tsukino, loves ramune a lot.


Naruto ramune

Ramune pops up in all sorts of places in Japan. There are even special editions of ramune that have characters from popular anime like Naruto, Boruto, and Hello Kitty on the bottles. Ramune's definitely a big part of Japanese culture!



Ramune no tears project

Japanese people are working hard to preserve ramune culture, especially as the number of ramune manufacturers continues to decrease due to economic challenges. Even though ramune is gaining popularity overseas, traditional ramune iro-colored bottles are no longer being made in Japan.


Ramune Tears Project

To keep the ramune culture alive, the “Ramune Tears Project” was launched. This project involves research conducted by Japanese students from Kyushu Sangyo University to create original ramune iro ink. Additionally, they’re holding events that feature ramune bottles. These efforts aim to honor ramune’s importance in Japanese culture!



Ramune candy

Ramune soda is so popular that it’s even turned into candy! Ramune candy is a sweet treat that’s usually shaped like a marble or a round tablet. Just like the drink, ramune candy comes in different flavors and fizzes in your mouth!


Morinaga ramune

You can find it in many Japanese convenience stores and even Asian grocery stores around the world. There are lots of different ramune candies from Japanese manufacturers like Morinaga, Kasugai, and UHA Mikakuto! These treats also feature popular characters such as Pokemon and Sumikko Gurashi.


What’s more, there are other sweet treats like Hi-Chew and Nobel gummies that feature ramune as a delicious flavor. This way, you can enjoy the refreshing taste of ramune while munching on a chewy candy or gummy. But that’s not all, even McDonald’s used ramune to add a twist to their McShake!



Where to buy ramune

Now that you’re interested in ramune, you might be wondering where you can grab a bottle! They’re everywhere in Japan so finding them won’t be a problem. Ramune is sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, and even vending machines placed in train stations!


ramune order

But, don’t worry if you’re not in Japan. Some stores might have them in the international foods section. You can also find ramune at Asian markets or specialty stores that sell Japanese snacks and drinks.


Where to buy ramune

Sometimes, you might even spot them in online stores that sell Japanese treats. In Japan Candy Store, we have a huge collection of ramune candy and other ramune-flavored treats that you can try!


Ramune is a really special drink that's been enjoyed for more than a hundred years. People in Japan love it, and its popularity hasn't gone away. If you already love ramune, we hope you learned something new about it. And if you haven't tried it yet, we think you should!

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