The Chewy World of Japanese Hi-Chew

The Chewy World of Japanese Hi-Chew

The Chewy World of Japanese Hi-Chew

Dive into the vibrant world of Hi-Chew! This popular Japanese candy from Morinaga is not gum – it’s a chewy candy that’s designed to be swallowed. Each piece of Hi-Chew is exceptionally chewy and long-lasting, providing a fuss-free, candy-chomping experience. With over 200 flavors to choose from, Hi-Chew offers a flavor roller coaster for every palate. Discover what makes this chewy delight special!

  • Japanese Name: ハイチュウ (pronounced “hai chuu”)
  • Catchphrase: The texture is good! The juice is so strong!
  • Flavors: More than 200 Hi-Chew flavors 
  • Hi-Chew Day: August 12
  • Fun fact: Hi-Chew has been certified as “space Japanese food” for Japanese astronauts!


Hi-Chew candy

Hi-Chew is Morinaga's fruity sensation, a soft candy that hails from Japan. It’s known for its soft, chewy texture and intense fruit flavor. Picture this: an outer white layer protecting a burst of vibrant, fruity goodness inside. This chewy delight is loved for its ability to deliver a long-lasting, enjoyable chewing experience.

Hi-Chew flavors

The texture is somewhat a cross between chewing gum and those well-known fruit-flavored candies, Mamba and Starburst. But here’s the magic – as you chew, it transforms into a texture that’s just right. Not too hard, not too sticky. Plus, each piece packs a flavor punch. Hi-Chew sure knows how to mimic the taste of real fruit like a pro!


Hi-Chew is not a regular gum – it’s designed to be swallowed! Morinaga wanted to make a candy that you can enjoy chewing, similar to gum, but without the hassle of finding a place to spit it out! You can savor the chewiness and let the fruity flavors dance on your taste buds.


Eat Hi-Chew

This fruity candy has a texture that stays firm while you enjoy it, with a juicy flavor that lasts from the first bite until you finish. The unique texture is a result of some clever candy-making techniques from Morinaga. The company worked hard to get the right combination of ingredients, kneading time, and temperature during the candy-making process. It’s all about achieving the perfect balance of flavor and chewability.

How is Hi-Chew made

In terms of shelf life, Hi-Chew candies can remain fresh for quite some time. It undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process including careful management of candy water content, temperature, and packaging time. This prevents the candy from being sticky and losing its shape.


Hi-Chew fruit ingredients

Hi-Chew is made from a combination of ingredients that are carefully selected to create its unique texture and flavor. The three main Hi-Chew ingredients are glucose syrup, sugar, and hydrogenated palm kernel oil. But what sets Hi-Chew apart are its natural and concentrated fruit juices, giving it that delightful fruity taste.


Hi-Chew making

Moreover, Hi-Chew has been gluten-free since 2012. Even though it never had gluten in its ingredients, the change was made because the candy used to be made in factories that handled gluten-containing stuff. This way, people with gluten sensitivity can enjoy Hi-Chew without any worries!


Is pork in Hi-Chew

One ingredient used in Hi-Chew is gelatin, and this is usually derived from pork. That means Hi-Chew is not halal, kosher, or vegan. If you follow any of these dietary preferences, then Hi-Chew might not be the best choice for you.


Hi-Chew Bites

But there’s a friendly exception – Hi-Chew Bites. These little Hi-Chew candies are different because they don’t contain gelatin. So, if you want to enjoy Hi-Chew without the pork gelatin, this variant might be the way to go! However, do note that these Hi-Chew candy bites are not available in Japan, only in the United States.


Are Hi-Chews Chinese or Japanese? Hi-Chew is proudly Japanese! This chewy sensation hails from Japan and was first introduced by Morinaga, a well-known Japanese confectionery company. So even though it is known worldwide and has other variants from different countries, Hi-Chew is authentically Japanese.


Hi-Chew inventor

Taichiro Morinaga is the father of Hi-Chew! Back in the 1930s, Morinaga wanted to make a new kind of candy inspired by chewing gum for the Japanese market. So what he did was create a candy that you can swallow but with the texture of chewing gum. He started with chewy caramel candy, then he decided to mix this with other fruit flavors and came up with something called “Chewlets”.

Hi-Chew factory

Fast forward to 1975, after years of perfecting his candy recipe, Morinaga gave Chewlets a makeover, and that’s when Hi-Chew was born! The name was a no-brainer – “hi” for high-class and “chew” for the candy’s chewy texture. From its original box-type packaging to today’s stick-type pack, Hi-Chew has become a global sensation with lots of variants and flavors, thanks to Taichiro Morinaga’s candy genius!


Absolutely! Hi-Chew is a cultural icon in Japan. It’s one of the oldest and most loved candy brands in the country. This fruity treat is not only popular among children but also cherished by adults. In Japan, you can find Hi-Chew in a wide range of flavors, some of which are exclusive to the country.


Hi-Chew Global

Hi-Chew has won hearts worldwide with its irresistible flavors and delightful chewiness! One iconic moment in its international rise was when it became the official chewy sponsor of the Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox. That’s thanks to its Japanese player, Junichi Tazawa. Since then, Hi-Chew has reached over 30 countries, capturing taste buds on nearly every continent!


Hi-Chew flavors

Hi-Chew is like a flavor adventure! Since it first appeared in 1975, Morinaga has come up with more than 200 different Hi-Chew flavors. You read that right! The company started with classic flavors like strawberry, apple, and orange, and then things got more exciting with new flavors developed.

Souvenir Hi-Chew

Sometimes, Hi-Chew has special flavors that are all about celebrating fruits grown from specific regions in Japan, like the Setouchi lemon flavor and shikuwasa flavor. You can even enjoy the Tubu Tubu Hi-Chew, which features dessert-inspired flavors like chocolate banana parfait and fruit parfait. There’s a Hi-Chew flavor ready to tantalize every palate. Check out our list of all the Hi-Chew flavors!


Hi-Chew strawberry

When you think of Hi-Chew, you often picture those stick-type packs with rectangular candies. But did you know that there’s a whole range of Hi-Chew products out there? You’ve got Hi-Chew Premium, Hi-Chew Mini, assorted Hi-Chew, and more! Some Hi-Chew varieties have added crunch and have more flavor, like the 12 Grain Hi-Chew Upside Down.

Hi-Chew drink

There’s also the limited-edition Hi-Chew drink from Morinaga Milk that features the popular green apple flavor, and Hi-Chew Plus which contains nutrients like collagen and iron. Each Hi-Chew candy type has its own unique features. There’s a Hi-Chew for every occasion!


Hi-Chew Ice

One of the special Hi-Chew variants is Hi-Chew Ice, a frozen treat that first came out in 2005. It’s a cute, bite-sized Hi-Chew ice cream with a chewy texture and juicy fruit flavor. When you eat this delicious frozen treat, it tastes just like the classic Hi-Chew candy!

Hi-Chew Ice Bar

Aside from the bite-sized cold treats, you can also enjoy Hi-Chew Ice Bar! It’s a heavy and thick popsicle that resembles the popular Japanese candy. The outside is made with a rich flavored fruit juice and in the center is a delicious cream that’s soft even when frozen! It features the same sticky and chewy texture of Hi-Chew candy.


Hi-Chew collab Snoopy

Hi-Chew is a pop culture icon in Japan. This brand loves to shine in TV ads and special campaigns, but it also has exciting collaborations with other brands. Hi-Chew has teamed up with popular franchises like Pokemon, Sanrio, Super Mario, and Yu-Gi-Oh. It even featured a special anniversary product packaging featuring Doraemon and Snoopy.

Aside from the popular kawaii characters, Hi-Chew also worked with famous celebrities, such as the Japanese boy band Naniwa Danshi. This exciting partnership brought a dash of musical flavor to the candy scene. Hi-Chew has produced numerous advertisements featuring the fun and vibrant group.


Hi-Chew Fanta

Both candy and soda fans can rejoice because Hi-Chew collaborated with Coca-Cola’s carbonated drink, Fanta! Inspired by the popular Fanta flavors, this partnership brings a fizzy twist to Hi-Chew. You can expect the familiar chewy texture of Hi-Chew but with the exciting taste of the well-loved Fanta fruit flavors. It’s like having your favorite candy and soda in one package!


Hi-Chew Okashi Print

How about Hi-Chew with your favorite photo? Okashi Print web service, managed by Morinaga, offers customized packaging services for this fruity treat! This is a perfect company giveaway or wedding souvenir. And for a limited time, Okashi Print partnered with SweetCard app to let people order customized Hi-Chew right from their phones.


Hi-Chew Quintessential Quintuplets

Morinaga brought a burst of joy to candy lovers and kawaii fans when they teamed up with the anime “The Quintessential Quintuplets” in an exciting collaboration! This campaign happened in 2022 and was divided into five equal periods, with each quintuplet character taking charge.

Fans enjoyed original goods, voice content, photo frames, and even special episodes that were not recorded in the anime. Additionally, there was a “Hi-Chew Mogu Mogu Review” where the quintuplets recommended their favorite Hi-Chew flavors. This collaboration is a blend of candy and anime cuteness!


Hi-Chew Day

Hi-Chew is so popular in Japan that it even has its own commemorative day! Hi-Chew Day in Japan happens every August 12th. It’s because the date can be read as “Hi-Chew” or “ha-ii-chuu” in Japanese, thanks to the numbers 8 and 12.


Morinaga came up with this idea, and it’s even officially certified by the Japan Anniversary Association. This fun celebration encourages people to enjoy Hi-Chew candies with their loved ones, especially during summer vacation.


Hi-Chew JAXA

In 2014, Hi-Chew got a cool certification from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)! They’ve officially labeled the candy as “space Japanese food.” That means even astronauts can enjoy this chewy, fruity treat while in the International Space Station. How awesome is that? Hi-Chew is not just a tasty candy but also a cosmic delight!


Hi-Chew convenience store

Looking to get your Hi-Chew fix? You’re in luck because Hi-Chew is pretty much everywhere! You can find it at convenience stores, supermarkets, and even places like Don Quijote and other snack shops in Japan. Plus, you can even order it from online retailers like Japan Candy Store!

Hi-Chew ad

Ready to unleash the Hi-Chew adventure in your mouth? Hi-Chew is more than just a candy, it’s a delightful Japanese treat loved for its chewy texture and authentic fruit flavors! From its Japan-only flavors to its iconic status in pop culture, Hi-Chew has captured the hearts of people not just worldwide, but also in space!



With over 200 mouthwatering flavors, Hi-Chew is a true treat for your taste buds. What’s your all-time favorite flavor and what would you like to try next? It’s time to grab a pack, or ten, and step into the fruity, chewtastic world of Japanese Hi-Chew!

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