Chew All the Japanese Hi-Chew Flavors!

Chew All the Japanese Hi-Chew Flavors!

Chew All the Japanese Hi-Chew Flavors!

A gum that you don’t have to spit out? That’s Hi-Chew! This super chewy candy from Morinaga Japan has a unique gum-like texture that you can enjoy chewing for a long time. But it’s not just the chewy texture that makes Hi-Chew special, it’s also the real fruit goodness that spreads in your mouth!

Let's jump right in!

  1. Original Flavors
  2. Fruit Flavors
  3. Fruit Blends
  4. Souvenir Hi-Chew
  5. Non-Fruit Flavors
  6. Shuwa Umai-Chew Series
  7. Umai-Chew and Suppai-Chew Series
  8. Strong Ichu
  9. Hi-Chew Puni-Shari
  10. Hi-Chew Premium
  11. Hi-Chew Mini
  12. Frozen Hi-Chew
  13. Hi-Chew Assortments
  14. Limited-Edition Flavors
  15. Yogurt Flavors
  16. Strawberry Dessert Flavors
  17. Hi-Chew Kids
  18. Special Flavor Series
  19. Collaboration Hi-Chew
  20. Discontinued Flavors


hi-chew candy

Hi-Chew is famous in Japan and is becoming popular all over the world for its yummy fruit flavors! If you want to know why it’s so popular, check out The Chewy World of Japanese Hi-Chew. This iconic Japanese candy has been around since 1975 and it keeps getting chewier and juicier. Its creator, Morinaga, has made more than 200 different flavors, so there’s something for everyone.


Hi-Chew fruity flavors

You can find classic fruit flavors, special fruit mixes, and even some flavors that you can only get in certain parts of Japan. Hi-Chew is a treat that candy fans from all over the world can enjoy. So, let’s take a flavorful ride on the roller coaster of Hi-Chew flavors!

Hi-Chew Naniwa Danshi


Original Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew began as a three-layered candy with a fruit-flavored layer sandwiched in the middle of white layers. The first flavors released are timeless fruits that everybody is sure to love.


Hi-Chew original strawberry


Hi-Chew Strawberry is the very first Hi-Chew ever created, and it’s still a favorite today! Made with ripe strawberries, it delivers a balance of sweet and sour flavors.


Hi-Chew original orange


This is a bright-colored candy with a sweet and tangy taste. It’s not too sour, just the right amount of acidity. Eating this candy is like enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice!


Hi-Chew Original Apple


With a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, this Hi-Chew offers a crisp and refreshing experience. Candy fans describe eating this candy as taking a bite of a juicy, ripe apple!



Hi-Chew Fruit Flavors

Hi-Chew is known for its soft, gum-like texture and strong juicy fruit flavor in the center. From popular fruits to exotic ones, this chewy candy from Morinaga has many delicious variants to offer!


Hi-Chew grape


Grape is one of the most popular Hi-Chew flavors of all time. Unlike other grape-flavored candies that sometimes taste like medicine, this one is closely similar to the taste of real fruit.


Hi-Chew peach


This Hi-Chew is a treat for those who crave the taste of ripe, juicy peaches. With each chew, the sweet and fragrant essence of this yummy fruit comes out.


Hi-Chew grapefruit


While the scent of this candy is not as notable as others, this Hi-Chew is so juicy and has a well-balanced taste. It’s a delightful blend of sweet and slightly bitter flavors.


Hi-Chew apricot


Hi-Chew Apricot was first a limited-time flavor but came back with a special version that includes real apricot bits!


Hi-Chew pear


This Hi-Chew is filled with fruit juice and just the right amount of sweetness. Each piece even has a crispy center that mimics the texture of Japanese pear!


Hi-Chew grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit

This flavor is unmistakably pink grapefruit, with juicy goodness that you can taste from the first chew to the last.


Hi-Chew banana


Made with real banana puree, this Hi-Chew candy captures the rich taste and chewy texture of bananas.


Hi-Chew kiwi


Hi-Chew Kiwi looks and tastes like the real fruit! It’s speckled with chia seeds to resemble the tiny black kiwi seeds.


Hi-Chew watermelon


When you take a bite of this Hi-Chew candy, you’re greeted with a sweet watermelon scent.


Hi-Chew lime


This chewy candy features a combination of tangy and sweet flavors and a refreshing aroma. While lime-flavored Hi-Chew is discontinued in Japan, it’s still very popular in China.


Hi-Chew golden peach

Golden Peach

Golden peach is said to be the highest quality among yellow peaches. The packaging, texture, and taste of this Hi-Chew candy resembles the delicious golden peach fruit.


Hi-Chew green apple

Green Apple

Hi-Chew Green Apple is a combination of sweet and sour flavors that reminds people of biting into a crisp Granny Smith apple. It’s a popular flavor not only in Japan but in other countries. However, in 2022, the production of this flavor was discontinued in Japan to make way for a new Hi-Chew variant.


Hi-Chew passion fruit

Passion Fruit

This Hi-Chew has a unique jelly-like texture and a strong tart taste. While it’s made with passion fruit juice, some Japanese fans don’t think it brings the authentic taste of the exotic fruit. They think the taste is closer to a combination of strawberry and plum.


Hi-Chew shine muscat

Shine Muscat

Shine Muscat is a popular candy flavor in Japan, and Hi-Chew joined in on the fun! The Japanese green grape taste is characterized by a unique aroma and refreshing sweetness.


Hi-Chew lychee


Lychee-flavored Hi-Chew was introduced in the '90s as a “Dessert Lychee” flavor. After that, it was sold as a Lychee flavor in 2008. The taste is like a mix of sweet grapes, pear, and yogurt, with a hint of floral fragrance.


Hi-Chew ripe mango

Ripe Mango

Like a ripe, juicy mango fresh from the tree, this Hi-Chew candy has a rich sweetness. It’s made with mango juice and has a sweeter and juicier taste than the regular Hi-Chew Mango.



Hi-Chew fruit blends

When it comes to experimenting with flavors, Morinaga is a pro! That’s why they also mixed different fruit flavors into their Hi-Chew candy. There’s a blend of delicious fruits all in a single chew!


Hi-Chew fruit mix

Fruit Mix

This was the first Hi-Chew flavor with a combination of fruits that offer a variety of flavors. It’s made with pineapple, orange, apple, and peach fruit juice! This original flavor may be discontinued in Japan, but Morinaga has created other blends of fruity flavors for you to enjoy.


Hi-Chew pineapple and orange

Pine & Orange

This limited-edition Hi-Chew has two tropical flavors – pineapple in the center and orange in the outer layer.


Hi-Chew red plum and lemon

Red Plum & Lemon

This Hi-Chew candy features the sweet taste of Japanese red plums in the outer layer and the sourness of Italian lemon at the center.


Hi-Chew peach and plum

Peach & Plum

Sweet and sour candies are always a hit, just like this 2-in-1 Hi-Chew flavor. It has the sweetness of peach and the tartness of plum.


Hi-Chew momotaro grape and fig

Momotaro Grape & Toyomitsuhime

This delicious blend of Momotaro grapes and “toyomitsuhime” or fig lets candy fans taste a unique Japanese fruit treat.



Souvenir Hi-Chew

Aside from the unique Japanese Hi-Chew flavors, did you know that there are also special Hi-Chews that you can only buy in specific Japanese regions? These are usually bought as souvenirs and are made with locally grown fruits.


Hi-Chew yubari melon

Hokkaido: Yubari Melon

Yubari melon is a sweet and fragrant fruit that’s farmed in Yubari, Hokkaido. This Hi-Chew is made with Yubari melon juice, capturing the fruit’s authentic taste.


Hi-Chew Hokkaido Furano Melon

Hokkaido: Furano Melon

Another melon fruit used in Hi-Chew from Hokkaido is the Furano melon, which has high sugar content and a firm texture.


Hi-Chew Tohoku Apple

Tohoku: Apple

Tohoku is Japan’s largest producer of apples. This Hi-Chew is made with the juice of red apples from Tohoku to create a refreshing and sweet taste!


Hi-Chew Tohoku cherry

Tohoku: Cherry

This souvenir Hi-Chew has a faint Tohoku cherry taste and comes in packaging that shows the beautiful Tanabata Festival in Japan.


Hi-Chew Yamagata La France

Yamagata: La France

La France is a western pear that originally came from France but now symbolizes Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. This fruit is also used for Hi-Chew candy, recreating the pear’s sweetness and mild scent!


Hi-Chew Yamagata Persimmon

Yamagata: Persimmon

Using Shonai persimmons from Yamagata Prefecture, this Hi-Chew delivers fresh and slightly sweet flavor.


Hi-Chew Nagano Shinshu Apple

Nagano: Shinshu Apple

Shinshu, now known as Nagano Prefecture, is a large producer of apples in Japan. This Hi-Chew candy boasts the sweet and fruity taste of Shinshu apples.


Hi-Chew Chubu Region

Chubu Region: Shizuoka Crown Melon & Yamanashi Peach

This souvenir pack shows the scenery of Mt. Fuji and its two famous fruits! One is the Shizuoka crown melon and the other is the sweet and juicy Yamanashi peach.


Hi-Chew Chugoku Shikoku Region

Chugoku-Shikoku Region: Shimizu White Peach, Setouchi Lemon, & Yuzu

This pack showcases the beautiful Chugoku-Shikoku Region! It contains assorted Hi-Chew candies in different flavors – Shimizu White Peach, Setouchi Lemon, and Yuzu.


Hi-Chew Momotaro grape

Okayama: Momotaro Grape

This Hi-Chew candy lets you experience the fresh taste of Momotaro grapes! They’re a new variety of shine muscat which is grown in Okayama.


Hi-Chew Kyushu Amaou Strawberry

Kyushu: Amaou Strawberry

Fukuoka is located on the northern tip of Kyushu, and one of its famous products is Amaou strawberries. This Hi-Chew uses the juice from Fukuoka’s big and juicy strawberries.


Hi-Chew Kyushu Dekopon

Kyushu: Dekopon

Another unique flavor that can only be found in Kyushu Region is Hi-Chew Dekopon. It’s made with dekopon, a seedless Japanese hybrid of ponkan and mandarin orange.


Hi-Chew Okinawa Pineapple

Okinawa: Pineapple

Okinawa is the home of Japan’s most delicious tropical fruits! This Hi-Chew has a tangy flavor that comes from Okinawa’s specialty pineapple juice.


Hi-Chew Okinawa Shikuwasa lime

Okinawa: Shikuwasa Lime

Shikuwasa limes are citrus fruits from the island of Okinawa. With this Hi-Chew, you can enjoy the refreshingly sweet and sour flavor of shikuwasa!


Hi-Chew Okinawa Mango

Okinawa: Mango

This mango-flavored Hi-Chew uses mango puree from Okinawa, creating a rich sweetness that spreads in the mouth!



Hi-Chew ramune

While Hi-Chew is popular for its fruity flavors, there are other flavors that soft candy lovers can enjoy. They’re not fruit-based, but they’re equally delicious!


Hi-Chew White soda

White Soda

Chewing this Hi-Chew is like drinking a glass of refreshing soda! It features a gentle fizzy taste with just the right amount of sweetness.


Hi-Chew lemon soda

Lemon Soda

This Hi-Chew is perfect for those who want a sour twist to their fizzy candy. A pack of Hi-Chew Lemon Soda is smaller than regular Hi-Chew because it contains only seven tablets.


Hi-Chew yogurt


Hi-Chew Yogurt has a soft and chewy texture combined with the sweet and tangy flavor of yogurt.


Hi-Chew Super Drink

Super Drink

This short pack of Hi-Chew candy features a burst of energy drink flavor, offering a refreshing and fizzy experience while chewing.



Hi-Chew Shuwa Umai

Shuwa Umai-Chew is a drink-flavored variant of Hi-Chew candy! It has a carbonated texture that makes you feel like you’re drinking ramune with every chew.


Hi-Chew uma soda

Uma Soda

Uma Soda is a chewy ramune treat with a crispy texture. It features a refreshing white soda taste.


Hi-Chew Shuwa Umai Cola


This Hi-Chew candy features the foamy texture of ramune and the sweet taste of cola.


Hi-Chew Shuwa Umai Grape Soda

Grape Soda

As if the refreshing soda flavor is not enough, this Hi-Chew added a grape flavor for a sweet twist.



Hi-Chew UmaiChu SuppaiChu

These two popular Hi-Chew sister series make your taste buds dance with joy! Suppai-Chew and Umai-Chew candies are both filled with sugar crystals to give a crunchy texture, but Suppai-Chew is made with super sour flavors.


Suppaichew sour lemon

Suppai-Chew Sour Lemon

This Hi-Chew variant starts with a taste that’s just like real sour lemons and as you chew, the sweetness comes out. It’s filled with crunchy bits for added texture!


Suppaichew sour plum

Suppai-Chew Sour Plum

Ume or Japanese plum is known for its super sour flavor. This Hi-Chew smells and tastes like ume candy, but some Japanese fans wouldn’t say it’s super sour.


SuppaiChew pink grapefruit

Suppai-Chew Pink Grapefruit

Just like the other Suppai-Chew candies, this has a crunchy texture that blends well with the refreshing Pink Grapefruit flavor.


Umai-chew mandarin orange

Umai-Chew Mandarin Orange

Each piece of this Hi-Chew candy has orange sugar crystals that give a crunchy texture. It features the sweet and refreshing taste of Mandarin oranges.


Umai-Chew white peach

Umai-Chew White Peach

This Hi-Chew candy has the same crunchy texture but is made with delicious white peach juice!


Umai-Chew Pineapple

Umai-Chew Pineapple

When you chew this Hi-Chew candy, you’ll experience the juicy taste and chewy and crispy texture of real pineapple fruit.


Umai-Chew muscat

Umai-Chew Muscat

This Umai-Chew candy is packed with concentrated muscat grape juice to give a refreshing sweet and sour taste.


Umai-Chew strawberry

Umai-Chew Strawberry

The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and crunchy sugar crystals deliver an addictive burst of flavor in this Hi-Chew candy!


Umai-Chew green apple

Umai-Chew Green Apple

This Hi-Chew candy has a super crunchy texture with a fresh green apple taste.



Hi-Chew Strong Ichu

Hi-Chew Strong Ichu or Strong Chew is made with five times more fruit juice than the regular Hi-Chew candy. Do you know what that means? You get to enjoy an intense fruity flavor!


Hi-Chew Strong Ichu


When you eat this candy, you’ll experience the same Hi-Chew texture but with a stronger grape flavor! Some may find it too intense, but others think it’s irresistible!


Hi-Chew Strong Ichu strawberry


With five times the amount of strawberry juice, this Hi-Chew is a flavorful sweet and sour treat!



Hi-Chew Puni shari

The Puni-Shari variant is a fun and chewy treat! A “puni” or squishy gummy candy is inside the Hi-Chew candy so you can enjoy the two textures at the same time.


Hi-Chew puni shari assortment

Puni-Shari Hi-Chew Assortment

It’s an assortment of three flavors – Cola, Soda, and Grape Soda. This pack is inspired by refreshing carbonated drinks!


Hi-Chew puni shari assortment 2

Puni-Shari Hi-Chew Assortment 2

The first Puni-Shari Hi-Chew pack was a big hit, so Morinaga released their second version with new flavors. It features Soda, Melon Soda, and Mandarin Soda flavors!


Hi-Chew puni shari mix

Puni-Shari Hi-Chew Mix

This pack of Hi-Chew candy allows candy fans to enjoy the double texture and double taste! It has two flavors – Soda and Grape Soda.


Hi-Chew puni shari assortment 3

Puni-Shari Hi-Chew Assortment 3

This is another refreshing pack of Puni-Shari Hi-Chew that features new soda-inspired flavors. It’s made with peach, ramune, and Mandarin orange.



Hi-Chew premium

If you want to upgrade your Hi-Chew experience, give Hi-Chew Premium a try! This variant is made with carefully selected fruit juice and has a more chewy texture. It’s round so it resembles dango, a classic Japanese treat.


Hi-Chew Premium kyoho grape

Kyoho Grape

This Hi-Chew Premium flavor showcases the rich sweetness and high-quality aroma of Kyoho grapes.


Hi-Chew Premium Kiwi

Golden Kiwi

Hi-Chew Premium Golden Kiwi has a crunchy outer layer with a mochi-like center that boasts of a fruity sweetness with the tanginess of golden kiwi.


Hi-Chew Premium Shizuoka Melon

Shizuoka Melon

This candy captures the essence of the famous Shizuoka melons, known for their extraordinary sweetness.


Hi-Chew Premium hokkaido melon

Hokkaido Melon

This candy is full of the delightful taste of Hokkaido melons which gives a sweet tropical flavor.


Hi-Chew Premium lemon lime

Lemon Lime

Each chew of this lemon lime candy features a zesty delight that perfectly balances the citrus notes of lemon and lime.


Hi-Chew Premium sour lemon

Sour Lemon

For a bolder lemon flavor, this Hi-Chew Premium is made with mouthwatering sour lemon juice.


Hi-Chew Premium rich lemon

Rich Lemon

Another lemon variant from Hi-Chew Premium is this treat that’s super lemony with a touch of sweetness.


Hi-Chew Premium peach


This Hi-Chew Premium variant has a balance of softness and chewiness! It offers a juicy Peach flavor that’s more intense than the regular peach-flavored Hi-Chew.


Hi-Chew Premium shimizu white peach

Shimizu White Peach

Made with seasonal Shimizu white peach, this candy gives a rich, juicy taste with a mild, sweet scent.


Hi-Chew Premium Granny Smith apple

Granny Smith

With this Hi-Chew Premium candy, you can enjoy the fresh and crisp taste of Granny Smith green apples!


Hi-Chew Premium Sagahonoka strawberry

Sagahonoka Strawberry

This Hi-Chew Premium candy is like a taste of summer in your mouth! Its sweet, juicy flavor comes from the strawberries from Sagahonoka, Japan.


Hi-Chew Premium muskmelon


With its tropical and musky-scented melon taste, this Hi-Chew Premium candy is a fun and fruity treat.


Hi-Chew Premium amaou strawberry

Amaou Strawberry

Amaou strawberries are big and sweet fruits that are popular in Japan. This Hi-Chew Premium candy is made with concentrated Amaou strawberry juice!


Hi-Chew Premium Mandarin Orange

Mandarin Orange

Hi-Chew Premium Mandarin Orange is like a little slice of citrus fruit in candy form. It’s tangy, sweet, and bursting with the zesty taste of Mandarin oranges.



Hi-Chew Mini

The mini-sized, colorful, and cute “Hi-Chew Mini” was released in 2012. It’s small in size but big and flavor as it features a sharper sour taste than the regular Hi-Chew! This Hi-Chew variant often comes in a pack of assorted fruit and soda flavors.



Hi-Chew Ice Cream

Morinaga also created a chilled and creamy dessert featuring Hi-Chew candy! It offers a delightful fusion of chewy candy with delicious ice cream. Each bite is a burst of fruity notes in a creamy frozen treat.


Hi-Chew ice bar

Hi-Chew Ice Bar

This popsicle is made with the same fruit juice as Hi-Chew candy! It has double layers of deliciousness with a refreshing sweet sherbet on the outside and a soft and chewy cream inside. This treat can be enjoyed in Grape and Green Apple flavors.


Hi-Chew ice

Hi-Chew Ice

This is a bite-sized ice cream with a chewy texture and juicy fruit taste. It’s just like chewing the classic Hi-Chew candy but with added creaminess and frozen goodness. This variant comes in Strawberry and Grape flavors.


Hi-Chew ice cream

Hi-Chew Ice Cream

This dessert lets you enjoy your favorite chewy candy in ice cream form! It’s a cup of ice cream that showcases the juicy Grape Hi-Chew flavor.



Hi-Chew Assortment

Can’t decide which Hi-Chew flavor to choose? The Hi-Chew Assortment is like a candy rainbow, offering a variety of flavors in one pack. Each candy piece comes in individual packaging so it’s perfect for sharing with friends and family!


Hi-Chew Assortment red plum and blue plum

Red Plum and Blue Plum

One of the first assorted packs of Japanese Hi-Chew, this features two types of plum flavors – Red Plum and Blue Plum. One is sweet and the other is sour, giving candy fans a variety of flavors.


Hi-Chew Assortment peaches


Japan is known for its different varieties of delicious peaches. For those who can’t choose which is their favorite, Morinaga came up with an assortment of Hi-Chew candies made with three seasonal peaches.


Hi-Chew Assortment spring

Spring Flavors

This pack contains Hi-Chew flavors that are perfect for spring – Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, and Peach.


Hi-Chew Assortment grape

Grape Hi-Chew Assortment

The pack of assorted Hi-Chew Grape is a grape lover’s dream come true. It features chewy candies with three grape flavors. 


Hi-Chew Assortment berry

Berry Hi-Chew Assortment

For berry fans, this Hi-Chew pack comes with three sweet and sour berry flavors – Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry.


Hi-Chew Assortment morinaga mommy

Morinaga Mommy Hi-Chew Assortment

This Hi-Chew Assortment features the taste of the popular lactic acid drink, Morinaga Mommy. This pack has two flavors – the classic Mommy flavor and the Momo Mommy flavor.


Secret Hi-Chew Assortment

Secret Hi-Chew Assortment

For a touch of mystery, Morinaga created this pack of assorted Hi-Chews with four kinds of secret flavors. Can you guess what it tastes like?


Hi-Chew Assortment Calcium

Calcium in Hi-Chew

This pack is for health-conscious candy fans as it contains three flavors with added calcium! The flavors are Coffee Milk, Strawberry Milk, and Yogurt Drink.


Hi-Chew Assortment tropical

Tropical Hi-Chew

This offers a mini vacation for your taste buds! It features a mix of three exotic fruit flavors – Pineapple, Banana, and Passion Fruit.


3 choice quiz Hi-Chew Assortment

3-Choice Quiz!

This is a fun way to eat Hi-Chew! You will first eat the Kyoho grape flavor and then guess which of the three secret candies has the same flavor.


Carefully Made Hi-Chew

Carefully Made Hi-Chew

To commemorate Morinaga’s 40th anniversary, this special box offers five special flavors for candy fans to enjoy! The five unusual flavors are Uji Green Tea, Purple Sweet Potato, Kinako Mochi, Affogato, and Grilled Corn.


Traveling Hi-Chew Assortment

Traveling Hi-Chew

Taste the best of the world with this pack of assorted Hi-Chew! This features fruits from popular tourist destinations – Yubari melon from Hokkaido, cherry from Tohoku, shikuwasa from Okinawa, and banana from Hawaii.


Hi-Chew Assortment red luxury

Red Luxury

This is a pack of assorted Hi-Chew candies made with high-quality domestic red fruits like strawberry, peach, passion fruit, and cherry.


Vitamin C Hi-Chew Assortment

Vitamin C Hi-Chew Assortment

This Hi-Chew Assortment contains as much vitamin C as 10 lemons! It’s packed with zesty and refreshing flavors to make snacking not only enjoyable but also a bit healthier.


Japanese Tropical Fruits Hi-Chew Assortment

Japanese Tropical Fruits

With a blend of unique flavors made with carefully selected Japanese tropical fruits, it’s like taking a tropical vacation in a candy pack!


Hi-Chew Assortment to order

Hi-Chew Assortment to Order

This pack features four kinds of Japanese fruits that are popularly ordered from all over the country! The Hi-Chew candies are made with dekopon from Kumamoto, Kogyoku apple from Aomori, Yali pear from Okayama, and Niagara grape from Nagano.


Golden Hi-Chew Assortment

Golden Hi-Chew Assortment

This is a gorgeous-looking high-chew assortment featuring fruits with a golden yellow color – pineapple, mango, golden kiwi, and golden peach!


Green Luxury Hi-Chew Assortment

Green Luxury

There’s also a pack of assorted Hi-Chew candies made with luxuriously-flavored green fruits! It lets you enjoy melon, kiwi, lime, and green grape in one pack.


Hi-Chew Assortment red and white fruits

Red and White Fruits

This assortment pack is focused on four red and white fruits! The red fruits are strawberries and apples while the white fruits are white peaches and plums with white flowers.


Hi-Chew Assortment world's best fruits

World’s Best Fruits Hi-Chew Assortment

Fruits from all over the world are gathered together in Hi-Chew Assortment! There are two variants in this series. The first pack contains candies in four different flavors – Costa Rican Pineapple, Italian Chardonnay, Italian Blood Orange, and New Zealand Kiwi.


Worlds best fruits 2

The second variant features candies made with kiwi from New Zealand, strawberry from Poland, peach from Spain, and sweetie from Israel.


Fruit World Hi-Chew Assortment

Fruit World Hi-Chew Assortment

It seems that Morinaga can’t get enough fruits from all over the world! They also created this pack of the number one fruit from different countries. The flavors in this assortment are Japanese Apple, New Zealand Kiwi, American Cranberry, and Australian Muscats


Amber Hi-Chew Assortment

Amber Luxury

Hi-Chew has released the Amber Luxury Assortment which is a collection of fruits reminiscent of the shine and color of amber. This pack includes Hi-Chew Passion Fruit, Furano Melon, Okinawa Mango, and Mana Mandarin Orange.


White Bliss Hi-Chew Assortment

White Bliss

This Hi-Chew Assortment comes in an elegant-looking bag and focuses on white fruits. It contains grape, pear, strawberry, and a lot of white peach-flavored Hi-Chews.


Heisei Era Hi-Chew Assortment

Heisei Era

This limited-time bag of assorted Hi-Chew candies features fruit flavors from the Heisei Era (1989-2019). The candy pieces are wrapped in individual packaging with trivia questions about the Heisei Era. The flavors in this pack are Shine Muscat, Sky Berry, Shonan Gold, and Seto.


Salt and Fruit Hi-Chew Assortment

Salt and Fruit

Morinaga is a pro in creating unique flavors, and it’s shown in this pack of assorted Hi-Chews. The candies are made with four fruits – lychee, watermelon, lemon, and apricot. To enhance these fresh fruit flavors, sea salt is added!


Hi-Chew Assortment for good luck

Hi-Chew Assortment for Good Luck

Japanese people who are about to take exams are always looking for ways to ward off evil spirits and welcome good luck. This Hi-Chew Assortment aims to help bring good luck with its assorted “lucky” fruit flavors! The flavors are Jabara, Tochiotome, Shimizu White Peach, and Ripe King Banana.


Morinaga Condensed milk hi-chew

Morinaga Condensed Milk Hi-Chew

This Hi-Chew assortment lets you enjoy strawberry and banana fruit flavors that go well with Morinaga’s famous condensed milk.


ramune Hi-Chew Assortment

Ramune Hi-Chew

This pack of assorted Hi-Chew is inspired by the classic Japanese drink, ramune! It includes two types of flavors – Ramune and Blue Hawaii. The Hi-Chew candies are filled with ramune grains to recreate the fizzy drink!


Muni Muni Gu Hi-Chew

Muni Muni Gu Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew is well-known for its unique flavors, and this pack is extra special. It’s from the Muni Muni Gu series of extra-chewy Hi-Chew candy that has 150% more elasticity than the original Hi-Chew! This assortment has Soda and Melon Soda flavors.


Three Textures Hi-Chew Assortment

Three Textures Assortment

This Hi-Chew pack features three mouthwatering fizzy drink flavors – Soda, Cola, and Melon Soda. It’s also a mix of textures! There’s “shuwashuwa” or fizzy candies with ramune grains, “puni-shari” or gummy, and “karijuwa,” a fluffy candy.


Hi-Chew Assortment around Japan west

Hi-Chew Assortment Around Japan (West Japan)

This is an assortment of Hi-Chews that lets you enjoy the flavors of three fruits from West Japan – pineapple from Okinawa, Shimizu white peach from Okayama, and Ruby Roman grape from Ishikawa.


Hi-Chew Assortment Around Japan East

Hi-Chew Assortment Around Japan (East Japan)

The East Japan edition has Hi-Chews made with fruits from the eastern part of Japan. There’s shine muscat from Nagano, Shonan Gold from Kanagawa, and Furano melon from Hokkaido.



Love and Peace and Hi-Chew

To add excitement to the world of Hi-Chew flavors, Morinaga creates limited-edition and seasonal flavors! These capture the essence of different seasons and festivities in Japan.


Hi-Chew Black currant

Black Currant

Black Currant is a limited-time flavor that has a sweet and sour taste with a hint of bitterness.


Hi-Chew Honey Kumquat

Honey Kumquat

This Hi-Chew has the juicy, authentic taste of kumquat, a fruit that looks like a small and narrow orange. This taste is mixed with a hint of honey to enhance the sweet and sour flavor of the fruit.


Hi-Chew Hyuganatsu


This seasonal Hi-Chew flavor features the citrus fruit Hyuganatsu which is grown in Miyazaki Prefecture.


Hi-Chew Matcha

Matcha Yatsuhashi

Hi-Chew also features a dessert-inspired flavor – Matcha Yatsuhashi! It resembles the traditional chewy dessert from Kyoto with a matcha or green tea flavor.


Hi-Chew Setoka from Ehime Prefecture

Setoka from Ehime Prefecture

A special flavor was released in the Chigoku-Shikoku region for a limited time. It’s made from Setoka oranges grown in Ehime Prefecture. The packaging features cute Ehime characters – Mican, Komican, and Dark Mican.


Hi-Chew Daruma Ume

Daruma Ume

With the lucky Daruma doll in its packaging, this Hi-Chew candy is perfect for those who are taking the exam! It features a sour “ume” or plum flavor that can help stimulate your mind.


Shocking Hi-Chew

Shocking Hi-Chew

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Morinaga released the Shocking Hi-Chew flavor which is made with 100% grape juice. It comes in a tray so you can chill it first before eating the Hi-Chew pieces one by one.


Hi-Chew Happy Peach

Happy Peach

This summer-limited Hi-Chew has a special peach flavor with a texture that candy lovers will happily bite into!


Hi-Chew bright red apple

Bright Red Apple

Morinaga also released a new version of its famous Hi-Chew Red Apple to support students who are taking their exams! It features a bright red color which is known to bring good luck.


Changing Hi-Chew

Changing Hi-Chew

For a touch of surprise, this mysterious Hi-Chew candy has a flavor that gradually changes as you eat it!



Hi-Chew Yogurt Flavors

As if the regular yogurt flavor isn’t enough, Morinaga created a limited-edition series of fruit and yogurt blends that Japanese fans enjoyed.


Hi-Chew pineapple yogurt

Pineapple Yogurt

Hi-Chew’s pineapple yogurt flavor is a tropical delight that adds the sweet and sour taste of pineapple to the already sour yogurt.


Hi-Chew strawberry yogurt

Strawberry Yogurt

This candy has a delightful blend of sweet strawberries and creamy yogurt. Each bite is a burst of fruity and tangy flavor!


Hi-Chew aloe yogurt

Aloe Yogurt

Hi-Chew Aloe Yogurt combines the mild cool taste of aloe with the rich and creamy notes of yogurt.



Hi-Chew Strawberry flavors

Hi-Chew also had a limited-edition sweet and tasty collection that took strawberry-flavored desserts and turned them into chewy treats! This series is perfect for when you want to taste something different from the usual fruity flavors.


Hi-Chew strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake

This candy features a yummy blend of refreshing acidity from strawberries and a rich creamy taste from cheesecake. It’s like having an instant dessert in your pocket!


Hi-Chew strawberry daifuku

Strawberry Daifuku

This Hi-Chew imitates the classic Japanese confection called daifuku, a round mochi stuffed with sweet filling. It offers a surprising combination of strawberries and red bean paste.

Hi-Chew strawberry shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Chewing this candy is like eating a sweet strawberry shortcake! This Hi-Chew has a strong milky taste with a hint of sour strawberry.



Hi-Chew Kids

Morinaga also came up with a series of Hi-Chew candies that are made especially for kids! The flavors are inspired by drinks and desserts enjoyed by children from Japan.


Hi-Chew Kids cola


This candy has a nice texture with a fizzy feeling while you chew! It tastes just like sweet cola.


Hi-Chew Kids cream soda

Cream Soda

Cream soda is a popular Japanese drink that’s made with melon soda and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This Hi-Chew recreates the retro drink with its Cream Soda flavor!


Hi-Chew Kids banana shake

Banana Shake

The mellow sweetness of bananas gives a satisfying taste as you chew on this candy! The flavor is made even creamier with added milk.


Hi-Chew Kids ramune


For a unique taste with refreshing acidity, this Hi-Chew is made with ramune drink.


Hi-Chew Kids lemon squash

Lemon Squash

Lemon squash is a popular sour drink made with concentrated lemon juice. This Hi-Chew candy is made more kid-friendly by making the flavor a bit sweeter!


Hi-Chew Kids  orange soda

Orange Soda

This Hi-Chew combines the freshness of orange and the light taste of soda for a refreshingly sweet bite!


Hi-Chew Kids blue hawaii

Blue Hawaii

This candy has a refreshing color and flavor that are reminiscent of Blue Hawaii, a kid that’s well-loved by Japanese kids.


Hi-Chew Kids melon soda

Melon Soda

The scent of melon and the refreshing taste of carbonated drink are in this yummy chewy candy!


Hi-Chew Kids cola lemon

Cola Lemon

The sour taste of lemon is added to the sweet cola flavor to create a refreshing drink flavor with a twist!


Hi-Chew Kids white soda

White Soda

This Hi-Chew has a mild white soda taste so it’s perfect for those who love the carbonated feel of soda but don’t like the strong flavor.



Hi-Chew Special Flavors

Morinaga is all about creating exciting and different flavors. From yummy exotic fruits to healthy flavors that have added vitamins, each limited-edition Japanese Hi-Chew in this series is like a little surprise for your taste buds!


Hi-Chew World Fruit blood orange

World Fruit: Blood Orange

This Hi-Chew comes from the World Fruit series of exotic fruit flavors. It’s made with blood orange, a red-fleshed and smaller variation of sweet oranges. It tastes slightly sweet with a refreshing acidity.


Hi-Chew World Fruit dragon fruit

World Fruit: Dragon Fruit

Another flavor from the Hi-Chew World Fruit series is Dragon Fruit. This delightful fruit which is only found in tropical countries is used in Hi-Chew candy to create a sweet candy with a crunchy texture.


Hi-Chew World Fruit Camu Camu

World Fruit: Camu Camu

Made with camu camu, a fruit native to Peru, this Hi-Chew boasts a sour flavor that is sure to make your summer extra refreshing.


Hi-Chew World Fruit Durian

World Fruit: Durian

This durian fruit-flavored Hi-Chew has a unique aroma and rich sweetness. It’s all-white, with no colored center. The candy is a little tangy with a little off smell that’s like eating vanilla ice cream that’s been stored in a smelly freezer.


Hi-Chew World Fruit American Cherry

World Fruit: American Cherry

Hi-Chew American Cherry offers a unique combination of sweet and sour fruity notes. It’s made with American black cherries, which have a more distinct and rich taste.


Tubu Tubu Hi-Chew chocolate banana parfait

Tubu-Tubu Hi-Chew: Chocolate Banana Parfait

Tubu-Tubu Hi-Chew is a dessert-inspired candy with crumbs and is perfect for kids! This candy is vanilla ice cream flavored with chocolate crumbs and banana grains inside.


Tubu Tubu Hi-Chew Fruit parfait

Tubu-Tubu Hi-Chew: Fruit Parfait

This soft candy is made with yogurt and filled with peach-flavored and orange-flavored bits.


Tubu Tubu Hi-Chew cola

Tubu-Tubu Hi-Chew: Cola

This soda-flavored Hi-Chew candy contains crushed ramune so you can feel the fizz each time you chew!


Tubu Tubu Hi-Chew Soda

Tubu-Tubu Hi-Chew: Soda

This candy has the same fizzy ramune bits but features a refreshing soda flavor.


Hi-Chew Plus fiber

Hi-Chew Plus Fiber

Hi-Chew Plus Fiber is a chewy treat that contains 5g of dietary fiber. With its fruity mango and fiber goodness, it’s a satisfying and wholesome choice for those looking to enjoy candy with a nutritional boost.


Hi-Chew Plus Collagen

Hi-Chew Plus Collagen

You can easily get collagen while enjoying the taste of shine muscat. This candy contains 3000mg of collagen that’s good for your skin!


Hi-Chew Plus Fe

Hi-Chew Plus Fe

This Hi-Chew is sweet and fun to eat, with a tasty prune flavor and 6mg of iron. It’s perfect for when you’re looking for a yummy and nutritious treat.


Petit Hi-Chew Soda Cola

Petit Hi-Chew: Soda Cola

Petit Hi-Chew contains tiny bits of capsules filled with strong flavor! This soda-flavored candy has cola-flavored capsules, creating a burst of cola soda in your mouth.


Petit Hi-Chew banana strawberry

Petit Hi-Chew: Banana Strawberry

This is a banana-flavored candy with strawberry-flavored capsules. Each chew is like a fruit explosion!


Petit Hi-Chew Vanilla Chocolate

Petit Hi-Chew: Vanilla Chocolate

Petit Hi-Chew Vanilla is like a little bite of creamy goodness. It features a mellow vanilla flavor and chocolate bits.


Petit Hi-Chew Pudding

Petit Hi-Chew: Pudding

This candy gives you a taste of the classic cafe dessert! The taste of pudding is recreated with custard-flavored Hi-Chew candy containing bits of caramel.


Festival Hi-Chew Watagashi

Festival Hi-Chew: Watagashi

This Hi-Chew has a fluffy texture and a sweet flavor. It recreates the taste of traditional watagashi or Japanese cotton candy that you’d find at a fair.


Festival Hi-Chew apple candy

Festival Hi-Chew: Apple Candy

The sweetness of apple-flavored soft candy and the crunch of grains make this Hi-Chew candy taste like Ringo Ame or sugar-coated apples!


Adult Hi-Chew mango

Adult Hi-Chew: Mango

This “Otona” or Adult Hi-Chew is a limited edition series that features the rich taste and aroma of mango.


Adult Hi-Chew cranberry and blueberry

Adult Hi-Chew: Cranberry & Blueberry

Morinaga recreates the authentic taste of cranberry and blueberry by kneading the pulp of real berries into the chewy Adult Hi-Chew candy.


Hi-Chew jr Canned peach

Hi-Chew Jr.: Canned Peach

The rich flavor and yellow peach and the sweetness of syrup are what make this limited-edition Hi-Chew unique! This candy flavor is perfect for kids, hence the name Hi-Chew Jr.


Hi-Chew jr canned pineapple

Hi-Chew Jr.: Canned Pineapple

This candy features the refreshing sweet and sour taste of pineapple coated with sugar syrup. It recreates the flavor of canned pineapple fruit.


Hi-Chew jr blue hawaii

Hi-Chew Jr.: Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii is a classic festival drink in Japan that’s made with shaved ice. This Hi-Chew has a refreshing sweet and sour flavor with a crunchy texture!


Hi-Chew jr cotton candy

Hi-Chew Jr.: Cotton Candy

This Hi-Chew features the taste of “watagashi” or cotton candy! The inside is grainy and crunchy and is really sweet.


Hi-Chew Mint grape

Hi-Chew MINT: Grape Mint

This minty version of Hi-Chew candy offers an exquisite combination of grape and mint.


Hi-Chew Mint green apple

Hi-Chew MINT: Green Apple Mint

Another variation of Hi-Chew MINT features the green apple flavor enhanced by the refreshing mint.



Hi-Chew x Fanta Collaboration

Hi-Chew has teamed up with other popular brands to create flavor mashups that candy fans are sure to enjoy. Most of these flavors are limited-edition and are hard to find, but they’re definitely worth the try!


Hi-Chew x PON juice

PON Juice

This Hi-Chew candy is made with PON Juice, a popular orange juice brand in Japan. It has a juicy, concentrated flavor! 


Hi-Chew x Ren Milk

Morinaga Ren Milk

Morinaga’s condensed milk called Ren Milk is mixed with yummy fruit flavors like strawberry and banana.


Morinaga Milk Suppai-Chew

Morinaga Milk Suppai-Chew Lemon

Want to enjoy the delicious taste of Hi-Chew Suppai-Chew as a drink? This Morinaga Milk drink is blended with the sweet and sour taste of Suppai-Chew lemon!


Hi-Chew x Kanjani 8


Hi-Chew and Kanjani Eight collaborated for a flavorful candy symphony! There’s the Kanjani∞ Festival Hi-Chew Assortment and the Mikanjani∞ that can be enjoyed by fans of this famous Japanese boy band.


Hi-Chew x Naniwa Danshi

Naniwa Danshi

Another famous boy band that collaborated with Hi-Chew is Naniwa Danshi. They’ve produced different commercials with the band and have even released a mango-flavored Naniwa Danshi Hi-Chew candy.


Hi-Chew x Chicchai Ossan

Chicchai Ossan

Chicchai Ossan is the unofficial mascot of Amagasaki City, Japan! This cute mascot is found on the packaging of Hi-Chew's limited edition flavor, “Kotatsu de Mikan” or Japanese Orange. This candy is the perfect treat to eat while warming your feet in a kotatsu!


Hi-Chew x Sunkist


Hi-Chew and Sunkist teamed up to bring the zestiest flavor party in town! Each new Hi-Chew flavor is made with concentrated Sunkist juice. There’s pink grapefruit, orange, peach, and pineapple!


Hi-Chew x Chocoball

Morinaga Chocoball

These are delicious caramel and strawberry-flavored chewy sweets from a collaboration of Morinaga’s two popular candies – Hi-Chew and Chocoball.


Hi-Chew x Fanta


This sweet collaboration turns your favorite chewy candy into a fizzy taste sensation! Each bite of the Hi-Chew x Fanta candy is like sipping on the coolest Fanta flavors like Grape, Orange, Honey Lemon, and Yogurush! This collab also features the Hiehie Hi-Chew which contains crushed ramune to deliver a cooling sensation.


Hi-Chew x Doraemon


In celebration of Morinaga’s 40th anniversary and Doraemon’s 35th anniversary, illustrations of this cute anime character are used in Hi-Chew packaging. Not only that but there’s also a Hi-Chew candy flavor inspired by Doraemon’s favorite food, dorayaki!


Hi-Chew x Snoopy


Another kawaii character that’s been featured in Hi-Chew candy is Snoopy! This collaboration is Morinaga’s 45th-anniversary project where candy fans can enjoy cute Hi-Chew packaging featuring the Peanuts gang. Special flavors are also included in this collaboration – Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream, Fruit Tart, and Lemon Mousse!



Hi-Chew Flavors limited edition

Some Hi-Chew flavors had their moment in the spotlight, but like almost every good thing, had come to an end. Although they’re no longer available in the market, let’s still have a look and try to remember which one you’ve tried!


Hi-Chew super lemon

Super Lemon

As if the acidity of regular lemons isn’t enough, Morinaga created this Hi-Chew candy with Super Lemon flavor. It takes sourness up a notch with its extra tang.


Hi-Chew sour plum

Sour Plum

This limited-time flavor has a balance of sourness and sweetness. The more you chew, the more the plum flavor spreads in your mouth!



Hi-Chew crushed orange

Crushed Orange

This flavor is a delicious twist on the classic Hi-Chew orange flavor! What sets it apart is that it’s made with crushed orange pulps, which add to the refreshing taste.


Hi-Chew Ripe orange

Ripe Orange

This Hi-Chew variant is sweeter than regular mandarin oranges! Though some may say it tastes a bit like cough syrup, it still resembles the sweet and sour taste of orange fruit.


Hi-Chew Gold apple

Gold Apple

This flavor captures the taste of ripe apples with a perfect balance of crisp freshness and natural sweetness. It’s made using real fruit juice from Jonagold apples.


Hi-Chew melting peach

Melting Peach

When it comes to flavor, this soft candy is all about the mellow sweetness and juiciness of white peaches. It even captures the texture of a melting peach since it’s softer than regular Hi-Chew!


Hi-Chew ripe melon

Ripe Melon

This flavor strikes the perfect balance between aroma and sweetness, making it taste just like biting into a ripe melon. It also tastes sweeter than the real fruit, much like drinking melon milk!


Hi-Chew Golden Mango

Golden Mango

Hi-Chew mango features a rich sweet taste. It’s like a mix of mango and yogurt, which also has a hint of passion fruit. However, you might find a bit of a medicinal taste from this Hi-Chew candy.


Hi-Chew Blueberry


This flavor is sweet and tangy, just like biting into a plump and ripe blueberry. It’s no longer sold in Japan, but it’s still available and very popular in Western countries.


Hi-Chew Acerola


Acerola is a lovely red fruit from Barbados that’s a bit like a cherry. This Hi-Chew candy has the juice from acerola and gives a yummy, sweet, and tangy fruity taste that’s really refreshing.


Hi-Chew Citrus


With this candy, you’ll discover refreshing flavors that are unique to citrus fruits like oranges and lemons! It features a satisfying sour taste.


Hi-Chew Fruit Mint

Fruit Mint

Morinaga also enhanced the sweetness of fruit with a touch of freshness from mint! This Hi-Chew candy is a delicious blend of pineapple, apple, peach, and fresh mint herbs.


Hi-Chew Lemon Vit C

Lemon Vit. C

The vitamin C in this Hi-Chew candy adds a punch to the already sour lemons! This variant was Morinaga’s way to make their soft candy beneficial.


Hi-Chew Apple with honey

Apple with Honey

One more way to enjoy apple-flavored Hi-Chew is to make them sweeter than usual so this candy has added honey syrup.


Hi-Chew Apricot and peach

Apricot & Peach

This Hi-Chew flavor came from the limited-edition Hi-Chew MIX where two types of sweet fruit flavors are blended.


Hi-Chew w grapefruit

W Grapefruit

This Hi-Chew is made with two types of grapefruit to double the goodness! It features the refreshing acidity of white grapefruit and the sweetness of pink grapefruit.


Hi-Chew Hassaku


Hassaku orange is a Japanese citrus that’s similar to an orange but as big as a grapefruit. It’s used in this limited-edition Hi-Chew candy to achieve the citrusy sweet taste.


Hi-Chew x The Quintessential Quintuplets

With a lot of flavors to choose from, Japanese Hi-Chew promises a flavor adventure for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of traditional fruit flavors or looking to explore more exotic tastes, Hi-Chew has something to offer. Which Hi-Chew is your favorite and which would you like to try?



If you want to join a flavor adventure, go ahead and grab a pack of Japanese Hi-Chew! You can also learn more about the sweetness that this candy has to offer in our blog The Chewy World of Japanese Hi-Chew!

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